-1I would like to thank my roommate, Jcomics for inspiring me to do this fic. Without her…I wouldn't be able to brainstorm half of this fic. I wanted to do something different. I grew rather fond of this pairing for particular reasons. Zelda became one of my favorite characters and I just love Ike.

The story is an AU so some stuff may not apply. Also, Sheik is her own character…and yes I portrayed Sheik as a female rather than a male, like I usually do. Pairings are, of course, Ike x Zelda, Link x Samus, Marth x Lyn, Sheik x Pit. Even though Zelda is in Twilight Princess design, her personality is more of Ocarina of Time Zelda.

This story is rather tame so it won't go over the T rating. On Ike's part…let's just say that Crimea hasn't gone to war yet.

A Hero's Creed

Chapter One: The Cerulean Cloud

It has been over a decade since he started his training. Being the son of a top mercenary who ran a strong group wasn't easy. He had to be strong too, especially during the hardships his family had to face when his mother passed away. Yet, it didn't seem anything could stop his father from training him and beating him at fencing. The scars and bruises were signs of his defeats against his father. However, everyone could see something young Ike couldn't see: the strength of his father growing in him.

Ike never let down his guard for anyone. Even if he was beaten by his father, he would continue to fight him until he could land one single blow. Mist, his younger sister, would always scowl at both him and Greil, his father, for being so pig headed. Both men should just shrug off her scowls and would continue to fight until either Ike was on the ground bleeding or unconscious.

"Hah! That was a good warm up fight," Greil laughed as he patted Ike's back. "Keep at it, my boy and you'll be a great mercenary one day."

"Y-yeah," Ike replied. He let out a soft sigh as he ran a rough, bandaged hand through his blue locks. Compared to his father, Ike was scrawny and still tiny. Greil was a rather large man with broad shoulders. Light brown locks barely touched his noble brow. To Ike, he was a colossus.

"Is something bothering you?" Greil asked. "You seem out of it. Or did I knock you too hard this time?"

"When haven't you knocked me hard?" was Ike's reply. "It's nothing, Father. I was just thinking…"

"About what?"

"Well…I'm about to be eighteen soon…meaning I will finally become a man and all…yet you still keep me in training as if I'm still a boy."

"Ike…I've told you already…you're not ready to go out into battle. When you've landed at least one single blow against me then you are ready. Until then, you'll have to stay behind and guard our headquarters along with Mist and Rolf."

Ike let out a small growl before he took up his wooden sword. He slowly got up on his feet. "Get up and fight me."

"We've already train for today," Greil replied. "You need to rest, Ike."

"No! I can handle this! How can I prove myself if you won't let me!"

"Ike, don't!" Mist yelled. "You'll only get hurt even more!"

"Mist…don't worry about me…okay?"

Somewhere close by, a young man with long black hair emerged from one of the rooms of the headquarters. His dark ruby eyes grew darker as he heard Ike's protests. He approached Ike and placed a soft hand upon his shoulder. "Ike…don't be dumb," said the young man. "If you fight in your condition you'll only lose and you'll get hurt; straining your chances of actually making it into the group."

"Soren," Ike said softly. "I've always wanted to join this group…join the group that you're in…but if I can't push myself to the limit how can I ever improve my chances at getting in?"

Soren took his hand off from Ike's shoulder. At that moment, Soren hit Ike behind the head. "You're so stubborn, you know?"

"Thanks Soren…I'm glad you believe in me."

Greil looked into Ike's dark blue eyes and saw nothing but determination. Greil let out a smirk as he shook his head. There are some things he inherit from me…and there are some that he inherited from his mother, he thought as he placed his hand on his wooden sword. "You're such an ass, Ike," Greil said as he got up from his seat. "Let's go outside, shall we?"

Ike smiled as he walked alongside his father to the outside. Mist continued to protest against them fighting, but she knew that once they had set their hearts to something, they wouldn't back out from it. Ike and Greil arrived at a forest clearing, away from their headquarters. Mist and Soren followed them. Greil looked over at the duo. "Soren, make sure that Mist doesn't get hurt."

