Okay im sorry that this took a really long time. So here it is the 2nd part of the rest of the story but this is not the end.

As she was standing there watching Jack fight, a familiar voice said, "Who is that man?" Emilia knew that voice all too well and when she turned around there was

Emily standing right in front of her.



Both said with false excitement.

"How are you sister dear?" Emily said, giving Emilia a hug.

"Oh good, and you?" Emilia asked.

"Fine dear, just fine." Emily said, half smiling.

"Where are your luggage?" Emilia asked after noticing that Emily had no bags with her.

"Oh, well you don't expect me to carry my own bags do you? I got a few strong men to carry them to your house for me."

Emilia then noticed that Emily had assigned five men to carry a bag of hers.

"Where to ma'am?" asked one of the men who sported earrings in both his ears.

"Umm, just follow us." Emilia said, leading Emily and the men to her house.

As they were walking to Emilia's house Emily asked the question Emilia was hoping she would not have to answer.

"So who is that caped crusader?"

"Oh he's just some crazy guy who runs around trying to save people. Why do you ask?" Emilia answered, giving Emily a suspicious look.

"He's cute, even with the mask on." Emily said, smiling.

"Emilia chose to ignore this last statement from Emily. She knew that whatever interest Emily might have in the Daring Dragoon/Jack it would be temporary, until

Emily saw someone better.

When they arrived at the house, Emily turned around and told the men "Okay boys this is the end of the road for you guys." Emily then reached into one of the bags

and gave each of the men a small reward for carrying her bags. Which to Emilia's disgust, but not surprising was a kiss on the cheek?

While Emily was doing this, Emilia quickly scanned the room for any signs of the 

Dragoon's costume. 'Good' Emilia thought, she knew Jack had a habit of leaving the Dragoon's costume out. She also knew that she did not want Emily to knew that

she did not want Emily to know that Jack was the Daring Dragoon. Emily's voice lead Emilia back from her thoughts.

"Beg your pardon?" Emilia asked, when she didn't hear what Emily had said.

"I said, when am I going to meet your new attaché? Or partner in the whole spy world." Emily repeated, giving Emilia a strange look.

"Oh, at dinner tonight."

Emilia had made last minute arrangements with Jack to have dinner with her and Emily. And although Jack complained he finally agreed to help cook dinner.

As Emilia helped Emily unpack in the spare room, Emily expressed interest in the market and shopping.

"Oh go then, I'll be busy cooking dinner anyway." Emilia encouraged this not so new shopping bug that Emily had because she mostly wanted Emily out of the way

while she and Jack prepare dinner.

"I was planning to go anyway. I would love to help, but I need new shoes."

"I can't stand her!" Emilia ranted in the kitchen to Jack , after Emily had left to go to the market. They were busy making pot roast for tonight's dinner. Along with

vegatables and roasted potatoes.

"Okay tell me Em, what did the wicked sister do?"Jack asked, cutting carrots.

"It's everything she does. She thinks that the whole world revolves around her."

"Sounds like someone I know." Jack gave Emilia a side ways glance to see if she knew who he was talking about.

"Don't start with me Jack Stiles, I'm not in the mood."

"Well look at it this way Em, it's a vacation from worrying about all the things I do." After a mean look from Emilia, Jack quickly added "And she's only her for one

week." Jack reminded her. The spent the rest of the time in silence making the meal they would have to eat with Emily.