The Predator home world of fire, lava and cities, on the other side a lush jungle environment filled with various creatures. In one of the cities, a laboratory filled with various beings and liquids and tubes made the place hum with life. A few Predator Elders walked the halls with their Elite Guard close by, the Elders were clicking to each other before a door opens before them having them enter a large room where young Predators bowed their heads in respect and one, a young female, lead them to a large tube in the center of the room that held a Predator with navy green skin marked with red dots, like that of a snake. A large scar marked his abdomen and other smaller scars, the young Predator puts up a projection of the vitals of the one within the tube.

One of the Elders nods his head while the others looked at the one within the tube. The room fell silent as a tall Predator entered the room, old with age and accompanied with two adult Predators twins. The Elders greet the Predator and allows him to look at the one within the tube. Slowly he places his hand on the tube and smiles.

"Now it's time..." He clicked.

The one in the tube opens his blood rain eyes as the liquid drains having him stand once again on his feet. The tubes and wires that were once connected to him break off leaving him staggering a little but he remained on his feet. The tube opens allowing him to exit and slowly he stepped out having the Elders click while their guards lowered their heads. The Predator that spoke smiled again before placing his clawed hand on the other's shoulder.

"Welcome back, High Elder Gysu." He clicked. "Welcome back, Snake-Eater."

- -

Back on Earth, the F.T.T.B.W.Y.C. were busy searching for another WYC compound but they had no luck due to satellite interference with some solar flares. Outsider was wide awake once again in the middle of the training grounds training new recruits, she found stalking them to be the best thing of the day, besides shooting them head to toe with paint balls.

Silently she moved across the roof top activating her camouflage and looked down at the recruits, three teams of former Seals members. One team took the south training grounds, the second team took the west side and the third team took the north side in order to find Outsider or each other. Each member wore inferred goggles and had motion sensors clicking away making Outsider grin at their preparation. She moved to the northern team and struck. She moved back on the building she was hiding on and waited till they past before dropping down grabbing one of the men before leaping against the walls till she was back on the roof knocking the man out.

"We got a man down." One of the members said.

"Damn, she's quick." Said another.

'You better believe it.' Outsider thought grinning arming herself before vanishing within the buildings.

The former Seals sweep and clear one of the buildings just as an alarm goes off indicating that xenomorphs had entered the training grounds which made the Seals smile at the sudden turn. Their first combat with xenomorphs and a Triple Breed. Outsider found it to be annoying but this gave her a chance to further improve her combat skills and reflexes. With her no longer living in her temple the F.T.T.B.W.Y.C. had to ship some xenomorphs to the compound to study and have Outside fresh hunts and food, she loved xenomorph meat.

"Be on full alert, arm yourself with live ammo and try not to kill each other." A man said over the PA of the grounds. "There are four xenos within, take caution."

Unaware of what was going on, the humans moved out while a Predator ship lands on a mountain near the compound to watch the famous Triple Breed and humans in action.

Outsider waited patiently while upside down hanging from a tall lamp post still cloaked, she left herself go picking up the movement of one of the xenos, it came moving slow and then fast while sensing around itself before hissing. Outsider smiled, it was one of the Warrior Serpents, her favorite. She hissed lightly making the xeno purr out seeking the sound of the Queen and soon it noticed her above it. She swung herself up and over landing on the roofing having the xeno come after her unaware of the trap. Once on the roof Outsider uncloaked and smirked as she left the bungee cord loose from the metal pipe, it hit the xeno sending it flying across the grounds right to the Seals who killed it with ease with their guns.

"One down, but where in bloody hell did it come from?" One of the Seals asked looking up at the buildings.

"It must have been Outsider, she set up traps in here for us." Another said.

Outsider was hearing them clear and well from her position where she launched the alien, having small radio receivers implanted on the Seals armor has some advantages for her to hear what they're saying giving her more time to plan. She soon coughed and shook her head, she felt dizzy making her sit.