"Yes, Commander," Soren replied as he took a hold of Mist's hand. "Don't let go."

"Ike, be careful!" Mist shouted.

Ike just smiled at his sister to reassure her that he was going to be okay. Ike's eyes trailed over to Soren who gave him a rare smile. Soren hardly ever smiled for anyone except for Ike and Mist. Just seeing Soren smiled lifted Ike's spirits a bit. Ike turned his attention over to his opponent. Taking out the wooden sword, Ike got into a ready position.

"Ike!" Greil shouted as he pointed at his son with his wooden sword. "You are going to be eighteen soon. Are you ready to join my mercenaries?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, Father!" Ike replied.

"Boy! If you can land one hit on me…you'll join our ranks!"

"I'll finally do it this time…I'm sure of it," Ike whispered to himself as he ran over to his father. He lifted his weapon up in the air as he struck down on his father. Greil parried with his sword then pushed Ike off from him. Ike let out a grunt as he charged at his father again. Father and son exchanged blow for blow, not allowing the other to hit against soft flesh. Mist cringed as he held Soren's hand tightly. All while the fighting went on, Soren tried to formulate a way for Ike to at least hit Greil once.

Greil swung his sword, hitting Ike right on the head. That should be enough to…Greil looked at his son in awe. Ike was still standing. His head was bleeding, but he was still standing. Ike smirked as he swung his wooden sword. Even though Ike didn't have much strength left, he managed to tap Greil's leg. "Heh…looks like I won this one," Ike chuckled before he blacked out on the ground.

It has been three days since Ike managed to land one hit against Greil. Greil merely chuckled as all of Ike's training had exhausted him. Yet, what was bothering Greil the most was the thought of what to do with Ike. He knew that his son was a strong warrior, but everyone who's entered Greil's mercenaries had a special task to do on their own. He was stumped at what to give his son as a "test".

"Commander?" a voice rang out. Greil looked behind his shoulder to see a young woman with long, crimson colored hair. She walked over to the commander. Her armor made soft sounds as she approached Greil. "Commander, have you decided on what to do with young Ike?"

"Not a clue, Titania…" Greil replied. "Even though I know what the boy can do, there is nothing that comes to mind on what to give him as a test."

"I'm sure whatever you can dish out won't be too hard on him," Titania said.

"I know…he is, after all, my son. Perhaps…" an idea struck the commander. "I think I got it. I found something that is challenging but quite simple in a way."

"What would that be?" Titania asked.

"Oh…you'll see, Titania. I will give him his test on his birthday."

"But sir…that's today!"

"I know! What better gift than the gift of manhood to give to a youth like him? I know that he will surely want to take this test as soon as possible now that he's of age."

Confused and rather worried, Titania tried to pursue the question further. However, Greil was a lock. He would not even say a single clue about what he planned to do with Ike. In one the kitchen, Mist had been busy preparing a cake for her brother. Oscar, one of the Greil's loyal men, was helping Mist by cooking a hardy stew for Ike's birthday. "I hope Ike likes this dinner," Mist said. "We're working very hard on it."

"I'm sure he'll love it, Mist," Oscar replied as he added in a bit of pepper into the stew. "Anything from you makes happy."

"Yeah…I just hope whatever Dad gives him is good."

Ike resided in his room. Due to orders from his father, he had the day off to relax and restore his strength. I wonder what he means by that, Ike thought as he played around with his hair. Usually, if he says things like this, it means that I am to expect something. This can't be just a "relax" day. There is no such thing as a day off in this group. Either way, Ike couldn't complain. He did enjoy relaxing once in a while, but today, he felt very restless. He wanted to go outside and spar with Boyd or Oscar, but he knew that he shouldn't.

He was still injured from his last fight against his father. Not only that, but he wouldn't hear the end of it from Mist. "Bored, bored, bored…" Ike let out as he rolled on his side. "I wonder where Soren is." Just then, the door to his room opened. Titania walked inside of Ike's room. She held her hands behind her, as if she were hiding something.

