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Night One

"Mystic is like a card game. It's all dependant on chance, whether you'll live to see the next day." –Komui Li.

The young boy groaned as he stood up. He brushed the hair from his eyes, stretching. He frowned, before leaving his room, but before that, he glanced at the mirror.

A black figure stood there, staring at him, boring into his eyes with his empty white ones. The young boy shuddered, and he left the confines of his room.

He walked past the many dorm rooms of his school, and he noted things here and there, as to not get lost, which he did, really often. He sighed, and he left the school.

"Hey, Allen!" A girl walked up to the boy.

"Yeah, Rhode?" Allen asked, raising an eyebrow.

"The Earl wants to talk to you!" The girl chirped, and the boy groaned.

"Why me? Why not you?" He frowned.

The girl laughed. "He's got another contestant for you, that's why!"

Allen slammed his head against the nearby tree. "Why me? I know I'm number 14 and all, but, why me? Why not freakin' Tyki for example?"

Rhode smiled. "Everyone knows that the 14th seat is the best one, after all, the numbers go from one to fourteen, one being the lowest, and fourteen being the highest. It's all dependant on 'class' and 'level', and 'skill'."

"Yeah, well, my 'skill' stinks, because I never get out alive!" Allen shot back.

It was Rhode's turn to frown. "You have to fight, you know the rules if you ditch."

Allen sighed, "Yeah, yeah, I know: If you ditch, you must pay the price, you lose your seat, you lose your life, the cost of things is nothing to be trifled with."

Rhode grinned, "The Earl says to meet him in his house in about fifteen minutes, or do I have to walk you there?"

"Walking is fine." Allen said.

The two arrived at the Earl's house – a mansion with elaborate designs and such.

The boy veered off, towards a small gate at the edges of the estate. He pushed the gate open, and reached into his pocket, drew out a knife, and slit his wrist, letting the blood fall into a small cup on the wall. Then, the boy brushed his finger over the cut, healing the skin immediately.

The cup, its sacrifice claimed, melted into the wall, and the huge stone wall started melting away, revealing a large golden door, and Allen opened it.

"Welcome, Fourteenth." The Earl said, his voice dangerously metallic.

Allen smiled, somewhat, "Good Morning, Millennium Earl. You requested a contest for me?"

The Earl, seated on a huge organ bench that led to an organ with massive keys, nodded. "There is another Challenger for you, his name is Daisya Barry. He is another who wishes to acquire the Fourteenth seat."

"Anything else you wish to discuss?" Allen asked, raising an eyebrow.

The Earl shook his head. "No, nothing, the contestant is waiting in the next room. There will be no audience. You may continue on." As if on cue, a huge door appeared, this time, blood red in color. Allen walked forward, opening the door, and striding out.

There was a man, in a jester-like coat. He had a small bell, which he was bouncing on his leg like a soccer ball. He had strange purple triangles underneath his eyes.

As the crunching of dirt came from Allen's boots, the man raised his head, but he was shocked.

"I beat all thirteen and now I have to beat up a scrawny kid? How stupid is this?" The man scoffed.

Allen laughed, saying, "You understand the rules. You may have left the other Thirteen alive, but in this round, against the Top Fourteenth, you lose with your life. Same goes with me. There is no time limit. Rules cleared?"

The man nodded, smiling, "Daisya Barry, top soccer player, will cream you to dust, kid!" And the fight began.

Daisya started out by activating his Innocence – Charity Bell, he called it. Allen only frowned; didn't the Earl say if he killed an Exorcist, it would mean he would have to shatter the Innocence, too? But then, his school was collecting them, so was it okay to lie?

"Let's go!" Daisya kicked the ball towards Allen, who dodged. He had heard about Daisya's powers – He could turn your eardrums into little 'bells', shattering your head.

Allen dodged, for the heck of it. It was actually fun, though, he was also doing circus tricks, which ticked Daisya off.

"Take this!" Daisya kicked the ball at Allen, which Allen bent backwards, catching the ball in midair.

"Wha- How?" Daisya asked, surprised.

Allen smiled, creating two duplicates of the bell. "Which is which? Choose wisely!" He crowed.

Daisya paled, but chose the left one, which Allen threw. He caught his ball, and Allen grinned a sadistic smile, holding up the real one, and crushing it.

"You lose!" he grinned, as Daisya started shaking.

He walked up to the man, and leaned over him, casting a shadow on his face.

"When you join the game, you barter with your life. I am the top Fourteenth, and no one has gotten past me. Either way, one loses. You don't know how much blood is splattered on my hands." Allen sneered, as he activated his left hand – in which Daisya stared in wonder – and he clawed Daisya open, his screams fading into the air.

Another door appeared, and Allen opened it. A rush of wind met his face.

"Great job, Allen Walker." The Earl said, a little pride in his voice.

Allen smiled up at the man, saying, "This is really fun, but I dislike the blood."

The Earl shook his head. "This is a way of getting our wishes. We create Akuma from the ones departed, and you do know that if you die, you are reincarnated."

Allen started walking, and saying without turning his head, "I know. It's what we get, being Noahs and all, isn't that right, Millennium Earl?"

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