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Chapter one: (Looney bins are not the center of the city)

Now when a dark rainy night, a tipsy driver, and a distracted Cajun on a motorcycle are on the road at the same time, the results aren't pretty.

"The fools are lucky. Their vehicles got the worst of it." said one cop to his partner.

"Yup." his partner agreed. She turned her eyes back to the wreck. The car had the most damage, the entire passenger side door was torn off. The motorcycle had some minor dents, a broken light, and popped tires, but was otherwise unscathed. 'This could have been a bad one.' she thought. 'Guess they're just lucky the Cajun's quick on his feet.'

Said 'quick one his feet' Cajun was chatting up the medic wrapping his sprained wrist. For once he wasn't flirting just to flirt, he was trying to find out about the local mechanic.


"I can fix her up in no time, but I don't have the light. I'll have to order that. The place I order from is quick though. Shouldn't take more than a few days." the mechanic informed the Cajun.

"An' de price?" Remy asked.

"About 300 for the one you're lookin for," the mechanic answered.

Remy just nodded and left the shop. He'd be a few hundred short if he had to pay the hotel fee. 'Remy jus' won' sleep dere wid dem knowin'.' the Cajun thought. He could always steal the money, but it was a small town, he wasn't even sure he could get that much unnoticed. It was just easier to sneak in and back out in the morning. To occupy his stay he wandered around town, occasionally stopping to talk to 'les belles filles.' Without any effort or intent to pull it out of them, he learned the towns secret. A psychiatric hospital called this town home. It specialized in patients that needed extreme care, and the town frequently saw blue lights flashing.

Naturally being the person he was, Remy was curious. He was going to try flirting with the receptionist to get him in the easy way, but it was a man. On the day the light for his bike came in he broke into the hospital. He didn't find anyone at first, then he saw a flash of blue. A girl in white hospital garb came running down the hall. She didn't even falter when she saw him. Her hands glowed blue and she threw him out of her way.

Remy hit the wall, hard, but he was able to get up quickly and follow her. He found her stopped in the reception area, her hands still glowing blue. Around her objects were flying as guards tried to get near her. Strong waves were rolling off her. Anger and fear at the forefront, but under that Remy felt a sanity that was slowly starting to slip. Without thinking, Remy threw a card at a guard that had gotten close to her. It exploded in his face and attention was drawn from the girl. She whipped around and their eyes met. Distracted she didn't notice the one guard who had broken from the surprise of a second mutant. Remy did and attacked him. Broken from her own surprise the girl went back to flinging the guards everywhere.

Finally they all lay moaning on the ground. Until then they hadn't noticed an alarm sounding but they did now and ran from the building. "Petite." Remy called after the girl. She turned and Remy grabbed her hand. He ran into town with her following behind. He knew they were receiving stares, but didn't care. He turned them into the mechanic shop. "Desole homme." Remy said to the man blocking their path. The mechanic glowed blue and slammed to the wall. Remy hopped on his bike and turned his eye on the girl. "Y' comin' Petite, or are y' stayin' 'ere?" He asked.

The girl swung her leg over the bike and clutched him tightly. "There's no choice." she said, speaking for the first time. Remy started the bike and sped out onto the road. Soon the town was far behind them.

2 months later

"Petite, Remy be goin' out." the Cajun called to the girl.

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name?" the girl glared at him. They were in New York City, living in an apartment that Remy paid for with a mix of thievery and honest work. Remy hadn't been thinking when he helped her escape, but after a few hours on the road he'd decided he needed to figure out a few things.

The girl, Wanda Maximoff he learned was her name, was shy of him, of everything, at first. He decided to bring her to the city. Over time she had relaxed and let her true, bitchy nature shine through. At first she had a slight crush on him, but it quickly faded away. They were more like brother and sister, more than her real brother had been anyway. She'd even taken to calling him her big brother.

"A few more, Petite." Remy answered and left. When he left she was never sure where he went, but it didn't matter. When he was gone she had the place to herself and could do as she pleased. Large groups of people still made her uncomfortable but she hated silence, so she usually ended up wandering around the streets close to the apartment. She had found a music store, a few clothes stores, and a book store. After years of white, colour still shocked her, but she found herself particularly drawn to red, the colour of blood, one of the only colours she'd seen a lot of.

Her daily routine was music, clothes, then books. She occasionally bought things but mostly just liked to browse and read. Sometimes she would simply observe the people that came while she was there. They fascinated her, all the different types of people. Especially the ones called mutants. That's what they had always called her in the ward, people with powers, they scared normal people. 'Remy's the only other mutant I know, I wonder what other powers there are to have?'

