The night had been thoroughly, completely, excruciatingly draining. The Captain was filthy, covered almost from head to boot in the sticky remains of what had been an entire cove of undead rats. They had been the half-finished meal for a weakling vampire that had been so easily picked off that he almost assumed that it was a late April Fool's Day joke from his bosses. However, it was the vile, left-overs that had really given the troops a run for their money. The little bastards had been too small to shoot, so it made more sense to crush them underfoot and burn the remains. One hell of a night , especially when he was suppose to be home having supper. All he wanted right now was to go back, shower off and pass out against a warm, soft body waiting for him with kisses and a tender smile. It was only quarter to two- Seras would still be up, they could still have a semblance of a night together. The thoughts were smashed by the vibration of a cell phone at his side.

"Hallo?", Pip questioned. The party on the other line was frantic describing how on just the other edge of town a small group of undead cats were spotted eating the remains of what could have been a golden retriever. Of course- the vamps ate the rats, which bit the cats which nipped the dogs- he was in the midst of a freakin' nursery rhyme. The man responded with a groan, a curse, and clicked the device shut. He'd be lucky to get home before sun up at this rate.

"Merde, my work is never done…." He spat.


"My work here is done…." The vampire chuckled , sucking in a long drag from the cigar. Its rich, thick smoke filtered up through his nose and rested on the tip of his tongue before drifting out in a thin cloud settling over the half-draped form of his wife. Both of them were spent physically, emotionally, and fully. Integra was lightly dozing with a whisper of a smile on her lips, whilst her mate sat up, finally rewarding himself with a fine, gold-tipped cigar. Even when he was alive, Alucard did not care for such indulgences, however, just this once wouldn't kill him. His smirk broadened- not much could do that any way. Gingerly , he traced a finger over the taut ridge of her narrow hips, curved it down over the bullet-mark on her upper thigh, and maneuvered back up again.

"Poor thing," he whispered," So thin-we'll have to fatten you up with some fine children on your hips…." Sir Hellsing shifted and pulled the covers over her bareness, mumbling something that sounded vaguely like , "Stop smoking all my Wintermans".

The creature laughed pecked her shoulders, and tucked her in deeper.


She cuddled in deeper, nuzzling the crook of his neck. While the kissing had stopped when they reached the bedroom, the fierce, passionate snuggling did not. Walter did not try to even remember how long ago it had been since he had last held another human being like this, engulfed in warmth and comfort. She was so soft, so sweet, and Lord forgive him, with her rich curves and cute, little smile, in the right light, she painfully reminded him of his own late wife. Gently, he chucked her under the chin as if she was a kitten.

"Is that good, Lamb?", he asked and the girl responded with a little moan that sounded as if he was stroking far lower than her face. His own cheeks coloured at the response- had he been a rash young man of sixteen or twenty again , they would have been going at it like badgers, but Walter remained respectful; the girl was quite spoken for, and in spite of whatever had swayed her mood to such actions, still chaste. (She had smacked his own wandering hands away when they traveled a bit too near her silk-clad rump.) Also, the thoughts of her fiancé using his back for target practice, or her master gleefully disemboweling him and using his guts for garters were vivid enough to keep this night to a tame level. She pecked fluttery kisses on his forehead and temples, while her dexterous fingers un-knotted his tie and released the buttons of his collar.

"Please," she breathed sweetly, "please, please….." each plea accented by a flick against flesh. Her tongue traced twin marks on the right side of the retainer's neck-ancient craters that pulsed just over the jugular vein. Walter closed his eyes and exhaled.

"It's alright," he replied, his voice half-caught in his throat. "You can take a little…." Miss Victoria brushed her lips over the corner of his mouth before sinking sharp teeth smoothly in. Blood- rich, red and regal coated her palette and the man let slip a soft sigh. The bittersweet pain churned like an electric current , coursing through his spine . Memories spun through his head, splitting open his heart- the strained pleasure, the dark ecstasy and the remembrances of a young girl with ivory teeth and ebony hair who once loved him…

The Next Morning-

Integra awoke to something that smelled like cinnamon heaven. As the Hellsing heir sat up and stretched, she heard the tinkling of china and the clattering of silver ware. Her vampire was balancing a bed tray covered with plates and a steaming cup of tea. Alucard cursed the hot liquid as it splattered against his wrists, but was able to set the tray down without further mess. A plate of waffles smothered in butter, powdered sugar, and strawberries met her gaze in addition to a few thick slabs of ham steak and her beloved Earl Grey.

"And what do I owe the pleasure of this? Is it my birthday again?", she teased. The creature shook his head.

"I just wanted to do something to please you-besides, it's Sunday. You have no meetings, no conferences, so enjoy. " Without further adieu, the woman dug into her meal with relish-apparently good sex got her hungry.

He just paused for a moment and watched her face in the dim, morning light. She slept like the dead and the fact that her chest neither rose nor fell confirmed that thought. Still, she looked so peaceful, so at ease and her cheeks had a bit more of a peach glow to them after her feeding last night. The curtain parted slightly from the breeze, and a sharp beam of sunlight caused Seras to flinch. The sunbeam broadened and the girl whimpered softly.

"Shh, it's alright," Walter comforted as he rose and pulled the draperies shut. He returned and stroked the girl's head soothing her from the harsh awakening.

"Walter?, she questioned. Slowly, Seras gained her composure and sat up. The man smiled at her, dressed snuggly in a set of cotton pyjamas and a deep blue bathrobe. When she looked down, her own supper dress had been replaced by a similar set.

