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Chapter 27: (Intentions kept)

med lab

Wanda opened her eyes. It was dark. She felt a weight on her stomach, a hand in hers. She lifted her head to find out who it was, a dizziness took hold of her.

The hand shifted, it's owner was moving. Orange. John. "Sheila." He said. "Your up."

"Yeah." Wanda said, she didn't think nodding was a good idea. "They let you in?"

"They had to, I wouldn't let go." John said, he sounded embarrassed. His hand slid from hers. A tightness took hold of Wanda's chest. "Do you remember anything?"

Wanda thought. "I remember I was kidnaped, then a setting sun, I was trying to hex something." Wanda said. Her memories were so foggy. "Then everything shattered and went black."

"You broke through Mastermind's illusion. The Professor said that it's hard to do that." John explained. Wanda's eyes drooped closed, fluttered back open. "You're tired. Want me to go?"

Wanda wanted to say yes, get him away from her. Maybe then she could breath again, but the words wouldn't form. "No. Stay." Wanda said. She knew she sounded weak, but she felt weak.

"I'll stay." John said. Wanda reached, somehow he knew, he held her hand. Wanda shut her eyes. Just for now she would believe he loved her, tell herself that he held her hand because he didn't want to let go.

John watched her sleep. She hadn't asked him to go, had wanted to hold his hand. She'd been knocked out for eight days. He hadn't left her bedside, not until Hank kicked him out so he could check her. It was only those times that he was away from her.

Others visited her, and from them he found out what happened in the flat. Magneto had managed to escape. None of his guards did. Neither did Mastermind.

Scott, Jean, Storm, and Logan had stopped Toad, Blob and Mystique from stealing the mummy the had been attempting to steal. It was a distraction, but a threat none the less.

The little girl he'd seen, her name was Ally. She was a Morlock. Spring, the leader of the Morlocks, had gotten the little girls message and followed her. With her she brought the Morlocks. It was with their help that the X-Men captured all the guards and secure Mastermind.

Pietro had defied his father, set the whole thing up. He hadn't known how he was gonna stop Wanda, but John took that worry out of his hands. Pietro didn't approve of John, but he was thankful that the pyromaniac stopped his sister from wiping out humans.

Rogue, Lexa, and Kitty were worried sick about Wanda, though Kitty was the only one who showed outward signs of it. Rogue was more concealed, and Lexa wasn't sure how to express herself, so she didn't.

Pietro and Lexa had spoken with the Professor. He offered them spots with the X-Men. Both accepted.

Piotr was the same. The Russian had always seemed to noble to be the bad guy. Now he wasn't. The Professor helped him, like he had so many.

When Wanda was awake, the Professor had asked to see him. John knew what he was going to ask. He also knew his answer. He wasn't going to be an X-Man. He also wasn't going back to Magneto. John didn't want to fight anymore, he was done with that. He wanted to write.

"Did she wake up?" It was Pietro.

"Once." John answered.

"Tell her I want to talk to her." Pietro said.

"I will."

"Thank you." Pietro left the med lab. John looked back at Wanda. Her hand tightened around his.

"Sheila." John whispered. It was an hour later that her eyes fluttered open. She sat up, her free hand going to her head. "Your dizzy."

"I'm fine now." Wanda said. Her hand came off her temple to rest in her lap. The hand that was linked with his was there as well. She made no move to let go, neither did he. "How'd I break through the illusion?"

John had been expecting her to ask that, had been trying to think of a plausible explanation. He had nothing. "I kissed you." He said finally.

"Why?" Wanda asked, her voice calm and even.

"I don't know. I just thought it would work." John answered. Wanda nodded slightly, more of a gentle head bob. They sat in silence, a silence that grew so uncomfortable it had to be broken. "Wan..."

"I lied." She cut him off.

"What?" John asked confused.

