Fay: Okay…I know…I should be working on my other stories but you should know that I love to start other projects when I really shouldn't

Fay: Okay…I know…I should be working on my other stories but you should know that I love to start other projects when I really shouldn't. Forgive me!

So…I got the idea for this when I read a story called A Strange Relationship by lightpathetic. (Please go read that story because it was awesome!) The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking, 'but I would have done this', and eventually I had this idea in my mind.

I don't like the idea of Kaname and Zero being in love with Yuuki. I prefer Yuuki being in love with them both and they turn her down because they are in love with each other. Sorry.

Enjoy. Because…I worked on this instead of Silver Lining and Control like I should have been doing. TGWP is coming along fine. I've got the chapter in editing as I type. But…it may be a few days before I actually get the chapter up due to…my father limiting my computer time. Sucks.

Disclaimer: I can't draw, so obviously I didn't create the manga…and I'm too poor to have my own TV show…

Warnings: In this chapter…one male vampire sucks from another male vampire's neck…I think that's it…


Chapter 1: Deal


Ex-humans are doomed to insanity. After the initial bite from the pureblood vampire, their bodies slowly attempt to take on the form of a vampire. Sadly, their human bodies cannot handle the transformation and they lose their sane mind, leaving the bloodthirsty part of their minds to control them.

But there does exist a cure. A cure so rare that most have never even heard rumors of it.

All of the remaining purebloods are gifted with the sacred gift of curing an ex-human. All it takes is one drop of the richest blood in the world to the tongue of an ex-human and they will instantly be saved from the haunting insanity that waits to overtake them one day.

But there is a reason the cure is so rare. Just like most medicines and cures, there are side effects.

1: The Level Change

When the ex-human takes the pureblood's blood, their blood changes. If the pureblood does not drink from the ex-human, then the ex-human will simply be moved up to common vampire status. But, if the pureblood drinks from the ex-human, they have completed the blood tie, meaning they have shared blood and are now connected in many ways. Completing the blood tie, the ex-human will be of pureblood status.

2: The Taste

Even if the pureblood does not take from the ex-human, both will have a craving for the others blood. Other blood tastes bland and horrid to both after the blood tie has begun. Eventually they give in to their cravings, no matter how hard they try to fight them off.

3: The knowledge

If the ex-human is the only one to take blood, the pureblood will be the only one affected. The pureblood will be able to see into the others mind, being able to read the others thoughts; see pictures displayed in the ex-humans mind. Along with that, they will be able to read the others thoughts; feeling them in some cases. Also, they will always know where the other is at, at all times of the day no matter if the other doesn't want to be found. (Once the blood tie is complete, this side effect affects both the pureblood and the ex-human.)

4: The devotion

Once the blood tie is complete, a strange form of devotion will form between the two, to the point where they cant even have proper relationships because of the blood tie. They aren't allowed to take blood from anyone else because the blood tie stops them.

5: The desire

A usually overlooked effect of the blood tie is the desire for the other. An overwhelming sense of hunger washes over them, making them want more than just blood from the other at random times.


Kaname read until the last sentence of the paragraph labeled, "3: The Knowledge"He decided to stop because he already knew the consequences of the blood tie. From the time when he was five years old, he was told to protect his blood. If not, he could end up in an unwanted relationship with a strange vampire. To a pureblood, protecting his blood was of the utmost priority.

Standing up from his desk, he closed the book and stretched, diving under the covers for a few hours of sleep before class started. His heavy eyes were grateful for the rest. But he did have a reason for all his studying. Tonight would be the night. Before the night was over, he would find some way to do it.

He was going to save Zero Kiryu.

The pureblood had been watching Zero for the past few months. The younger boy had taken blood from Yuuki three times in two months. Not a healthy diet for any vampire. Zero told Yuuki the blood tablets were starting to work again, but in truth, they only worked once in a great while. For two whole weeks, the ex-human hadn't had any blood. It was speeding up the process of his fall into being a Level E.

"He's so stubborn," Kaname mumbled to himself as he pulled the covers up to his chin.