"You stained your dress last night, so I cleaned you up and got you a clean set of bed clothes." He calmly explained. The girl swallowed and looked a bit quizzically at him.

"So, in other words, I slept here, with you, all night, last night?"

"Yes." Seras gulped.

"And we, you, helped me undress?"

"Well, mainly you undressed yourself."

"I, I mean that you and I we didn't- I didn't – oh my Goddddd", she began to wail. "Walter, I am so sorry, I just didn't know what came over me and something in my head just clicked and you were here and I was there and-" A single finger pressed over her lips cut off her rambling.

"Miss Victoria, nothing inappropriate happened between us. You were very much a lady and remained so the entire evening. " Walter smiled and gathered up her hands in his. "You did nothing wrong, if anything, I feel that I was the one who may have gotten you uncomfortable." The girl calmed herself, but noticed the side of his throat; two ragged holes were still coagulating and plum-stained bruised.

"Oh Walter, I'm so sorry.", she apologized, "Do they hurt?"

"Oh these, they're nothing. I'm fine." The fledgling still noticed him wincing when he placed fingers up to touch the wounds. She had drunk his blood last night, reveled in its fine, rare flavour and savoured it like a vintage wine. His memories flooded into hers, including intimate scenes that swelled to the surface.

"Walter, " she asked turning away."How long were you two lovers?" The butler sighed and then shrugged his shoulders.

"Four maybe close to five years, when I was a heated, young bull and he was a beautiful , young girl. It really doesn't matter now, we've past that a long time ago, forgiven and forgotten. We're very different people now, literally." Seras turned and brought her eyes to his.

"Does it make you sad that I remind you of Greta?" Walter sighed and gently stroked her cheek.

"No, not at all. We had good years together and for that I am eternally grateful. You may remind me of her, but you are you, Seras Victoria, and I'm quite glad of that." Tenderly, he kissed her forehead .

"I think that I would have liked her very much." He smiled.

"I know she would have taken to you." There was a beat of silence.

"Walter, do you think that we should let Pip know about the feeding." The older man paused for a moment.

"Well, I will leave that up to your judgment, Miss, but as they say, mum's the word…"

As the day progressed, a lazy calm swept up the house, a rare thing indeed. Papers were read, tea sipped, cigarettes smoked and conversation soft and at ease. Captain Bernadette had finally dragged his carcass in after dealing with one too many of the undead, while Walter reclined in his room for the day claiming malaise. With few servants on Sunday to service, Alucard took the remainders of the breakfast and lunch down to the kitchen himself. On the way, he bumped into his fledgling scurrying about attempting to put a quick plate of food together. Her aura was scattered and her thoughts swirling; she was like a cup of ginger ale today-blonde, bubbly and ready to pop. He silently followed her up the stairs observing every nervous twitch until she parked herself outside the Captain's door. Just as the little vampire was about to knock on the door, a set of long fingers caught her shoulders. The girl let out a surprised speak and spun to see her master.

"And what are we doing up so late, Draculina?" he inquired. His nose picked up a familiar scent, yet he was not expecting it to be on his fledgling. "Wait a moment- what do I smell here?"

"Eggs, bacon??," the girl nervously giggled. On a deeper inhale, Alucard recognized the aroma and a stern look crossed over his face.

"Give me your finger.", he commanded. Obediently, Seras presented him her pointer, which he pricked and tasted.

"Hmm…male, vintage Dutch-Belgium Jew… about eight hours ago…." His eyebrow cocked and he appeared very cross. The little vampire gulped.

"Bad Seras!," he chided, and tapped her nose like a naughty pet's. "Haven't I told you never to feed off Walter?"

"I, I know, but last night I wasn't myself, I –"

"I don't care ! He's by far too old and weak to feed off of properly! " her master growled. " Not to mention, his blood comes with too many memories" his inner voice hissed.

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again! Please don't tell Miss Integra!" The Cheshire King leaned in, a dangerously playful look spreading over his features.

"You have been very, very naughty, and need to be punished- yes indeed. Wicked Seras, Bad Seras, naughty, evil Seras… you deserve a spanking, a good, hard spanking, and then the oral-" Alucard's rant was cut off by the doorway opening, revealing a disheveled, exhausted looking Frenchman.

"Please tell me that you're only quoting 'Monty Python', right, old man, cause I'm in no mood to kick your undead ass…." He grumbled. The vampire stepped back and bowed graciously.

"Of course," he stated, beginning to dissolve into thin air, leaving only a manic grin behind.

"Just remember, if you don't want your snacking habits revealed, come down to my chambers later- I', sure we'll work out a suitable punishment." He purred. Seras ignored her sire's threats and presented the tray to her Captain with a beaming smile. Pip blinked his good eye and managed a grin.

"Breakfast!, she chirped like a cheery canary. The bacon was burnt, the eggs looked rubbery, and the fruit cup was still swimming in its own juices. However, there were a few golden pieces of French toast drizzled with syrup left unmarred. He was delighted.

"Hey, you made it sweet-just like I like it!,"


Prince-Au-Port, Haiti

"There you are- sweet just like you like it….", Angelique said quietly to the grave of her husband, pouring the run onto the soil. Rich, red roses festooned the plot, and a few small bouquets and ribbonettes that the orphanage had made were still present. The woman gazed longingly at the marker-even with her near immortality she had gotten used to so many coming and going, but Jacques left with her heart. The last few drops anointed the grave as Mrs. Le Chat smiled softly, bid adieu and made her way back to the children awaiting her return.