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In my life, humans have always been something I'd rather not meet, even if I knew the likeliness of that was slim. I just don't like them. They think they can control us, force us to fight one another for their own amusement… Isn't there something wrong with that? In any case, I never wanted to be captured. Ever. As hard as life in the wild was, for a young Shinx that was considered different, the thought of allowing myself to be captured, just to get away from it, never once crossed my mind. So, how is it that I find myself fighting for a human in a suit of armor...


Chapter One

I stepped lightly through the thick undergrowth, trying not to make any more sound than necessary. My heart beat steadily in my chest, echoing in my ears as I walked, trying not to panic.

I had a head start, I reminded myself. And I knew how they thought, how they hunted. These trees and bushes were as familiar to me as they were to them. I had advantages. They did, too, but I had a chance to escape.

I had to escape. Going back wasn't an option anymore.

I nearly sighed with relief when I saw the gurgling creek amid the green of the woods that had been my home for so long. I all but jumped into it, ignoring the wetness on my blue paws. I had to disguise my scent. If I kept them from smelling me, from hearing me, I would be more likely to make it away from the forest. I didn't know what I would do once I made it beyond, but I had to get there first.

The water moved slowly enough that I could just make out my hazy reflection. Large gold eyes, round ears, a short snout, blue and black fur… I was the most average looking Shinx you'd be likely to see. On the inside, though, I was much different, varying in how I felt. I could never be like them.

Only the sound of a few moving leaves alerted me to movement. I jumped to one side, rolling and splashing in the water, thoroughly soaking myself. Another splash sounded from where I had been only moments before, and I struggled to my paws in the weak current. Before the other cat, a Luxio, I realized with dismay, could recover, I rammed it with my head. It lost its balance, and slipped into the water.

I crawled out of the cold creek, not even bothering to shake out my fur. I didn't have time. I had to—

Another shape stepped out in front of me. I took a quick step back, recognizing the large Luxray instantly. Her jet black mane was hardly ruffled by the chase through the woods. She seemed perfect, as she always did, composed and beautifully dangerous. My mother's appearance had always made me feel like some kind of dingy Meowth in comparison, and never more than now, when I was wet through and panting heavily.

"Just give up, Kitasha, dear." The voice was sickeningly sweet, with an undertone of a warning growl. "Is it really so bad that you have to run?" I could practically hear the unsaid comment, not that you can.

"Yes," I hissed angrily. "It is. Killing others for supremacy, eradicating all competitors to our 'wonderful' Luxray clan, it's disgusting! All the needless violence and bloodshed, said in the name of food, when we can just as easily eat the plentiful berries and roots around the forest like the other Pokemon. We're no better than humans here, mother. If anything, we're worse." I glared, focusing all my hatred towards the Pokemon before me. I couldn't stand being silent any longer. I wasn't a fighter, a hunter, like so many of the Startail clan. I wouldn't, couldn't, kill. I'd kept my mouth shut for so long, enduring the indecency as the other creatures of the woods were slaughtered to fuel my family's feelings of superiority. But not any longer. The events of the day were too fresh in my mind.

I had woken up that morning, same as before, and skirted the edge of our camp, away from the center where the rest of the clan had gathered. They were no doubt surrounding the morning's catch. I held back my revulsion and ignored them all. I had better places to be. I was meeting Arrow, after all.

Arrow was a Starly, and the only Pokemon I could truly call a friend. My clan ignored me and my pacifistic ways, and the other Pokemon feared me, because I was a Shinx, and so a part of the Startail clan. I couldn't really blame them, but I found myself lonely. Arrow gave me a chance, and I had since been eternally grateful. No one else had ever cared enough.

Usually, we met near an Oran bush a good distance away from camp. It was out of the immediate hunting area of the Startail clan, and I had thought that he would be safe from them. I was disastrously wrong.

A couple of younger Shinx, smaller than me, walked past, and I caught a snippet of their conversation.

"What'd they catch this morning?"