"Good afternoon, Ike," spoke the red headed warrior. "I hope you slept well."

"I slept okay," he replied. "Whatcha got behind your back?"

"Oh!" Titania pulled what appeared something wrapped like a bundle. "I was hoping to give this to you later…but I think you should take it already. You might want to look your best tonight. Oscar, Boyd, Rolf, and I got you these garments. We hope they are your size."

Ike looked down at his current wardrobe. He had a dirty blue tunic which was pretty much torn and dirtied with dried blood and mud. His pants, which were once a hue of cream were almost as dark as the dirt itself. Ike looked completely filthy beyond all reason. "I guess you're right," he replied as he took off his tunic. Upon seeing that, Titania scurried to the door and closed it behind her. Once she was gone, Ike undressed himself down to his tights. He unwrapped the bundle and looked at his new clothing.

His new tunic was a royal blue linen tunic with yellow trimmings. The tail was slightly longer than the rest of his uniform. The pair of pants that went with his new tunic was a shade of vanilla cream. Hidden in the bundle was a pair of boots. On the tip of his new boots were metal casings. Ike smiled as he donned his new clothing and walked out from his room.

The place seemed quieter than usual. Usually Boyd would be arguing with Rolf, Ike thought as he walked past the stone covered walls. The strong musky smell of the fort filled Ike's nostrils which causing the young man to let out a sneeze. He simply shook his head as he continued his walk. Just then, he saw Soren standing near the doorway to the dining hall.

The black haired mage fumbled with a piece of crimson cloth in his hands. He walked over to Ike and gave the ranger his gift. "Happy birthday, Ike," Soren said softly. "I hope you like it." Ike looked at the red cloth for a moment before he extended it out. The red cloth was a beautiful linen cape. Along with the red cape was a leather shoulder pad to hold the cape together.

"Soren, this is beautiful," Ike replied as he donned the cape and shoulder pad.

"Glad you like it," Soren said, "made the cape, myself. It wasn't an easy task, I tell you. As for the shoulder pad…I figured you'd need something to hold it."

"Thanks! This really is going with my new wardrobe. I wonder if I looked that filthy for everyone to give me new clothes."

Soren didn't reply. He merely just led Ike towards the dining hall where all the other mercenaries were. Food had been placed on the table. Ike smiled cheerfully as he took his seat next to Mist and Soren. However, Greil looked over at his son. "Ike," Greil's voice boomed. "Tonight you shall sit next to me and so will Mist. Titania, Shinon…you two wouldn't mind, would you?"

"Not at all, Commander," Titania replied.

"Whatever," Shinon replied as he got up from his seat. Ike and Mist took Titania's and Shinon's seats. Usually the siblings would only sit next to their father at the dining table if it was a special event, a serious proposition, or if, by some strange coincidence, that they were the only people in the fort.

"I see that you've equipped yourself well, Ike," Greil said.

"Well…I do appreciate the nice wardrobe," the young blunette replied.

"Now…I'm sure everyone has given their gifts to you. Now it is time for Mist and I to hand you ours. Mist, would you give your present to Ike?"

The young brunette girl took out from her little bag an ebony silk headband. Ike took the headband and smiled at his sister as he put it on. He thanked his sister by walking over to her seat and hugged her tightly. Mist giggled as she hugged her brother back. Greil let out a soft sigh as he pulled out a long sword. The blade of the sword looked like it was gilded. The hilt was a rich dark color.

"I don't know if you're ready for this sword," Greil said as he looked at the blade. "But when duty calls, one always has to be ready. This is the Regal Sword. It is a sword that has been passed down my bloodline for generations. It served me well in combat…and now, it's yours. Your grandfather handed this sword to me when I was your age. I think you should have it now."

Ike took the sword from his father and examined it. It was heavier than any sword he had ever used before. However, the blue haired youth managed to carry the sword with one hand. "It's kinda heavy…but not too much," Ike spoke.

