She is the light of my life,

She is the light of my life,

And the sun in my sky,

The sword in my strife,

And the apple of my eye.

Her long scarlet locks, from her head to her waist,

Her beautiful lips that my mouth longs to taste.

Her soft gentle hands that speak wonderful deeds,

Her beautiful curves that meet all of my needs.

Her blood is as pure as her white summer dress,

Despite all of his triumphs, she's mine nonetheless.

His scar is a memory locked in her heart,

Our hands are entwined, and never to part.

She comes to me on the darkest of nights,

Comes with a promise that makes it all right,

With long slender fingers wrapped in my hair,

Who is to question if she belongs there?

A sweet summer daydream,

A paupers own wish,

Torn at the seams

To be swept from her kiss.

Her gang of big brothers all angry to see,

The way that she talks and tells secrets to me,

Her former conquests all broken to know,

That their biggest mistake was in letting her go.

When she smiles across the room there is nothing more sweet,

Than that single perfect moment where our loving eyes meet,

When her head rests on my chest and she hears my heart pound,

I wonder just how she turned my world upside down.

In all of my life I have not done enough,

To earn such a depth of wonderous love,

Yet all that I hope for is here in my arms,

Two victims of love; not a fool for my charms.

She holds my heart in the palm of her hand,

Has the power to crush it to dust in the sand,

A single wrong move and my world falls apart,

But always and forever, she holds onto my heart.

I place her heart high up on my shelf,

Above all the awards bestowed on myself,

For in Quidditch and Potions I know nothing more,

Than just how I feel when she walks through my door.

She is my salvation… my hero… my life…

My lover… my sweetheart… my darling…

My wife.