"Some idiot Starly next to an Oran bush. They caught it while it wasn't doing anything, like it was waiting for something." I felt my stomach drop, and my heart beat faster. No… It couldn't be. They didn't catch Arrow. They couldn't have.

For the first time in months, I found myself racing to the middle of the clearing, fearing what I would see. Through the throng of blue and black I saw scattered feathers, brown, black, and white. Then, a cat stepped out of the way, and I saw the victim for the day.

It was a Starly with a strange, arrow-shaped marking on its forehead, long dead and torn open. I choked back a sob. It was Arrow.

"Have you finally come to your senses, Kitasha? Decided to join us, as you should?" The smooth voice cut through me like a knife. I whirled, cold fury giving strength to my limbs, my tail lashing. I already knew who it was. Sirene Startail, my mother, and one of the best hunters in the clan. She was the only one to ever call me by my full name, even when everyone else simply referred to me as Tasha. Her satisfied smirk was all I needed to know for sure that she had planned this. She knew where I went, knew I was friends with Arrow, and targeted him specifically. She wanted to break me, to reel me back into her ideal world. I wasn't about to go.

I didn't say a word. I just left. I could practically feel the gazes of the others as I left, disappearing into the woods. I still heard my mother's words as she called to the others.

"Bring her back. I won't lose my only daughter to her foolish notions."

"I don't think you really believe that, Kitasha," the Luxray continued smoothly, her voice a purr. "Deep down, you see that our ways are right. Just give in, give yourself time to adjust, you'll fit in just fine."

"I don't want to fit in with what you think is right!" I yowled, nearly loosing control. I felt tears streaming down my face, and I couldn't hold them back. Images of Arrow's mangled body flashed through my mind's eye, mixed with the other victims of my family's cruelty. I couldn't stand it. I couldn't pretend everything was alright.

"If you don't want to conform," Sirene answered, her voice still as sweet as ever, "then we'll just take care of you here." My expression changed to shock. Would they really kill me, just because I was different? Could she really kill her daughter?

As the other hunters moved in around me, I realized that she had been expecting it to come to this. I glanced at them in turn, and none of their faces held pity. I finally looked back at my mother. There was no doubt or remorse in her eyes. She couldn't let her clan be tainted. She would kill me without a thought, the same as she had killed Arrow.

And then, I realized I would rather die than continue living as I was, trying to ignore my family's sins and actions. My gaze hardened.

"Fine then. Kill me." Satisfaction sparked in Sirene's eyes, and she lifted a paw, but far too slow. In that second after I spoke, the world seemed to grow closer. I felt like walls were surrounding me, walls of bright light and blue electricity. I squeaked in surprise, and suddenly the ground disappeared beneath me, along with my mother and the other hunters of the Startail clan. All I saw everywhere was white.

I felt myself tumbling through the air in this unfamiliar world, and everything that I had once known was sucked away. All that remained was me and the endless sea of nothing.

My paws touched something hard, though firm and impossibly smooth. It was nothing like the forest floor I had just left. I tested this hard surface hesitantly, though I couldn't distinguish it from the light that surrounded me. Finally, I decided it would hold me, and I stepped forward.

I was no longer in the forest, that much was certain, but then, where was I? Was I dead? Had my mother actually killed me, and this strange place was death? But I didn't remember dying. I had felt no pain, only the strange sensation of the air condensing around me. I knew one thing, though. Where ever I was, it had to be better than home. At least I had escaped.

I began walking without aim. I kept myself focused on stepping, and on looking for anything I could distinguish from the white all around me. A loud boom sounded in my ears, and I suddenly found myself looking up at a large, dark structure.

It was obviously human made, and a door, from what I could tell, but it was impossibly large. Even a Tyranitar, or something similarly huge, would have had difficulty pulling it open.

