Chronicles of Outsider

Darkness encompassed the city, the wolf's bane full and high in the sky gave dreams to those sleeping and nightmares to others. The streets lined with flaming lights, they shine bright as stars. Those of the night life walked the streets, gang bangers and drug dealers quickly hid in the alleyways when a black and white police car would drive by. Streets littered with bits of trash and water, the stench of decay and death shoots out in waves as the winds blew making eerie noises.

The shops open for business in this city, the location of one of the many Weyland-Yutani Corporation facilities. Their logo high above the ground displaying their power. Guards patrolled the area with great care, for inside were Predator weapons, most of them were stolen and yet a few were found. Sensors lined up around the facility to alarm those inside if any non-humans approached.

The year is 2157, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation have been experimenting on the Aliens, also known as Xenomorphs, to the Predator's they are known as Hard-meat, and to some humans they are known as Serpents. For years they have been experimenting, trying to recreate Outsider, known as the Triple Breed and by Weyland-Yutani as Tri Queen or Obsidian Mystery. So far they have had no success.

She disappeared after her last remaining family died, Snake-Eater. The Predators all respect Outsider and honor her greatly, yet a few despise her for what she is and some even try to hunt her only to lose their lives by her hands and swords. Some Predators even come seeking her to receive a honor name from her, alas no one has found her. Only a few believe she is still alive, Zombie and his twin sons' Crimson Heart and Crimson Mind, all three got their names from Outsider long ago as did Snake-Eater, believe she was still alive. Other's believe she died of old age or of illness, no one know's of her limits, not even Outsider, for a Triple Breed never existed before and Outsider's powers could be limitless.

Weyland-Yutani are still searching for her, they may have the samples they took from her those many years ago but they are running out. The technology they stole from the Predators helped them to make new weapons and they were able to travel through space faster than before. So many new technologies created from the studies of the Predator weapons. Yet, they still can't cure the common cold.

Distant rolling clouds hurried across the sky in black tides, thunder and lighting shined and echoed about scaring those afraid of storms. People walking the streets prepare their umbrellas as the rain began to pour, alas one figure did not draw forth an umbrella or took shelter under any roofing. Black hoody covered the upper body of this person, long torn blue pants covered the combat boots underneath, splashing through the multiple puddles and tiny streams, walking ever so silently toward the facility.

Along the rooftops of the neighboring buildings men in black army uniforms, the letters F.T.T.B.W.Y.C. on their backs, took position along the roof ledges. They carried with them sniper rifles, DPMS M4 rifles with multiple tactical attachments, MP5 rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, grenades, stun grenades, flash bangs. Most of their sides arms were .9 mm pistols, .45 pistols, GLOCKs, and a few had magnums. They came ready for combat and war.

As the hoody drew closer to the WYC, a camera looks at the person reading the person as human. The guards halt the person aiming their Assault rifles they allow the person to reach into a pocket on the pants. The person pulled out a identification badge, it said that the person was an official WYC Inspector. The guards cast weary looks at each other unsure if this person was really a WYC Inspector but the person had the official badge. They opened the gates letting the person to enter the parking lot, as the person walked to the garage the person looked around and shook the rain off doing so a few strands of blonde hair come out of hiding.

"This is Black Stingray, we're in position Blue Leader."

"Copy that."

"Fox Ear in position, setting up equipment."

The person presses against the hood next to the right ear, the black fingerless glove had sharp spikes on the knuckles.

"This is Crimson Queen, I'm in." The person said in a soft feminine voice.

"Copy that Crimson Queen, we're counting on you."

Crimson Queen slowly walks over to the stair entrance to the facility, opening the door slowly she draws a tranquilizer pistol from her hip, she looks up the stairs and at the other door, she slipping the pistol into her right baggy shirt sleeve as she opened the other door. She she attaches a WYC inspector badge on her shirt so no one would stop her.

As she walked, some facility crew would walk by never giving a second look till they felt a bee sting the back of their neck, when they fell unconsciousness she would hide them in any storage room she found and called Blue Leader where to find them.

The non-human sensors read her body and looked around with the other cameras as well, she knew she was getting closer to the security room. Around the next corner she spied another door and the words 'Security' told that she found the place. She knocked on the door three times and a guard answered, as he opened the door, Crimson Queen looked inside to see that he and another were in the room.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Inspector of WYC, here to check security." Crimson Queen said pointing at her badge.

The guard lets her in and she looked around as he closed the door, both guards stood behind her as she looked at their equipment.

"I see that you are all up to date, your monitors and sensors are all working. Good, but what is this? Are those Xenomorphs in this screen?"

A guard walks over to her and shuts the TV off, she flips it back on. The guard couldn't see her face and he didn't know what she looked like so he took caution by taking a few steps back in case she would strike.

"I'm the Inspector, I see everything. Now answer the question or I will report you to Mr. Weyland."

"Sorry ma'am. Yes, those are Xenomorphs."

As he walked back to stand next to the other guard she looks at them.

"So far, everything is in great condition, I still have one more question for you both. Do you like seeing stars?"

The guards look at each other and suddenly they both began to see stars as she knocked them both out by slamming their heads together. They drop to the ground one landing on top of the other, she smiles in the darkness of the hood.

"How things going Crimson Queen?" Asked Blue Leader over the radio.

She removes the guard's access cards and walks over to the computer, she does something and the screens kept replaying the last few hours. She disables the security system and presses against her right ear.

"Security is down. Move out."

Saying that she stood up and walked out of the room with a sign posted to the door, it read 'A-okay'.