'Wha' est Remy gonna do wid Petite? He can' keep 'er fo'ever.' Remy thought as he walked the streets of New York. He didn't have anything to do today, but he knew Wanda liked her alone time. 'She should be in school at 'er age, but Remy don't dink dere be a place dat'd take 'er.'

A glimpse of white caught his eyes. The white was hair that belonged to a young black woman. Remy was immediately intrigued, not only by her appearance but by the waves of hope and confidence rolling off her. Utilizing his special talents, he followed her. She turned into a store, or what Remy thought was a store but was really an alley. Her hand shot out and grabbed for him. He evaded it. "Why are you following me?" she asked.

"Gambit just be wantin' a word wid de belle femme." Remy answered.

"Then speak." she ordered.

"Y' be bossy, but Gambit dink dat be in 'is favor. Mebbe y' can 'elp 'im."


"Gambit got dis petite soeur et he can' take care of 'er no mo'." Remy told her. "She be like us." the woman with white hair just looked at him. Then she spoke.

"Why speak with me?"

"Gambit knows 'e can trust y' some'ow." Remy answered truthfully. He didn't even know her name but he already felt like she was his best friend. 'Mon empathy be pickin' up goodness from dis one, wid a little spice, 'e like it.' Remy thought to himself.

"There is a school, it is in Bayville. There are many like us there." the woman said. 'A school, dat be perfect.' Remy thought to himself. "It is called Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters." the woman said.


"Yes, it is a place your sister could be safe and can learn with other mutants her own age." the woman explained.

"Safe est bon et Gambit be wonderin' who de belle femme who tellin' 'im dese dings est. Might 'e know?"

"My name is Ororo Monroe, I shall look forward to seeing you." Ororo said with a smile. "I must go now."

"Den know mon real name est Remy LeBeau." Remy offered.

"Good bye for now Remy LeBeau." Remy watched her go. Bayville.

An hour later Wanda walked through the door to find Remy sitting on the couch, a bag at his feet.

"Remy, what?"

"Get packed, we're moving." Remy told her. "Tonight." The rest of the day was spent prioritizing.

few days later

They passed a sign that said 'Welcome to Bayville' and then stopped at the gas station. With strict orders to stay by the bike, Wanda wandered off to find a bathroom. When she came back it was to find an angry Cajun. Nothing was missing and she told him that.

"It's de idée Petite." Remy fumed as they hopped back on.

"Stop being a baby." Wanda told him as they took off. When they stopped again it was at the gates of the mansion.

"May I help you?" a voice said over a hidden loud speaker.

"Remy be lookin' fo' an Ororo Monroe. A belle femme avec blanc 'air." Remy announced.

"We're here on a booty call? Really?" Wanda snapped.

"Where'd y' learn dat?" Remy asked.

"Books, music, people, New York in general." Wanda answered.

"Well Petite, de answer est non. Remy not 'ere fo' dat." the gate opened and Remy drove up the path.

The white haired beauty waited for them by the door. Next to her was a man in a wheelchair. "Remy, this is Professor Charles Xavier. This is his school." Ororo introduced.

"Remy why are we here?" Wanda asked, suddenly feeling a bit panicked.

"Remy not quite sure yet, Petite." Remy answered.

"Please come in." the Professor said. The Professor got them settled in his office and explained to them just what the place was. (Sorta like in X-Men when Wolvie gets the grand tour, 'cept they just hear about it and no Cyerebro talk) "I'll leave you to think and talk it over." the Professor said and rolled away with Storm following.

"Remy." Wanda whispered.

"Petite." Remy answered. She seemed so young at that moment, it was easy to forget she was only 15, that she was still so inexperienced at life. "Dis place calls to Remy, he knew from de moment he firs' see Storm. Mais if y' don' wanna stay, we go. Remy won' leave y'."

"You want to stay, Remy?" Wanda asked. "You'd stay if there was no me to factor in?"

"Oui." Remy answered.

"Then we stay." Wanda stared straight ahead.

"Y' sure?" Remy asked. Wanda nodded. "Den we better call de bald homme back in." Remy ruffled her hair. He knew he wouldn't get away with it, that she would get him later. True to his expectations she glared at him.

Out in the hall to look for Xavier, Remy found someone else. "Tha Professah told meh ta give ya a tour." A girl with shoulder length brown hair with strips of white in the front said. Wanda popped her head out to find her brother staring at the girl. "Hi, mah names Rogue." the girl introduced herself.

"I'm Wanda." Then, as he seemed unable of human speech, she added. "He's Remy."

"What's wrong with him? He looks lahke someone slapped him." Rogue asked.

"I have no idea. He's never frozen up before." Wanda said.

"Well then. How 'bout we really freeze him." Rogue said playfully.