The Predator ship was cloaked as the occupants watched from their hideout and soon picked up readings of approaching ships.

"Warning! Incoming transports!" The PA announced making Outsider looks up at the sky as the transport's ramps opening and something falls into the grounds. "This isn't part of the test!"

Loud booms could be heard as the transports dropped what they were transporting.

"Woah, what the hell is –!"

"Damn! Shoot it!"

Outsider stood up looking where the men were firing their guns.

"Ambush!" One shouted.

"What the hell?! Armored bipeds? Battle armors!" Another shouted to have an explosion happen.

Outsider looked at where the explosion happened to hear a loud crash behind her, turning quickly she saw a large gaping hole on the roof, she carefully looked inside to see a large biped in full armor, a type of battle armor. She tilted her head slightly and pulled out a plasma grenade, pressed the button and dropped it into the hole. The explosion caused the roofing to crack but the battle armor was still there.

"Interesting." Outsider said as the battled armor hits the ceiling causing the roofing to buckle making her losing balance was it collapsed dropping her inside. "Oh damn!" She said trying to pull her leg out as the battle armor aimed one of its arms at her that held a mini gun.

"Outsider, prepare to die." A voice said from the battle armor.

Outsider hissed loudly before having her eyes go completely black making the human inside the armor gasp at the sight. She grabbed an iron pipe and swung it hitting the arm causing the turning barrel face another direction making the bullets leave a long line of holes in the walls. Quickly she got her leg out and leapt at the battle armor, placing her feet firm onto the top of it she pushed off knocking it off balance while she leapt to the edging of the roof before leaping to another roof to encounter another battle armor. It didn't see her till she was on top of it, she began to pound the armor causing the human inside to fumble around on the roof unknowing of how close he was getting to the edge, once he bumped into it Outsider got off and pushed him off the roof.

"We need back up!" A Seal shouted.

"I coming!" Outsider called into the radio hurrying off hoping that not many of the Seals were killed. Jumping down onto the pavement she hurried quickly striping herself of her normal clothes revealing her tight dark crimson outfit, gun holsters on both the sides of her chest and on both legs, she grabbed a .45 and ran to encounter a quad unit in the shape of a massive dog. Outsider never seen this stuff before and now a quad unit made her more angry. She opened fire at it leapt at her digging the metal claws into the pavement as if it were sand. Outsider glanced back at it to be stuck hard to the head causing her to fall to the ground, she had never been hit that hard in a long time. She looked back and rolled to the side as it leapt at her once again and she grabbed a knife on her belt and rammed the quad stabbing through its thick armor making it roar out causing blood to spill to the ground leaving Outsider confuse as to why the machine held blood. The quad snarled and leapt at her to be shot down by Blue Leader's battle armor.

"Thought you needed a hand." He said calmly from his battle armor making Outsider look at him before standing.

"Thanks. What the hell or who the hell is doing this?!" She demanded to know seeing blood and oil mix.

"Weyland-Yutani." Blue Leader said. "They're androids, once human or animal."

Outsider didn't like that, many were like that now. Her radio blared with shouts from the Seals making her reached to Blue Leader who in turn opened the rear of his battle armor to have Black Dawn to extend out. She took them and strapped them onto her back before running off as Blue Leader ready his rockets pods on each shoulder of his battle armor.

As she ran, she jumped grabbing a steel pole, using it she projected herself to the roof of a building to have the higher ground only to be shot at by the transports. One fires its cannon causing one of the buildings to explode sending Outsider into the air landing hard onto another roof where she ached badly due to shrapnel in her leg. The tall building gave her some protection from the battle armors below her but it also left her open to the transports above her head.