"As a man, you are to take responsibilities for your actions," Greil spoke in a deep voice. "You will be charged with many difficult tasks while you work under my wing, pup. That is why…I have chose this day to see if you really are mercenary material. Ike…you are to one day lead my mercenaries. Should that day be soon, you'll have to prove to my forsaken soul that you have what it takes to take command. As a future leader, you'll need to mature. That is why your test will have to be this: you are to work as a lone mercenary for about a year."

"Be…a lone mercenary?" Ike asked.

"Commander, are you sure about this?" Titania asked.

"I am very certain. Ike, if you are to learn how it is to be a mercenary, you should do so on your own. To gain great leadership skills, you must work for a great lord that rules a prosperous country. Under his leadership, you shall learn everything you need to know about how the jobs handle here. Before I created this group, I was working on my own. I learned a great deal about the world around me. I think you should have that sort of experience as well."

"Very well, Father," Ike replied. "When do I start?"

"You shall start first thing in the morning. Once you leave these grounds, you are not to return here until a year later. Keep in contact with us at all times. Oh…and don't get yourself killed. Because if I were to die shortly after you pass away, your mother won't let me hear the end of it."

Ike chuckled slightly as he sheath the Regal Sword. "Alright! I'll be ready in the morning."

Mist's expression changed. The smile she had from hugging her brother washed away once she heard the announcement of what he must do next. However, Ike assured her that he would be alright. The rest of the evening, the blue haired mercenary tried his best to enjoy what would be his last day as a youth. That night, Ike didn't sleep much. A lot of things were running through his mind. He wasn't too sure of where to go or if he could find a great lord to work under. To keep his mind off things, Ike started to pack some of his belongings. He was sure to travel light, so the only things he took with him were a couple of vulnerary, some parchment, ink, his sack of gold, and a drawn portrait of his family.

When dawn approached, Ike was more than ready to leave. Soren handed him a couple of maps of foreign lands outside the laguz and beorc lands, a study book, and Ike's favorite storybook. Ike gave Soren a buddy hug before he walked off to say good bye to everyone else. Titania took the liberty to hand Ike some of her gold to him. Oscar managed to cook some food for the trip and hoped that it would last a while. Boyd and Rolf handed Ike a sack to keep heavier equipment.

"Where are you going, Ike?" Rolf asked.

"I don't know yet," Ike replied to the little green haired boy. "I need to find a great lord to work under apparently."

"If you go somewhere, bring me back something cool!"

"Eh, don't listen to that little shrimp," Boyd said as he ruffled Rolf's hair. "He's just yammering on. Anyway…can you bring me back something if you go to an exotic place?"

"Boyd…I'm not going on a vacation," Ike responded.

"Now, now," Oscar said as he joined his brothers. "Ike has a lot of important things to do. He's got to make sure he's got everything he needs. By the way…if you happen to find some exotic spices and all…that would be nice."

Ike just sighed as he left the green haired trio to their bickering over who sound the most immature. Shinon didn't even bother to say good bye to Ike, however, Gatrie was more appreciative than his companion. Gatrie inspected Ike's equipment to see if everything was going right. After he made sure Ike was okay, Gatrie patted the young man's back and sent him on his way. Rhys, the healer of the group, had been sitting in the library. Within his frail hands was a small charm.

"Ike," Rhys spoke as he handed him the charm. "This charm will protect you from dark magic. I'm sure you'll make use of it."

"Thanks Rhys," Ike said as he patted the healer's shoulder. "With your protective magic, I'll do just fine."

All that was left was to say good bye to his sister and father. Ike had a vague idea of where Mist was. The blue haired warrior walked towards the front door of the fort. Standing by the doorway was Mist. Mist had her eyes locked on the ground. She sniffed as she tried to hold in the tears that were threatening to fall. Ike approached his sister and kneeled before her to take a look at her face. "Mist, don't worry about me," Ike said softly. "I've been known to withstand anything."

"But brother…" Mist whimpered, "you're going to be away for a very long time. A whole year off on your own? What if something happens to you? What if we lose you too?"