It annoyed Kaname to no end how Zero wouldn't take from Yuuki. At first, the pureblood thought that he didn't like Zero taking blood from Yuuki. It was annoying to have Zero suck from his precious girl. But when Zero suddenly stopped, making him suffer while he slowly starved, Kaname found that even more upsetting.

He was in love with the ex-human.

"I love him," He mumbled to himself with a yawn. He tried to force Zero from his mind but the only thing he could seem to think about was sinking his fangs into Zero's neck. He could see himself licking a slow, lazy trail from Zero's ear to his neck, allowing his fangs to brush against the pulse of Zero's neck. Then his hands would make their way south, gasping his-

No. He couldn't think about that. If he went any further with that fantasy, it would only make it that much harder to restrain himself when it came to Zero. When it came to Zero…Kaname couldn't control any part of his body. He was in love with the younger boy. And he was willing to risk eternal hatred from the one he loved most if he could save him from insanity.


Zero sighed loudly as the gates to the moon dormitory opened. It was another night of keeping the hoards of girls at bay and having to keep watch on the ones Zero hated most. Zero wasn't sure what was worse, the vampires, or the screaming mobs of girls who flocked towards the night class like moths to a flame. It made Zero hate his life as a vampire even more.

"Idol-sama!" one girl cried as she waved to him frantically. Another girl behind her scowled at her forwardness, obviously ticked by the fact that someone else was crushing on the same person she was, and pushed her onto the ground. She yelped as she connected with the ground face first.

"Are you okay?" Yuuki cried as she rushed over to the fallen girl. Lifting her head to nod she reached up towards her nose- the place she had injured when she fell. A cold shiver rocked through Yuuki's body as she saw a small trickle of blood drip from her nose. This wasn't good.

"Everyone get back!" Zero yelled at the crowd. He clutched his chest as a wave of pain shot through his body. With his other hand he covered his mouth. His gums were tingling-a sure sign his fangs were beginning to extend. "It's dangerous here! Get back to your dorms immediately." His stomach rolled, teasing him as his hunger for blood grew.

Not bothering to tell Yuuki where he was going, he turned on his heel and ran into the woods. He didn't want to put the humans in danger by remaining where the blood was.

"Zero!" Yuuki called after him. She started to run off after him.

"I'll go," Kaname said reassuringly as he placed a hand on her shoulder. She started to protest but Kaname placed a finger on her lips. "I promise not to hurt him." He knew this would be the only chance he would get to save Zero tonight. He needed to take it.

"But Zero needs-"

"I know," Kaname replied darkly. He didn't want her to be the one to feed him. "I've already instructed the night class to hurry along. Please make sure the day class doesn't force them to disobey orders. They can't be responsible for what they do if the humans provoke them." Kaname smiled and turned around, leaving Yuuki in a daze, and ran off after Zero.

Yuuki could only obey the man she loved.


Zero was sulking by the pond. He sat perched at the edge of the water, staring into his reflection with an angry glare, hating who and what he was. Thoughts of ripping the throats of the human girls open just to have a taste of their blood had filled his mind as soon as the smell of blood wafted over to him. It horrified him that he could see the picture clearly. The picture of a small girl screaming at first but then silencing as the pleasure of having her blood sucked took the place of her fear.

"You haven't fed like you should have," a voice from behind him said. Zero jumped to his feet, suddenly alert.

In one swift motion, Zero pulled out his bloody rose and pointed at the vampire's forehead. "Go away!" Zero growled lowly. "I'm not in the mood to see your face." Kaname always picked the worst times to appear out of nowhere. Zero was sure he did it on purpose.

"Please put that away," Kaname asked politely as he placed his hand on the gun. Continuing to step forward Kaname slowly lifted his free hand to Zero's chin.

"Don't touch me!" Zero demanded as he tried to free himself from Kaname's grasp. Kaname only tightened his grip on the boys chin.

"I can save you, you know," Kaname whispered. "I can save you from falling. All it would take is a little cooperation on your part."

Zero's eyes widened. "You mean, there's a cure for vampirism?" He said each word slowly, rolling them off his tongue as if he couldn't believe the words were coming out of his mouth. He knew there was no cure. What a stupid question to ask.

