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Chapter Eighteen - Milk

For the next couple weeks, L refused to leave Light's side. Though the other detectives grew restless, wondering what was to happen once Light was released from the hospital, L kept the details of his decision to himself until it was time. The atmosphere would grow tense at the mention; however the eloquent detective shrugged it off and would either sip his tea or indulge himself in his sweets, refusing to answer further questions on the matter.

The detectives crowded around the hospital room; Light was being released the next day and though they wanted to know what L had planned, the male refused to shed any light on what his plans were. It had been quiet most of the day as no one really knew what to say.

"He shouldn't get away with murder," Mogi finally spoke up, looking over at Ryuzaki.

"Mogi…" Soichiro began, almost surprised at the other's outburst.

"I'm sorry Chief," he said apologetically as he stood from his seat, refusing to look over at Light. "He's Kira. We have spent months trying to hunt him down; all of our time and energy went into this case and he wound up being Kira after all."

The room fell silent for a moment; everyone refusing to make eye contact with anyone else. L sat and stirred his tea calmly, looking to see Light's pale face before he looked up at Mogi. Setting the small spoon down, he took a sip of the hot liquid.

"Mogi, though your point is valid…" he began before taking another sip. "And if this were any other situation then I would agree with you, however…" another sip of tea before he reached over grabbing 3 sugar cubes, letting them drop one by one into the cup. "If your wife had been Kira, would you feel the same way about it?" he inquired, looking back up at the male across the room.

"No…I…" Mogi stuttered, almost flustered.

"Though Light may be just a teenager to you," L continued after taking another sip of tea. "He is Chief Soichiro's son, possibly a role model to his younger sister, and an aspiring college student with flawless grades," he added keeping his gaze on Mogi. "Please understand that making this decision is hard for all of us."

It was silent again; Mogi finally turned his gaze away from the detective and folded his arms across his chest sulkily.

"Hasn't Light been put through enough though?" Matsuda finally spoke up. He lifted his head up, however he avoided everyone gaze as his obsidian eyes looked over at the teen lying in the hospital bed without of sympathy.

Though the majority of his injuries had healed; there were still noticeable scars and cuts that wouldn't go away. Though Light would not admit it to anyone; he would have reoccurring nightmares about the kidnapping plaguing his mind whenever he would close his eyes to sleep. Unaware if L slept when he did, he was curious if any of the detectives had noticed.

"I have made my decision," L said as he picked up a couple more sugar cubes before letting them drop into the cup of tea. "Tomorrow Soichiro will speak to the press and we will move on from there," he said finalizing the discussion as he took another couple of sips from his tea.

- -- - -- - -- -

The next morning was tense for everyone. Matsuda and Aizawa were helping Light get up onto his feet after being bedridden for almost a month. He was thinner than he had been, however the color had returned to his complexion and his hair had been cut and kept trimmed ever since he had been admitted to the hospital. He was given a pair of crutches, as he would not be able to walk regularly without them for a couple more weeks while the rest of his more serious injuries healed. One of the nurses provided him with a wheelchair while giving one of the detectives crutches for him to use when he got out of the hospital.

"We will be taking you out the back way Light," Matsuda said gently holding onto Light's right arm to keep the teen balanced while they walked him towards the wheelchair. "There are still some reporters lingering around the front and Ryuzaki doesn't want them to bombard you with questions."

Light nodded silently as he lowered himself into the wheelchair, exhibiting mental discomfort in having to be in one before he looked up at the detectives. Once the teen was ready, they wheeled him down the hall leading towards the elevators. They reached the back entrance of the hospital in peace and pushed open the double doors. Light looked up at the awaiting limo parked on the curb of the street. Watari was waiting with a small smile on his face as he opened the back door of the limo.

The detectives helped the teen to his feet once more while the nurse that had followed carefully pushed away the wheelchair. Keeping the teen balanced, they gave him the crutches. However once Light and the two detectives made it away from the entrance, stepped out of the hospital's back doors, several reporters quickly enclosed the group of men, microphones shooting up in their faces as they shouted out multiple questions.

"Are you Kira?" one of the reporters asked to Light.
"Don't answer to anything," Aizawa said into the teen's ear as he tried to push the crowd back so Light could maneuver down the stairs easier.
"Is it true that you were kidnapped under the suspicion of being Kira?" another asked.
"How did you kill them?"
"Are you Kira?"
"What happened while you were being held captive?"
"How did you get your injuries?"
"Are you Kira?

Light was overwhelmed by all of the questions and tried to back away from all of the sudden attention. He grew uncomfortable hearing them repeatedly ask if he was Kira; keeping his head down while Matsuda and Aizawa did their best to help him to the waiting limo, he refused to speak to anyone.

"Back off and leave him alone," Matsuda shouted as he pushed one of the reporters away. "Here Light," the detective said as he helped get the teen into the back of the limo. Once the door closed the sounds of the anxious reporters' questions were drowned out and Light leaned back against the seat thankful to get away from them.