Her eyes began to return to normal as she tried to relax so not to irritate the wound but the transports where making it hard for her to become fully calm as they fired the guns missing her by a few feet, they were aiming to kill her. Without thinking she rolled onto her hands and tried to get up to have an explosion happen next to the building making it vibrate violently and crack, it started to give way leaving Outsider with hardly any options. She hanged onto the roof as it started to break away, she started to slide off the sliding roof till she caught a glimpse of something on the mountain. A bright red light glowed and soon the light came toward her smashing into the lower part of the building causing it to collapse inward making the roof she was on tilt inward.

"Outsider!" Blue Leader called from the radio.

She hanged on for her life, the fall was going to kill her if the building didn't the ground will. She dug her claws into the concrete and tried to climb the roofing as fast as she could but it was moving faster than she could trapping her within. There was a still silence when the building hit the ground and the dust filled the grounds. The transports hovered over head and the battle armors and quads retreat as the signal was clear to their readings.

Outsider was dead within the building. No traces.

The Predator ship's readings read otherwise, she was in there, barely alive and broken. The ramp opens as cloaked Predators exit, it was unclear what type of Predator but it was clear which direction they were going. To the grounds.

Within the building, Outsider hanged upside down, her right leg was pinned and broken leaving her hanging. She was fading in and out of consciousness and she tried hard to stay awake. A fire was burning within the building as well as water dripping and electrical wires snapping about.

"Ou..sid... ca...o...he...m..?" The damaged radio picked up.

She could hardly move and didn't want to, she hurt all over making her clench her teeth before trying to lean up when she was awake but doing so made her dizzy and hurt more.

"Ca... o.." The radio said again.

As she reached for the small radio around her neck she heard something cracking above her and then a rumble which applied more pressure on her leg making her shout out as her blood began to melt the metal and concrete. Quickly she removed one of her swords and tried to impale a harden spot in the wall next to her but failed to find a good spot and her blood melted through leaving her to grab whatever she could. She clung to a thin pipe that dangled from the wall while shouting out in pain.

Outside the building, Blue Leader and the remaining Seals got to work trying to locate Outsider's position but the metal and fires within made it hard and dangerous.

"We go to find her incase WYC decide to come back." A Seal member said pulling away some concrete.

"We got to be careful, the building will collapse more if we remove the wrong piece of metal or concrete." Blue Leader said as the chest of the battle armor opens having him get out.

The Predators were now in the ground and were watching the humans futile effort to get in only to back away when part of the building fell from above.

"Look out!"

Once the dust cleared Blue Leader got back onto the radio.

"Outsider, can you hear me? Come in!"

Some of the Predators would smirk at the humans efforts knowing they would do the same for their own comrades.


They all smiled hearing her voice even if the radio had a hard time picking it up.

"She's alive!" Blue Leader cheered and smiled. "We better hurry."

"Outsider, what's your position?"


"What she say?" A Seal asked.

"My guess, 'Not sure'."

The Predators scanned the building and found her hanging there just across of them, while inside the building Outsider was trying hard not to slip off the pipe, a fire was raging under her and the smoke was getting to her making her cough and she knew she will eventually pass out if she didn't get out. Before she could even move the wall close to her explodes exposing the outside, she just glanced out wondering who was there but she couldn't see. She reached out to the opening trying hard to reach who or whatever was out there to feel a firm hand around hers and a sudden jerk made her shout as she was pulled out and onto the neighbor building. She rolled on the roofing and once stopped she grabbed her leg and growled wondering who pulled her out so roughly.

"She's on the roof!" Someone shouted below.

Ignoring their voices Outsider focused on whom or what was around her, she could feel their gazes and when she tried to stand something grabbed her broken leg making her shout again and when it held her upside down she swung her fists trying to hit whatever was holding her and soon a figure came into view. A Predator.

He clicked before tossing her to another Predator that caught her and held her upright, arms locked between his thick muscled arms while the other Predator cracked his neck before cracking his knuckles. Outsider didn't like the looks of it and struggled to get free only to held more firm in place.