"I won't allow it! I won't!"

"Mist," Ike said as he placed his hands on Mist's. "Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise that I will come back to you in one piece."

"You promise you'll come back?" Mist asked as she looked up at her brother. Her soft green eyes were red and puffy as the tears trailed down her cheeks. "I don't want you to die!"

"I'm not going to die. I promise I'll come back. If I don't…you can kill me."

"You…you're such a dork…" Mist giggled a bit as she hugged Ike. Ike let out a soft smile as he hugged his sister back tightly.

"Yeah, but I'm your dork, remember?"

"Aww…ain't that sweet?" Greil cooed. "Brother and sister hugging. Anyway, have you said your good byes yet, Ike? Remember…once you set foot outside of these premises, you won't be allowed in until one year later. Make sure you take everything you need."

"Don't worry, Father," Ike spoke as he released his sister and got up from the ground. "I'm ready to go. I just needed to say my farewell to you."

Greil placed a hand on Ike's shoulder. "Ike…you're a strong man. I've taught you well and now it's time for us to see what you can do out in the real world. I know when you get back, you'll be a strong warrior. I'll miss you a great deal. You're an okay kid."

"And you're an okay dad," Ike replied as both him and his father walked out the door. "I don't know where to go…but I'll find work! I'll be back a different man." Ike walked through the courtyard and pass the gate. He looked over his shoulder to see the entire mercenary group plus Rolf and Mist in the courtyard. The blue haired mercenary waved to his companions as he walked down the dirt road and disappeared into the forest. Even though he'd been out in the wilderness a lot, this was the very first time Ike was alone. He felt a bit nervous, but brushed any feelings for anxiety away.

Across the ocean passed the Crimean country lays a kingdom in which a new world seems to have been built. The kingdom of Hyrule is a kingdom that has been living in peace for decades now. It had seen its far share of wars, but since the great wars of Hyrule, everything had been settled diplomatically. King Harken of Hyrule, the current king, had signed many treaties with Hyrule's neighboring kingdoms. The biggest and most important treaty would be the treaty between Hyrule Kingdom and the Gerudo Desert. The Gerudo Desert is a kingdom in which women usually ruled. However, every one hundred years, a male heir would be take the thrown and become king.

Ganondorf is the current king of the Gerudo. Without much obligation, he signed the treaty of peace with King Harken, however, Harken's daughter was not convinced. Hyrule's only heir to the thrown, Princess Zelda Hyrule, is a fair and just princess. She was known to have prophecies, but many have disregarded her ability. Only Impa, Zelda's nanny and bodyguard believed her.

However, even though Hyrule was at a time of peace, assassins have been sent in Hyrule to kidnap and/or assassinate the princess. Visions appeared before Zelda as a sign that dark times are coming to Hyrule. She sent out her most trusted hero, Link to search out the land…but he has yet to return. It has been four months since his disappearance.

Ike had been traveling for over two months. The blue haired mercenary had been doing meager jobs such as escort missions for merchants and chasing off bandits for farmers. He had been asking around if anyone knew of a kingdom which had a great lord he could work under of. The people have recommended Ike to work underneath Lord Hector of Ostia. When Ike had approached Hector, he was merely told that Hector didn't need any more guards, knights, or spies. More importantly, Hector was protective of his daughter, Lilina, the future marquess of Ostia.

Having no luck in Lycia, Ike left those shores and headed towards the west. Eventually, Ike had reached plains of Hyrule. Ike had encountered people he's never seen before: Hylians. The people had elfin type ears. Sure, Ike has encountered all types of laguz and beorc in his life, but he's never seen Hylians before. The first place Ike had reached was the castle town market. As soon as he walked into the town, Ike earned a lot of stares from the people. They have never seen a man with cobalt locks and such round ears before.

The young mercenary tried not to stare back at them. He was so amazed by the elfin people that he almost completely forgot about going to the castle. The air was filled with cheery music and the smell of pastries. People danced on the paved ground. A little girl ran past Ike as she tried to catch a chicken. A young woman with medium red hair approached Ike. Her soft blue eyes sparkled as she tugged on Ike's crimson cape. "Excuse me," she said softly.