From what I could tell, it wasn't made of wood, but it didn't look like stone or what little metal I had seen, either. What really caught my eyes was the intricacy of the designs on the door. It almost looked like a tree, with circular spots where it looked like human words were written, human words that I never would have understood. Still, the design was strange, and it took me several seconds to realize why. It was, in fact, a tree, but it was upside down, with the roots reaching towards the sky and palm-like leaves down below.

As suddenly as the doors had appeared, they opened. The wind they created blew the fur on my head and chest flat, and I squinted to see. Inside the massive doors was only blackness, contrasting greatly with the empty light that surrounded me. But it roiled and moved, like living shadows. Laughter echoed in my ears mockingly, and eyes opened from within the darkness. Fear gripped me, closing cold hands around my chest, and the laughter grew louder. Tendrils of darkness, their ends shaped like claws, shot out and wrapped themselves around my body. I cried out and struggled in their grip, but I knew it was hopeless, even before they pulled me in. Completely engulfed, I lost consciousness.

The final preparations were complete. Grinning madly, the dark-haired man inspected his handiwork with small, gray eyes.

The circle was perfect, a true work of art. Never had so beautiful a creation been completed before. The markings flowed smoothly on the stone floor, unmarred and faultless. Quivering at its center was a cat, fur dark and gold eyes wide. It was tied, and couldn't escape, no matter what it did. Yes, everything was ready. He could begin the transmutation.

Evan Isorfold had long been told that his assumptions were ridiculous. A world, beyond something called a 'Gate'? A world with animals that could have unimaginable powers, no less? It could never happen. But he'd always hoped. Ever since he'd found that old book, describing a realm of magical creatures, he'd always thought that there must be a way to bring those creatures here, to Amestris. And whoever could would have the ability to take the world, and mold it to their own ends.

He'd already proved it existed; his two new pets were proof enough of that. But they weren't enough. As powerful as they were, he'd need an army of them, enough to protect and fight for him so that he could take control of Central, and, later, all of Amestris.

It was now or never. His heart beating faster with anticipation of the transmutation, he placed his hands on the edge of the circle. He felt the energy channeling through it, saw the beginning of the blue sparks that began the alchemic transportation.

And then the door slammed open. He couldn't stop now, couldn't even look to see who had barged in on him. A transmutation, especially one of this magnitude, could not be stopped part way.

The blond-haired alchemist grinned broadly, if a little dementedly. This was his favorite part of a mission. There was nothing better than getting to beat the crap out of someone who really deserved it. Edward Elric quickly walked up the stairs of the apartment complex, his red coat trailing behind him. This was just too easy.

Colonel Roy Mustang, his commanding officer, had given him the mission about a week before. He had gotten information on an alchemist that was suspected of constructing chimeras, illegal unless you had a State license, mostly because of the havoc that could be wrought with them. It had barely taken any work to track him down. Everyone Ed had talked to seemed to think the guy was off his rocker, and he was pretty sure he agreed.

The alchemist, a man named Evan Isorfold, had rented out the basement of the apartment building, and had been living there, in a little town not far from Central, for about a month. Since then, he'd brought in several stray animals, like dogs and cats or the occasional pigeon, though no one saw or heard them again. The owner of the building had wholeheartedly agreed to let Ed go 'talk' with him after he flashed his silver watch. Even if State Alchemists weren't exactly well received, few people wanted to get between them and a mission.

Usually, on missions like this, there would be a whole group of soldiers here, ready to apprehend the alchemist, but usually, the place they were surrounding wasn't an apartment building. There were too many ways that he could find out they were looking for him and flee before they even got there. And so, Ed was going in alone, with Al close by outside, and a group of soldiers led by Second Lieutenant Havoc ready in case something went awry.

What Ed hadn't expected was that a transmutation would already be in progress when he got there. He recognized the light under the door all too well, and started cursing when he saw it. Not bothering to even see if it was unlocked, he gave the door a swift quick with his metal automail leg, sending it open immediately with a loud crack as the lock broke. Bolts of blue electricity danced around the dark-haired man within the room, but the brightest light lay in the center of a chalk circle on the floor. Unable to get a good look at the markings, Ed couldn't even begin to guess what the circle was for, but what ever it was, he doubted it was good.

