Justice in the Wrong Hands

Chapter 1: Taken Prisoner

Mac enters his apartment, setting his keys down on the kitchen counter before opening the refrigerator to look for dinner of some kind. As his eyes search the contents of numerous containers, he hears soft footsteps in the other room.

He pulls his gun out of the holster still on his belt and creeps to the entrance of the living room. Slowly he reaches out and flips on the light switch.

Three men with ski masks on stand there, all with weapons. One of them holds his gun to Stella's temple while the other two point theirs at him.

"Let go of her," he orders, not able to look into her frightened green eyes.

"Put your weapon down, or I'll shoot her." The click of the safety being turned off reverberates throughout the room.

"Let her go. Take me instead. If you leave her unharmed, I'll make sure you get whatever it is you want from us," Mac attempts to bargain.

"I said put the gun down or her brains will be splattered all over this room," the man holding her repeats.

He sets his gun on the floor slowly after seeing her eyes widen. "I'm sorry, Stella."

The other two men approach him, lowering their gun slowly and pulling out rope to bind him with. "Keep your hands up."

He doesn't move. "Take the gun away from her, point it anywhere but at her, and I'll go without a fight."

The men look at each other. "Okay, but if you don't cooperate, she'll take a bullet." The muzzle of the gun now points his direction.

Mac puts his arms in the air and lets them bind his hands together. He watches Stella struggling a bit with her captor.

When she can't get free, she turns to him. "You're just going to let them have both of us?"

"I can't do anything, or they'll kill you."

"They want something, and they need us to get it. They're not going to kill one of us, at least not until they get what they want."

"I can't, Stel," he whispers. "They might not kill you, but they could hurt you. I can't let you get hurt."

A hand clamps over her mouth. "Shut up and let your boyfriend make his own decisions."

"We're not dating," she says, words distorted by the hand.

The other two finish tying him up and pat him down for other weapons. "Are we ready?"

The leader, the one holding onto Stella, nods and pushes her towards Mac and the other two. "If I hear a word from either of you while we leave, the lady gets a bullet in her stomach. Got it?"

Mac and Stella both nod, letting the men lead them to the door. They are escorted down the emergency stairs and out into an alley. One of the men opens the trunk to an old black van while the others get the hostages inside. Then they climb in the front and start the engine, jerking forward and sending the couple flying.

Mac, squished between Stella and the back door, dares to whisper to her. "They didn't hurt you, did they?"

"No. Hit my head against the wall trying to get away, but it'll be okay. You?"

"I'll be sore later."

They sit in silence for a moment, then she asks, "Any ideas?"


A/N: Hm... don't remember much about this story. I wrote like forever ago it seems like. I should post again Saturday or Sunday. The story is twelve chapters long. So... I liked last night's episode, but I think last year's finale was better. I read that Mac does end up hurt... but they find him and he refuses to go to the hospital, even for Stella. And they're supposed to play a baseball game or something against the fire department and Stella flirts with one of the firemen. Maybe Mac will get jealous and make his move on her. I think Stella's a bit jealous of Jordan and Jordan's jealous of Stella 'cause she spends so much time with Mac, who is supposed to be her boyfriend. I don't like her, especially since she yelled at Mac for doing his job and Stella for not telling her what was Mac's news to tell. Quinn... she's alright, but she and Mac definitely shouldn't start dating. I can't wait for September. Although I really want school to be out and if it were September I'd be back in school. Today was the senior's last day. They saran wrapped the table together in one cafeteria and sprayed shaving cream all over in the other. And threw waterballoons at the poor people like me that have to ride the bus. They were supposed to have more in the afternoon but they didn't. Maybe they got in trouble. The principle said that if they caused trouble they wouldn't graduate. Of course all the seniors were outside in the parking lot when she said this so... and they apparently let mice loose in the school. I didn't see any... And there was a bird in the band room... could be them or maybe it just flew in if the doors were open. Okay, I've got to go. Please tell me what you think so far.