"It will be awhile before things quiet down about this whole situation," L said from the other side of the limo. "

Light looked up surprised, just now noticing the detective sitting in the seat holding up a dessert as he looked over at him.

"Are you willing to tell me what is going to happen to me now?" Light asked shifting his body carefully into a better position as the limo began to drive down the street. He silently wondered where they were going, though he didn't want to ask.
"You'll see Light," the detective said simply; a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he licked the frosting from the sweet he was currently holding.

- -- - -- - -- -

While the other detectives helped prepare Light to leave the hospital, L walked over to Soichiro and handed him several pieces of paper stapled together. The Chief took them silently before looking down, skimming them quickly.

"Ryuzaki, this is…?" he asked, trailing off, his eyes growing wide as he looked up at the detective in front of him.
"The speech you will give at the press conference," L finished before shoving his hands into his pant pockets. "Please stick to reading the papers I have given you and kindly deny answering any questions when you have finished. I will be making arrangements for my limo to pick up Light in the back entrance before the press conference begins and once you are done, you and the other detectives will join us," he concluded as he looked up at the Chief.

With a final nod, L turned on his heels and proceeded down the hall.

"Ryuzaki," Soichiro called out before the detective was out of earshot. The detective only stopped walking, turning his head slightly to glance back at the Chief. "Thank you," he said clutching onto the papers.

L nodded silently before continuing down the hall towards the exit where Watari was waiting for him. Tucking the papers into his suit pocket, the Chief parted with the others quickly and made his way down to the opposite side of the hospital where Mogi and the others were waiting for him to make his speech.

- -- - -- - -- -

Camera flashes were everywhere. The large conference room was packed, with people lined up around the walls in the back; reporters and journalists all waiting with their cameras and voice recorders. Soichiro stood at the front behind a large wooden podium, lights shining on him from almost every angle. Pulling the papers from his pocket, he spread them out onto the surface of the podium in front of him before clearing his throat; silencing everyone in the room.

"Almost 4 months ago, my son Light Yagami, was kidnapped by Takuya Shims," he began reading and almost instantly more cameras flashed and reporters shifted in their seats. "Keeping him as a ransom, they requested the capture of Kira and in exchange, Light's own life and safety. Mr. Shim's intentions with Kira were unknown, however our prime objective at the time was to locate Kira in order to bring my son back safely and as unharmed as possible. Though as time pressed on, Kira seemed to have disappeared and we were left at a dead end. Our focus then became to locate Light as soon as possible. Many…have heard rumors that Light Yagami is in fact Kira…" he trailed off, looking up at the crowded room. "Those rumors are false," he said firmly ignoring the hushed voices and the eager questions circulating around the room. He held his hands up, silencing them before he continued. "Under the duress of the situation Light was in while under captivity, he claimed to be Kira in an attempt to save himself. Mr. Shims believed this and took action. By then, however we had already located where Light was being kept and began to move. Arriving at the scene, we apprehended Mr. Shims and those working for him before bringing my son to the hospital for immediate medical condition," he spoke, pausing once more to clear his throat again. "We have yet to track down Kira and there have been no suspicious deaths for us to act upon recently. Our investigation team will hereby stop the main search for Kira – until of course we find more clues regarding his current whereabouts – and focus on more current cases until further notice. Thank you for coming out, unfortunately I will not be answering questions at this time," he said before gathering the papers up once more and shoving them into his suit jacket pocket.

Reporters stood from their seats eagerly; lights flashing constantly around the detective as he stepped away from the podium. Turning, he walked off the stage and headed towards Aizawa who was waiting for him by the exit.

"Chief Yagami…" he heard several reporters call after him followed by several questions that were soon drowned out when he stepped out of the room and closed the doors behind him. Looking up towards the exit, he saw the limo parked outside along the curb waiting for him and the other detectives.

"Let's go home," he said before pushing through the double doors, stepping outside.

- -- - -- - -- -

. Epilogue .

It took several weeks, but soon the reporters stopped pestering the detectives about what had happened when Light was kidnapped. It no longer appeared on the news and soon everyone stopped talking about it. Just like any other major story, people put it behind them and moved on with their lives. Light fully recovered and returned back to University to complete his four years. He worked with L, side by side on several cases when not occupied with classes.

The Death Note was gone; thrust back into the Shinigami world. As one of the conditions, the teen was told to give up the notebook and lose all memories of it, Ryuk and ever being Kira. With the Death Note gone from the world, the other detectives, as well as L, forgot that the little notebook ever existed. To them, Kira had disappeared, though they would keep part of the investigation going, in case the God of the New World returned to them.

The two detectives sat in front of the large computer screen; a routine. L had a cart of sweets and tea beside him while Light had textbooks and notes scattered around where he sat. The elder detective picked up a small plate with a slice of cake on it. Grabbing a fork with his two fingers he took a bite of the sweet before looking over at the teen beside him.

"2%," the detective said, keeping his obsidian eyes on the teen beside him.