"Oh, hi!" Ike replied.

"Are you new here?"

"Yeah…I'm new here. I'm not from this part of the world."

"I can tell. My name is Malon. My father, Talon owns Lon Lon Ranch, which is the ranch outside the town market. I came here in search of my father…he went to deliver some milk to the castle and hasn't been seen since. I was wondering if you can help me find him."

"Sure thing, I'll help you," Ike replied. "I was on my way to the castle."

As both Malon and Ike were busy talking to each other, a shady figure was hiding in the shadows. Two ruby colored eyes were locked on Ike's silhouette. "So…it is true," the figure spoke in a soft, dark tone. "It's just like the prophecy stated. The cerulean cloud has appeared in Hyrule. Now…dark times are sure to approach."

As Ike and Malon headed towards the direction of the castle, a hooded figure watched them. He slowly followed the pair. Within the hooded man's grasps was a bloodied dagger. In one fast movement, the figure grabbed Malon. He pressed the bloodied dagger against her soft neck. "Listen here, girl," the man spoke. "You have access to the castle, don't ya? Now be a good girl and take me inside."

"Malon!" Ike let out. "Let her go!"

"Not until I go into the castle…I am not here to take this girl's life, but if she so much as screams I'll slice her throat. Now you…you better be good too. If you try anything funny I'll kill her right on the spot."

"You cowardly…"

"Ike…it's okay," Malon said. "I'll take you to the castle…just don't involve Ike in this."

"Good girl…now let's walk."

At that moment, a stray dagger pierced the air and managed to run through the assailant's neck. The assassin fell on the ground in an instant. Blood spread on the ground. Just then a guard managed to catch the assassin fall on the ground. "Stop right there!" The guard shouted at Ike. "You've committed a great offence. You are under arrest for murder!"

"I didn't kill him," Ike protested. "I don't know where that dagger came from, but I can assure you that I didn't do it."

"Mister guard…don't…" Malon said softly.

"You're coming with me to the dungeons!" The guard shouted as both him and his partner approached Ike. "Put down your weapon and come quietly." One of the guards placed their hand upon the Regal Sword. As soon as he touched the sword, Ike jerked away. He didn't want to cause trouble, but he didn't want his sword to be taken away. "Not going to go quietly, eh? Take him down!"

The left guard lunged at Ike, however the blue haired warrior dodged out of the way. "Is he really that slow?" Ike asked. However, Ike didn't have time to react as the right guard swung his lance at the mercenary. Ike pushed the lance away from him and gave the guard a swift kick in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

"Officer down! Send in backup!" shouted the left guard. Upon that moment, more guards approached Ike. Ike ran over to the market stands. The townspeople began to scream as they ran away from the strange foreigner. Ike tripped over one of the stands which sold pottery. The mercenary picked up one of the pots and threw it at the guards. Two of them fell over taking down two other guards. Ike picked up another pot, slid from the stand and placed the pot on top of an unsuspecting guard's head. The guard tried to take off the pot from his head, but apparently it was stuck.

Ike pushed the poor guard over, knocking over three guards. Another guard jumped on Ike and wrapped his arms around the mercenary. "I got you now, brat!" shouted the guard. Using his strength, Ike managed to flip the guard off from his body. He placed his foot on the guard's chest.

"Don't ever call me, 'brat'," Ike spoke as he applied pressure.

"Gotcha…" wheezed the guard. At that moment, two guards managed to knock Ike down on the ground. Three others tackled him on the ground until they complete constraint him. The captain of the guard, Viscen, approached Ike. He placed the end of his lance up against Ike's throat.

"You're quite troublesome," the captain of the guard said. "But that's quite enough. Take him to the dungeons! We'll discuss his punishment from there."

"Captain Viscen!" Malon shouted as she tugged on the guard's arm. "Please let Ike go. He didn't kill that man."