Kaname sighed. "No." He felt sorry for Zero. It must be horrible to have to live your life as something you hate. He shook the thought away. This was no time to get distracted. "But I can save you from your own insanity."

Zero yanked his chin free from Kaname's hand. "You're crazy if you think I'd live my life like this! I hate vampires! I'd rather die than live out my life as a blood sucking leech!" Zero took a step back away from Kaname.

Kaname advanced on him. "You don't understand do you? You are going to die. Your fall is going to hurt many people. Emotionally and possibly physically."

Zero stopped backing away. For a moment he thought he saw desperation flicker in Kaname's eyes. "I refuse!" Zero said sternly. It scared him how Kaname's eyes had suddenly hardened, making his face look beyond menacing. It was slightly seductive.

Kaname pounced. Trapping Zero between himself and a tree, he pressed their bodies close together so Zero's face was very close to his neck.

"W-what are you doing?" Zero stuttered. His eyes traced over the gentle pulse in Kaname's neck. He could smell the rich blood coursing through the pureblood's veins. It made his mouth water; his body throb at the thought of having his fangs sink into that soft skin; his fingers curl at thought of having Kaname's lips on his skin, his fingers touching places he normally wouldn't touch, his-

Zero forced himself to stop that kind of thinking.

"I can feel your body reacting to me," Kaname whispered as he drew a lazy trail down Zero's cheek with his finger. He wished it was because of the close proximity of their bodies, but he knew it was his blood was driving Zero crazy. "The blood that exists within me is the thing that will save you. Your body is reacting to the scent of my blood."

Zero brought his hands up between them in a weak attempt to push them apart but his body betrayed him and he clutched Kaname's shirt, bringing his lips to brush over the throbbing pulse in the purebloods neck.

Zero was near begging point. Kaname's blood wasn't the only thing attracting him.

"I'm sorry for having to use force," was the last thing Kaname whispered before he brought his finger to his neck. Slowly, Zero watched as Kaname sank his nail in his neck, ripping a long gash down one side. A slow languid trail of blood slipped down Kaname's neck and traveled down to his shoulder.

Kaname gasped when he felt Zero's tongue at his shoulder, lapping up the trail of blood until he reached the wound. The pureblood had to bite back a moan as he felt the first part of the blood tie wash over him. Leisurely, his hands slid up Zero's sides to grip his arms.

Unaware of how affected Kaname was by this, Zero allowed his fangs to pierce the skin so more blood could flow. The taste was so rich and so pure, he hated himself for allowing himself to be controlled by the hunger so easily.

"Guh," Kaname gasped when Zero's fangs entered into his sensitive neck. Purebloods had to be careful about their blood. The blood tie was the first reason. He could feel a pathway opening in his mind, allowing all of Zero's feelings and thoughts to pour into his mind. He could feel Zero was feeling and now, he was in pure ecstasy. Since the blood tie was very new to Kaname, he wasn't sure how to block out the thoughts and feelings from mixing with his own so it couldn't be helped that he was getting slightly aroused by this situation.

Finally, Zero stopped sucking the purebloods blood. He was full but he wasn't quite finished with Kaname just yet. He licked the wound clean, making sure not to let any of the precious blood go to waste. When he was satisfied, he lifted his head to nibble on Kaname's ear, using one hand to pull Kaname close, and the other to travel south on the elder boy.

"Z-Zero!" Kaname gasped when Zero playfully teased him by dipping his hand in under the waistband of his pants, dragging his finger along the pureblood's member in a very…erotic way. "Zero stop!" Kaname forced Zero away from him, no matter how much he really wanted Zero to continue doing the things he was doing. He had been warned about this too; when a vampire first tastes of the purebloods blood, it intoxicates them, making all coherent thought wash away for a while. It was as if they were drunk.

"Kaname," Zero whined. "I really…really…like you." Oh how the pureblood wished that was true.

Kaname sighed as Zero's eyes floated closed and he collapsed onto him. "Not what I had thought would happen," Kaname said with a roll of his eyes.

Pulling Zero into his arms, he picked up the younger boy bridal style and began walking towards the day class dorms.


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