The super excellent song Proof is by this super excellent band called Coldplay.

So I waited for you
What wouldn't I do
And I'm covered it's true
I'm covered in you

"What made you call me?"

Her voice broke the early morning quiet of his bedroom, shaking him from his half-slumber. Blue light peaked through the blinds laying strips across the naked limbs that were entangled and glowing with sweat from having just made love.

Twenty hours ago they had stolen quietly out of Tree Hill and within 12 hours amidst the flashing lights of Las Vegas, in a pink chapel that looked like a cupcake he had made her Mrs. Peyton Scott. Just like that.

And just as quietly they had returned home as man and wife. There were no rings on either of their fingers and no honeymoon in sight. Instead they returned to Lucas's-now Lucas and Peyton's home and locked themselves away. They hadn't even checked the messages that they knew were in their voice mailboxes. Neither knew what elopement etiquette demanded, but they both seemed to be in silent agreement that they wanted to stay in this moment awhile longer; this moment where nothing existed but the two of them.

Now in the harsh morning light of their hometown, Peyton knew they were mere hours away from rejoining reality. Her mind was already more than halfway there. Although, being here in his arms and calling herself his wife seemed real and right, it seemed as though they had skipped a step that left her floundering and confused now. He had reassured her of his devotion to her in Las Vegas after she'd awoken thinking he had left her again. But after so much hurt, her heart had literally come back up for air after taking a plunge-the plunge with Lucas once again, yanked on her mind and asked- "Again? Is this wise?".

Her head, that lay resting upon his chest didn't move as she uttered the question. She so desperately wanted to let the past go. They were married now, but that was hard to do when only days before he had told her that he hated her, wished her gone from his life, and offered her a weak apology only hours before.

Why, after all that had passed between them with Lindsey, why did he make the call? Her answer had been a given she would now and forever be in love with Lucas Scott. It made her a fool, she knew. But she had stopped hiding herself a long time ago. Lucas, on the other hand-hiding was all he knew.

Light and dark. Bright spark

"You…scared me." His voice was a low hum to her ears. Soothing and melodic as she listened to his voice and heartbeat.

"What?" Soft, so as not the break the spell.

"I had never desired anyone's love in my life other than Dan's when I was a kid and after I realized he wasn't going to give it to me….I stopped, I guess. But then I saw you and I thought-don't laugh-My God, she's like the sun."

Peyton found herself snickered. "Dork."

"I know. But that's what you did to me. I would make the biggest fool out of myself for you. You had me Peyton. You had me on a leash and I think a part of you knew. That night at Dan's party when you walked away, after I'd offered you my heart, it hurt me more than I think even I was willing to admit. Then that night in LA…I've known hurt Peyton, Brooke has hurt me before, so has Lindsey, but with you…It's soul-shattering. Because that's what you have. My whole soul, Peyton. You have everything."

He stroked her bare back, feeling her warm tears hit his chest. "You don't think I feel that hurt, Luke?"

"No, I know you do," he insisted replied, raising her face to his. "I know you do, sweetheart. I just…I didn't realize how much you felt it. How much I hurt you."

"Lucas I was scared. I'm just as scared of you as you are of me. Your love is frightening Lucas. It's overwhelming and accepting that love meant I could lose it."

"Like your mom and Jake…"

"People always leave, Lucas," Peyton whispered back, staring him dead in the eye. Lucas winced. The words were like thorns wrapped around his heart. He had wanted to be the one to save her, to show her that the world didn't always hurt, that not everyone left. Instead he'd hurt her and ultimately himself, in the worst possible way.

Silence reigned for a long moment that stretched and yawned. Birds began to twitter and sing outside the bedroom window. Peyton turned her face away from his.

He hadn't proposed to her the way he'd wanted to, both times. The first time had been an obvious disaster. This second time had been like asking her to go get a drink. That's not what he'd wanted. That's not what she deserved. He turned his head to look at her profile.

"You're nose is bent funny," he said, before his mind could filter. Wide, indignant green eyes turned to stare at him.

"Look who's talking," she snapped back, although a smile was tugging at the corner of her lips. Her perfect lips.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly and with such heart that she knew he was not speaking about her long nose. She nodded, because she knew he was truly sorry for all of it.

He smiled at her and she shook her head. I'm a fool, she thought, as he tugged her back beside him. Her eyes darted up to his face as he began speaking again.

"The first time we interacted, you nearly ran me over with your car," his said, his voice carrying a hint of humor.

"You…were bitchy and combative and you made it hard to like you. But even when I wanted to quit my first love, basketball, I couldn't quit you. I couldn't quit you, Peyton. I can't quit you and I don't want to."

He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and cupped her cheek tenderly.

"That's why I called you. That and I'm a wuss. I should have….in person."

Light and dark
And then light

Peyton shook her head, "We've never done anything by the book, Luke. You called me for the same reason I said yes."

A slow smile spread across Lucas's face and she matched it. Their relationship was complicated and maybe it would always be. But for all of their drama it was all very simple really. There once was a boy who loved a girl….

"I'm going to love you forever," he whispered before leaning in the rest of the way to capture her mouth with his own.

Oh and if I ever want proof
Then I find it in you
Oh, yeah I honestly do
In you I find proof

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