"If he didn't…then who did?"

"I…I don't know. All I know is that he saved me from that assassin."

"Even if he did save you, Miss Malon, he did assault not one…but twelve officers. He will still have to face those consequences. The only way for him to actually be acquitted of all his charges would have to be a pardon from Princess Zelda herself. Take him away." The guards dragged Ike from the grounds of the castle town market and threw him into the dark, murky dungeon. There was hardly any light at all and a pungent smell emitted from the walls and ground. Whatever or whoever was in his cell certainly didn't have a good end to him.

Scratches on the wall indicated that his predecessor counted the days away to keep himself from going crazy. "Some start for me," Ike said. "Two months into this thing and I'm already a convict. What's worse is that they took away my sack and sword. Dad is going to kill me if he ever finds out about this…that is if I managed to somehow live through this."

"Heh…you're quite a troublesome sort," spoke a soft voice. "If I've known any better I would have guess you were some sort of a hired sword."

Ike looked around his cell to see who was talking to him. When he was confirmed that no one was in his cell, he looked through the bars. At that moment, a slender figure fell from the ceiling. It appeared to be a young, slender man who wore a tight blue suit. He had bandages over his fingers and around his head to conceal his identity. Rouge blond hair almost covered his ruby eyes. What was very strange about the man was the strange symbol upon his chest.

"Who are you?" Ike asked.

"My name is Sheik," Sheik spoke, "I am of the Sheikah tribe. I am one of Princess Zelda's guardians. I know you didn't kill that man…I did."


"Yes…I'm here to get you out. However…because I am not Princess Zelda I can not pardon you for your assault on the guards."

"Then…how are you gonna get me out?" Ike asked.

"Easy…I am going to open this cell for you…however, if you want a pardon you are to see Princess Zelda. She will be in her usual spot which is the castle courtyard. You're going to have to sneak past the guards to get to it. Once you're in the courtyard, you are to show Zelda respect. Believe all that she says…because the princess speaks the truth."

"What are you going to do? If you're a guardian…why can't you just take me to the princess?"

"Because I am an undercover agent. The guards aren't suppose to know that I exist," Sheik took out a lock pick from his turban and opened the cell door. "Off you go. We will meet again." Sheik took out some Deku Nuts from his back pocket and threw them on the ground. A white flash blinded Ike for a split second. Once his sight came too, Sheik was gone. The mercenary wasn't too sure if he should trust Sheik or not. But since the cell door was open, he might as well try to get out of the castle.

Ike slipped into the shadows as he moved from hallway to hallway. He peered down the hallway, making sure that no one would catch him. Once the coast was clear, he ran through the hallways and hid by one of the doorways. Even though Ike was quite evasive, he could not escape the watchful eyes of another dark silhouette. Ike looked out at one of the windows and saw a faint figure. "I wonder if that's the courtyard?" Ike asked himself. He scurried through the hallways to find the door that led to the garden. Once he found it he quickly ducked down by one of the hedges. A lone guard passed by the hedge and looked over the hedge. Ike had to press himself against the hedge to hide himself from the guard.

Once the guard confirmed himself that the coast was clear, he walked off to inspect other parts of the garden. Ike crawled on the ground, sidling hedge to hedge. Once he made it to a clearing, Ike got up on his feet and ran in. he managed to reach the courtyard which was surrounded by a water. Flowers bloomed beautifully. Standing in front of Ike was a woman with fair skin. Her long blond hair was tied together in a semi braid. Her light blue eyes shimmered like the water that day. Her pink dress was a calm shade of rose. Upon her apron was the strange symbol he saw all over this place.

"I've been waiting for you," the young woman said. "…and I have seen you in my dreams, Cerulean Cloud."

Wow…this has been one of the longest chapters I've ever written. I hope this was an okay beginning. For those that don't know the characters that speak to Ike in the beginning of this story, they are from his game.

Chapter Two: Zelda, the Great Lord

-"I am Zelda, princess of Hyrule. What is your name, warrior"