"How?" Wanda asked. She sensed a kindred spirit in this girl. Rogue didn't answer, just stepped closer to him.

"If ya're not gonna talk then ah'm gonna make ya sleep." Rogue whispered to him before she kissed him. Instantly he responded, pushing his lips against hers. Then he felt it, that sickening drain. He was confused as he hit the ground. "Wow." Rogue whispered as she felt his powers surge through her.

"What'd you do to him?" Wanda asked, somehow sensing he'd be fine so not really worried, just curious.

"It's mah powah, ah took his powahs an it knocked him out. That's what happens when ah touch skin to skin." Rogue explained turning back to Wanda. In her mind she alerted the Prof. 'Sahry, ah couldn't resist.'

"Explains the gloves." was Wanda's only comment. "You know, I could have been his girlfriend, you could have just made me your enemy." Wanda pointed out as they walked down the hallway and onto the grounds.

"Nah, it was obvious ya weren't." Rogue said. "Sides, ah don't thank he's ya're type."

"How would you know my type, you just met me a few minutes ago?" Wanda demanded.

"Ah don't really know. Ah just didn't see it." Rogue answered. They walked and talked more, touring the nearly empty campus.

"So, what DO you think my type is?" Wanda asked after a while.

"What?" Rogue asked then remembered. "Oh, um, fo' ya, ah thank ya need someone ya need ta take care of." Rogue answered. "An' from tha look of everythang, Remy takes care of ya."

"Someone I need to take care of." Wanda said then burst out laughing. "Now that's funny. Do I seem like the mothering type to you?"

"Ah nevah said that, but nevahmind. Ah don't thank ah can explain it to ya." Rogue answered.

"So where is everybody, you keep making it sound like there's a ton of people here." Wanda asked gesturing at the emptiness around them.

"It's a school day, they're all there." Rogue said.

"I thought this was a school? If it isn't why are you here?"

"It is a school. Most of us, well all of us actually, chose to go to the public school in town. As for why ah'm here, ah've been suspended."

"Suspended? And that is?"

"So ya're one of them that's nevah been ta school before huh?" Rogue asked. Wanda nodded. "Ah broke a few school rules and they punished meh by not allowing meh ta come ta class." Rogue said with a smirk. "Now if ah was someone lahke Kitty, she loves being surrounded by people, that'd be a real punishment. For meh though, ah'd prefer this any day."

"What'd you do?" Wanda asked.

"One fo tha boys in mah English class was annoying meh. Normally ah'd just ignore him but ah was already in a bad mood, so ah decked him." Rogue explained. This caused Wanda to smirk. She'd definitely found a friend.

Remy opened his eyes to see a furry blue face over him holding a needle. "Remy hopes y' don' plan te put dat in 'im." Remy grumbled.

"Oh, you're awake, then this is useless." the blue man said and going to dispose of the needle. Remy sat up and found himself in a med lab.

"What happened te Remy?"

"You had an encounter with Rogue." the blue man said. "Here's your shirt and jacket." he handed Remy his stuff. "She has the ability to borrow another mutant's powers for a short time along with some of their surface memories and their life force, which is why you were knocked out." he explained. "My name is Hank McCoy by the way, codename Beast." Beast extended his huge furry blue hand to Remy. Remy took it and was surprised when his hand wasn't crushed.

"Where's Petite, uh, Wanda." he corrected.

"She's safe with Rogue. They'll be rooming near each other." Beast answered.

"Rogue, de one who did dis te Remy." Remy said. "De fille wid white stripes an emerald eyes." Hank nodded.

She was beautiful, and deadly, and she had kissed him. He'd been captivated by the sight of her, frozen by the loneliness that radiated from her. Then she had kissed him and his whole being had been grasped by her. The next thing he knew he was waking up in a med lab away from his chere. 'his chere?' he thought.

"Yes." Hank pulled his attention back to reality. "Your friend will be starting school next year if she chooses, until then we'll have to tutor her to get her up to the appropriate grade level. We thought Rogue could help her. They are the same age." Hank said.

"Wait, Rogue's 15?" Remy said with disbelief.

"Yes, although her birthday is coming up." Hank answered. 'Chere, you're so young, it'd be illegal to go after you, dough, Remy never been much fo' rules.' Remy thought. 'She might not be ready fo' you homme. Mebbe de only way est te wait fo' 'er.' Remy continued, ignoring the, rather large, part of him that was asking him why he was even thinking these things. 'What till den? Well dere's college.'

"Remy?" Hank said.

"What?" Remy asked getting the feeling it wasn't the first time the Beast had called him.

"Just wanted to make sure you were okay." Hank said.