"I lied to you. When I said it was a mistake. It was a lie." Wanda said. John's eyes were huge but he said nothing. "I don't think anyone will tell me, but I'm pretty sure I almost did something really bad. I'm also pretty sure that I almost died. I can feel it." Wanda said. She took a breath and went on. "If I had died, it would have been with you not knowing that I love you. I can't have that.

"I'm not asking for anything. I just had to say it." Wanda finished. She stared at him, that no nonsense stare that told him she was completely serious. John felt his lips twitch. He let out a breathy little laugh, nodded, kissed her.

"I love you, Wanda, and I am asking for something." He said, holding her face.

"What do you want John?" She asked, the words familiar.

"You." John answered simply. He smiled, it wasn't as crazy as his normal smile. No, it was more subdued, more personal, it conveyed his happiness better than any other smile could.

Wanda nodded in his hands. "You'll have to work for it." She said.

"I'm a hard worker." John said and she believed him.


She'd made him go get some rest, but only after he told her what happened. Everything. It wasn't a surprise when Pietro came in. Wanda had been thinking about it, about what he had done.

"So you're an X-Man now." She said to him.

"I'm guessing John told you." Pietro said.

"Yup, he told me everything." Wanda said. They were silent. "I don't blame you. Not anymore. I thought you abandoned me. Now I know the truth." Wanda said. "It doesn't mean I trust you, it doesn't even mean I like you. All it means is that I don't hate you anymore."

"That's all I could ask for." Pietro said.

"Good, now scat, you only get two visitors at a time here." Wanda said. Rogue and Remy were standing at the door. Pietro left, leaving his twin with the people who were more her family than he could be.

"Ya made up with ya brothah." Rogue said. "That's good."

"I just don't hate him anymore." Wanda said.

"Y' know what 'appen Petite?" Remy asked, seating himself in the chair John had set up an eight day camp in.

"Yeah, John told me." Wanda said, she couldn't keep the tiny smile from her face.

"Ya made up with him too. It's just a forgivin' festival ain't it." Rogue said sarcastically, using Remy as a chair. Wanda glared halfheartedly.

"We only got so long, de Professor wan's te see ya Petite." Remy said.

"We'll be back latah though." Rogue promised. They talked for a bit, then Remy and Rogue had to go. Kitty and Lexa were next. Then the little girl Ally snuck in with Storm and Logan. Hank kicked them all out. Finally just the Professor had to visit.

He rolled in, his bald head reflecting the florescent lighting in a humorous way. "Your mind is stable." He said.

"I'm guessing I can thank you for that." Wanda said.

"Yes. Though that's not what I'm here to speak of." the Professor told her with a kind smile. He knew now, there was no use hiding it from him.

"I'm tired." Wanda sighed, resigned.

"I wondered when." the Professor nodded. "This life never held as much appeal for you."

"If you ever need me, I'll come." Wanda told him. "I just don't want to fight anymore."

"I understand Wanda." the Professor said. "You need your rest, I can hear Hank. He wants to throw me out." Xavier chuckled.

"No respect these days." Wanda said.

"None at all." He rolled out of the room. "Your projecting again Hank."


John was coming back now. "Sheila." He was at the door, then at her bedside. "How're you."

"I'm good, I don't get dizzy anymore." She said. "Do me a favor, get Remy, Rogue, Kitty, and Lexa in here."


"Try asking Ally, she's good at that."

"I'll do it."

"You really are good at that." John said to the girl. She was in the corner.

"I know who they are, I'll get them." Ally beamed. A few minutes later Remy walked in. Beside him there was shadow, slightly more than there was before.

"What y' wanna say Petite?"

"I'm retiring."

"What?" Kitty asked.

"I'm not going to fight anymore. Well, actually it's more like standby. I'll be there if you need me, but for the most part. I'm retiring." Wanda said.

"You're sure?" John asked. They hadn't spoken of it, but both knew the other was done. Wanda nodded.

"I'm going to finish out the school year, then college most likely." Wanda said.

"We'll keep in touch." It was Rogue, she was the only one who didn't look surprised.

"I'm doing what I always intended." Wanda said to them, her family.