The first time Kabuto kissed Sasuke, the young ninja had not been expecting it. It was three months, a week, and five days into his training and the first time that he had been sent to the medic nin because he was ill. Orochimaru had the tone of voice when he said it, the tone which Sasuke never argued with. Which was the only reason he ended up in Kabuto's lab when he would much rather have been trying to sleep the bug off.

Kabuto did not look at him when he came in. Sasuke merely waited as the door shut behind him, doing his best not to cough. To walk through the halls, lit with so many lights and yet never seeming to be bright enough, Kabuto's lab was blinding. More light then anyone else had in the Sound Village, something Sasuke had finally become certain of. Cleaned to the point that he wondered whether the white haired man would be taking a mop out after he left so as to remove any imprint of his shoe. Sasuke made sure to let his foot skid over the ground, just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, Kabuto was faced away so Sasuke could not try to catch the tell tale sign of when he was bothered.

A simple twitch in the left eye, like a flicker of flame. It did not always happen.

"What have you done to yourself today, Sasuke?" Kabuto asked simply. Sasuke knew that he knew, which was why he must have asked. There was little in the Sound that Kabuto did not know. Whether Orochimaru encouraged it, or whether the Sannin just found it amusing did not matter really. Orochimaru's pet was allowed certain things that not even Sasuke was. He would not have cared, but for the fact the other was still stronger then him. At the moment.

Sasuke did not answer him, though he did finally cough. Walking over, he sat on the counter across from whatever experiment that Kabuto was conducting. He did not allow his eyes to trail over. Curiosity was one of the last things that Sasuke wanted Kabuto to find him with in here. Plus, when he had walked in, he was certain he had seen a hand from over Kabuto's shoulder. Maybe attached to an arm, but if there had been a body Sasuke would have been able to see it.

"Orochimaru sent me," Sasuke grumbled, stating the obvious. Hearing the snap of the latex gloves coming off, meaning it was his turn, Sasuke tried to bore holes in the back of Kabuto's head while he had the chance. To get it out of his system. No matter, Kabuto probably knew that he still unnerved Sasuke after all this time. Trying to hide it would just amuse him. Despite knowing that, Sasuke made sure his face only held a bored expression when Kabuto turned around. One did not have to have been a spy to be able to hide their emotions. That was merely what being a ninja was about.

"My, Sasuke, you do not look well at all." Sasuke failed almost instantly, because the irritation that welled up was not the sort he was used to hiding. He glared at the older man. The smile on Kabuto's face made things so much worse. At least when Orochimaru said words like that, Sasuke could be certain he was somewhat concerned. Orochimaru was protective over him, despite the amount of bones broken and scars created from his tutelage.

"That's the point," he muttered, letting Kabuto come close enough for the check up. It was not the first time and Sasuke had come to just accept the routine. As opposed to his first checkup, when it did not. Chidori versus chakara scalpel. He was certain that the big ball of blue electricity would defeat the tiny, minuscule, scalpel. He was wrong.

Kabuto knew what he was doing. Sasuke had to try and not question whether what he was doing was actually good for him.

"Orochimaru-sama must be having a fit."

"Why?" The question left his mouth before he could stop it, escaping with another cough. Sasuke felt his jaw being yanked down as Kabuto peered down his mouth, the bright lighting all he needed.

"Because you won't be training for a little while," Kabuto answered, letting go and pulling out a drawer next to Sasuke's leg. The amusement in Kabuto's voice was plain, he was not trying to hide it at all. A break from becoming strong was the last thing Sasuke needed and the other knew it.

"You say it like he already knows," Sasuke pointed out, wondering for not the first or the last time how Kabuto knew what he was pouring when none of his bottles were labeled.

"Of course he knows," Kabuto stared back up at him, none of the astonishment that he had put into his voice in his eyes. Sasuke was never sure which ones were lying, but he was pretty sure that Kabuto was being sarcastic. "I think you constantly forget who you've given custody of yourself to."

Kabuto must have meant Orochimaru. Sasuke found himself asking himself anyways.

"Drink," Kabuto ordered, handing over a cup. Sasuke eyed it, the small container only being touched by Kabuto's pointer finger and thumb. He did not reach for it immediately. The boy had his reasons. First of all, he did not know what it was. Secondly, Kabuto was the one who taught him not to take things when he did not know what it was. Third, Sasuke hated medicine. Although he would be the last to admit it.

"It's only medicine," Kabuto smirked, an expression Sasuke always wanted to rip off his face except for the knowledge Kabuto would be able to sew it back on. "You don't think I'd poison you?" It was the silliest thing for the medic to suggest and both of them knew it. Even if Sasuke could never say that with a hundred percent certainty. Poison and medicine seemed to be pretty close to the same thing in Kabuto's book. Or Sasuke's book of Kabuto, filled with maybe one page of absolute facts and many more pages of 'what the hells'.

The truth was, if Sasuke was about to be kept from training a few days, he did not see why he could not just sleep it off. He coughed again. Kabuto rose an eyebrow.

"Don't make this difficult," Kabuto said sweetly, something Sasuke always knew was a falsity. Kabuto and sweet just did not mix, though he could pull it off nicely. It was not his words that Sasuke was paying attention to though. It was the cup which was now out of his reach, whether Sasuke wanted it or not.

For the cup went up to the other's lips slowly, the wry smile triumphant in some way, but only an instant. As a flame first being lit.

The first time that Kabuto kissed Sasuke, the young ninja had not been expecting it. He should have, when thinking about it in retrospect. The look in the doctor's eyes when it crossed his mind was as if Christmas had come early. AKA, it was as if Kabuto knew Sasuke's reaction before Sasuke did and it pleased him to no end that even though Sasuke pushed Kabuto away, he first swallowed the medicine that Kabuto's tongue had pushed into his mouth.

"Plenty of bed rest as well," Kabuto said before Sasuke could say a word, leaving him to glare at Kabuto between coughs. Kabuto just smiled as if nothing strange had happened, ruffling Sasuke's hair. "Now run along."

"Bastard," Sasuke hissed as Kabuto turned around and went back to the other counter. Hearing the snap again of gloves, Sasuke decided that was it. Trying to find a way of bothering Kabuto would take too much of the energy he did not have. He scuffed his feet on the floor on the way to the door. A tap of metal on the counter was Sasuke's signal he had succeeded. He did not feel the small victory.

After Sasuke left, he was certain that he heard Kabuto finally move into the adjoining room to clean out his mouth. The most sought after ninja in Konoha, mouth to mouth with someone he had not wanted to be with, and Kabuto did not seem to care. Not that Sasuke blamed him, for at that moment Sasuke had the same idea. Although he might have spent a bit longer at the sink then was necessary.

Orochimaru covered a cough a few days later, during training. For some reason, it was not as satisfying as the cough that Sasuke heard from Kabuto shortly after.

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