"Outsider!" Blue Leader shouted reaching the roof only to halt as the Predators looked at him.

"Get down!" Outsider shouted as a plasma cannon fired missing him as he ducked.

"Fuck!" He shouted pulling out a gun firing a few rounds while taking cover.

One of the bullets hit the Predator holding Outsider making him loosen his grip which was faulty, Outsider took the opportunity to elbow his side and pull his one leg out from under him forcing him to fall onto his back. Once so she dashed for it jumping off the building land hard onto the ground below hurting her leg more than ever. She cried out in pain as the bone broke through the skin and the blood ran onto the ground burning it.

"Run..." She growled at herself forcing herself to move but the pain was too strong to even move ten feet leaving her to stumble and hold her leg. A few Seal members hurried to her side they lifted her off the ground and ran with her while the one Predator on the roof watched on before cloaking leaving Blue Leader to deal with the one he shot.

He looked over his cover to see the Predators were gone and when he turned around two spikes impaled around his neck making him stay in place and he fired in front of him hitting nothing.

"Sir!" A Seal called from the doorway tossing a flash bang leaving the Predator roaring from the sudden explosion, he pulled out his gauntlets trying hard to hit Blue Leader only to miss as he fled.

Back with Outsider, she was trying hard not to scream when they bumped her leg into a bucket as they hurried to the exit, the Seals kept saying sorry but she didn't care. The Bad Bloods were here and she didn't want to stay if they were here and being injured like this left her vulnerable.

As they ran, a shuriken was thrown cutting the Seal, to Outsider's left, left leg off causing them to stumble to the ground as the Seal yells at them to run as the Predator approached extending his gauntlets.

"Get her out of here!" He shouted in pain as he began to fire his rifle. The other Seal quickly helped Outsider up and they ran as fast as they could into a building to hear the other screams in pain and soon fell silent.

"Damn it!" The Seal with Outsider said. "Why are they attacking us?!"

"They're Bad Blood.... they're trying to kill me." Outsider said as they reached a supply room. "Please, I need to rest." She whined wanting to sit down, doing so she grinded her teeth together as the Seal got to work on her leg.

"This is pretty bad, if you don't get it set soon you might bleed to death." He said being careful not to touch her acidic blood.

Outsider applied pressure and knew that nothing could be used to stop the blood flow, they had nothing available to stop the acidic components. She growled and bit her lower lip as she tried to force the bone back into her leg only to shed tears from the pain. In all her life, she never broke a bone and now that she had a broken bone she knew what it felt like. Hell.

"How far are we from the exit?" She asked licking the blood from her hands.

"A few hundred feet." The Seal said checking to see if the coast was clear. "We can make it if we try to run." He said seeing the red light. "If we could find a hover board out here, you will be able to get there faster."

"There won't be one out here." She told standing while wiping her eyes free of tears. "I know they're at the base." She said looking out. "Ready?"

The Seal nods and took her onto his back, when they both counted to three, the Seal took off as fast as he could with Outsider on his back. She hanged onto him, fighting back the pain of her broken leg while looking back to see if anyone was coming and when she saw none she sighed and looked ahead.

"We're almost there." The Seal said hurrying as fast as he could ignoring the sounds about him but soon halts when a quad battle armor appeared. "Oh shit!" He shouted as it growled at him forcing him to back up.

"Don't move." Outsider said as they watch the quad unit circle them while swaying its metal tail, waiting for the right moment to strike. Outside pulled out one of her swords and readies it as it snarled. "Get ready to move." She warned while grabbing the Seal's flame grenade, the quad extends its claws and lowered itself. "Duck!"

The Seal dropped to the ground at the quad leapt cutting off some out Outsider's hair before it landed on the ground. The flame grenade went off once it landed under the quad setting it ablaze making it howl out. The Seal quickly took the opportunity to run for the door, the door open and closed once they were inside, they could hear the quad outside snarling at its failure.


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