After an extremely long second, the alchemical light began to die down, and then sputtered out completely. There, lying in the center of the circle, was a creature unlike anything Ed had ever seen. It was vaguely cat-like, with blue and black fur. Its ears were large and round, and its four legs were sprawled forward, like it was asleep. On the tip of its black tail was a bright yellow four pronged star.

The man turned, anger flashing in his eyes.

"I told you brats to stay out of here!" He howled, climbing swiftly to his feet, but faltering slightly from the amount of energy he put into the transmutation. Catching himself, his glare returned. "How dare you invade my rooms!" Ed was jolted out of his shock at seeing the strange creature on the ground, and whirled on the man, his gold eyes blazing.

"Me?! You're the one playing with lives, you bastard!" Without even bothering to introduce himself, he clapped his hands and slapped them to the floor. Blue lightning played across the surface he touched, and stone spikes reared up, making a bee-line for the man. He paled, realizing what was happening and who he was dealing with, and jumped away. He fell practically on top of the cat thing he had created, gathering the creature up in his arms. Ed clapped again, but he was too slow. The man was already moving towards another door. Ed growled, following closely after. The room Isorfold had disappeared into was a small one, possibly a meant to be a storage room, though there was only one thing in it now; a hole, which no doubt led to an escape route to the surface. Isorfold was already in it, sketching on the side with a piece of chalk.

Ed made to leap forward, and then held back as the man finished the sketch and slapped a hand onto it. He turned and grinned mockingly as the hole closed itself, crackling with blue lightning. Like heck he was going to let him get away. Ed bolted out of the room to try and head him off, working out where the hole most likely came out at in his mind.

Alphonse Elric stood behind the building, leaning up against the brick wall. He watched the darkening sky, trying to push down his boredom. He almost wished he had gone in with hisbrother, but as big as he was, he would only get in the way.

Al was, literally, a suit of armor. Ever since he and his brother had attempted human transmutation and Al lost his body to the Gate, his soul had been bound to the armor. As he was, there was only so much he could do, and eating and sleeping wasn't among those.

As he waited, he heard hurried footsteps coming from an alley nearby. The next thing he knew, a man came running out of it, as if something was chasing him. Al stood stunned for a second, and then finally reacted.

"Do you need help?" He called, stepping away from the wall. The man faltered, and then accidentally dropped what he had been carrying. Al recognized it as some kind of cat immediately, but there seemed to be something wrong with it. It wasn't conscious and, as far as he could see, it was blue and black. Al walked forward as the man turned as though to pick it back up.

Both stopped as the wall behind Al exploded.

"There you are!" He heard a familiar voice shout angrily. The armor stepped to the side as Ed came barreling from behind him, running all out after the man. The man apparently thought better of picking up the feline, and ran off, with Ed close behind. Al glanced back at the damage done to the wall to see a gaping hole, with several civilians staring out in varying degrees of fear, amazement, and anger. Sighing internally, he bowed deeply.

"I'm very sorry about the mess," he said as he did. "My brother is sometimes a little hasty. I'm sure he will fix the wall when he gets back." Many of the people nodded, glad that the wall would soon be fixed, but a few continued glaring. Al did his best to ignore them and quickly went to the aid of the strange feline.

Though it was the size of a large cat, this black and blue one reminded Al more of a kitten than an adult. There seemed to be only one good explanation. More likely than not, this cat was some kind of chimera that the man had created.

And he won't even look out for his creation, Al thought with disgust, recalling how the man had simply run. He gently scooped up the poor creature in his arms, cradling it as best he could. He couldn't help but remember Nina as he looked at it, even though there was no real resemblance. The poor girl had been transformed into a chimera as well, and killed soon after. He hoped that, in spite of what happened, maybe this chimera's life could be a little better. Maybe…

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