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Her back hurt, her head hurt and her heart hurt. Her stomach felt as though it was twisting itself into knots. The armchairs they had for patient's family really weren't meant for sleeping in.

And yet – the sensation that caught her attention suddenly was the tiny, soft circles that she could feel being traced on the top of her hand. Circles that were generating electricity that shot through her body and were banishing the pain her heart felt – even as they brought her guilt to the fore. How could she feel this way when Wilson was in so much pain?

Simple. House was alive and would get better – and even if he didn't know it now – Wilson would be grateful for it eventually.

"You look like hell, Lise." House's voice almost creaked from disuse, barely above a whisper, but it was the most welcome sound she'd heard in days.

"You don't look so hot yourself, you stupid idiot." She smiled at him, not caring as her stocking covered feet touched the cold linoleum floor and sent shivers through her, or that without her 'do me' heels as House called them, she couldn't hide just how short she really was. Tears started again. Tears as the events of the past days caught up to her. "You can't keep doing this to me you ass."

"Tears for me…" He reached out and brushed them from her cheek. "You shouldn't waste them on me."

She smacked his arm. "Don't say that…" She swallowed hard. "Remember I own your ass."

His brow quirked. "Actually I don't…" He watched impassively as the look of fear crossed her face. "But as hot as you still are, you aren't the sweet little partypants undergrad I remember – so I'm guessing we're not at Michigan State any longer." The impassiveness passed as Cuddy's face paled. "Hey, stay with me Lisa…" He pulled her down towards him and brushed his lips over hers. "Just 'cause I don't remember, I'd have to be gay not to want this."

Cuddy pulled back, her eyes wide. "I… I need to get your doctor." She swallowed hard again, trying to force the lump that was forming down then fled from the room.