Chapter 12: Justice is Served

After giving her testimony, Stella takes a seat next to Mac as the defense gets its turn to persuade the jury. "I can't wait for this to be over," she whispers.

"You're safe now, Stel."

"I'm sick of explaining what happened."

"I thought he was pleading guilty. It's obvious he helped kidnap us."

"What else are they charging him with?"

Mac shrugs, "Assault maybe. Murder charge was dropped because he was saving us."

"That's why his lawyer told him to go not guilty – he saved us; well, at least me."

"Might have gotten his sentence lowered a little if he pled guilty."

They listen as Bryan tells the jury his side of the story. Everything matches up until the defense attorney asks if he touched Stella at all when he had her locked in the room with him and was supposed to rape her.

"I had to bring her into the room and take her out. But I never touched her in any inappropriate way. Except… well, I asked her if she could… give me a… kiss if I helped her and her friend escape safely. And she did. I swear I didn't force her to."

"Do you know why," the man continues, "Detective Bonasera neglected to mention this?"

"It meant nothing. She probably forgot about it. Or didn't think it was significant."

"And the day they tried to escape wasn't the date you two had planned it to take place?"

"No, it was supposed to be the next day. I had no idea they wouldn't follow the plan."

"The defense would like to call Detective Bonasera back to the stand."

Stella looks at Mac. "I had no idea they would do this." She slowly makes her way up front.

"You are still under oath," the judge reminds her.

"Detective, is my client telling the truth? Did he make any inappropriate moves?"

"No, he did not," she shakes her head, curls swinging. "I thought it was odd that he didn't… do anything given this opportunity."

"And did you kiss him when he suggested it?"

"Yes, it was meaningless. Just a thank you for all that he was doing to save us."

"How did you know he wasn't going to set up a trap?"

She pauses, "I was quick to believe him after he assured me he had no intentions of raping me. My partner wasn't so sure."

"Can you explain what happened during your escape after you got free and ran to the door?"

"Bryan grabbed me at his boss's orders, letting Mac go. I told him to run, and finally he did. The boss ran after him out the door, but stopped at the edge of the yard. He told Bryan to shoot me when he came in. I thought he was going to but he turned the gun on the leader and shot him. I ran outside to find Mac," she tells the jury.

"That is all."

The jury leaves, returning fifteen minutes later. Bryan is found guilty of kidnapping, sentence to be determined later.


Mac kisses her, "Just forget about it. We're both fine now."

"Fine?" she touches his still injured shoulder. "I don't think so."

"It'll only be another week or so and I'll be out of the sling."

"But you'll still have a cast," she smiles.

"Well, I'll be fine in a few weeks. Nothing lasting was done to us."

"Being terrorized by a gigantic spider isn't lasting?"

"No, it's just funny," he smirks, leaning in to kiss her again.

"Our relationship," she stops him, "isn't lasting?"

"I meant harmful. This is a good thing, in my opinion." Mac backs her against the wall, giving her a long, passionate kiss.

"Mac," she breaks away, giving him a warning.

"I know, Stel." They stand, enjoying each other's warmth and love, until his phone rings. He pulls it out, seeing Flack's number.

"You can't work. Why do they call you to crime scenes?"

He answers it, "I'm kind of busy, Don."

"What are you and Stella up to?"

"Nothing that you need to know."

"I'll be sure to let everyone know about it."

"You do, and I'll have your job. What do you want?"

"There's a scene. I'll call Danny; his girls aren't important."

"Lindsay might be offended."

Flack laughs, "She'll get over it. See you tomorrow, Mac."

He hangs up. Stella slides out from between him and the wall. "Just go, Mac."

"He's calling Danny." She sits down on the bed. "Stel, it's hard for both of us."

She shakes her head, "You weren't the one they wanted to rape. You weren't the one they held their guns up to, threatening you helplessly for what the other did wrong."

"But I saw my best friend and the woman I love go through that. And I wished it were me they were threatening to put a bullet in."

Tears trail down her cheeks. "It's an awful feeling to know that you could be taking your last breath."

He sits beside her, wiping away her tears. "I can't imagine how you must have felt. And every time it was because of me that they did that to you."

She wraps her arms around him tightly, forgetting he is injured. "I love you more than anything in the world."

"I love you too, Stel," he tries to hide his pain from her, knowing she didn't mean to hurt him.

When she finally lets go of him, she looks up at him. "Did we ever find the girl's killer?"

Mac shakes his head, "But that's what tomorrow's for. She does deserve justice, but kidnapping us wasn't the way to get it."

A/N: I guess the case never really is solved. You can assume it was eventually closed if you want. I probably was just too lazy to come up with someone that killed her. Next story will probably be a one chapter thing that takes place after the last episode with Drew where Mac tells her to 'take a risk' I believe is what he told her to do before. Then I've got one about her father who is a suspect in a case; Stella doesn't want anything to do with him, but Mac forces her to meet him. I also have another one chapter thing about what I hope happens in the opener to next season based off spoilers I read. And when I went back and read the information, it's a little different than what I wrote because I couldn't remember the details. After that I need to get typing again: there's one where they go to an amusement park (someone's afraid of roller coasters), one about Stella having a boyfriend and Mac is jealous and convinced that he's using her (he's a defense lawyer), and I think that last one I have written (which was probably the first one done) is kind of long and about Stella getting shot and Mac admitting that he loves her and other stuff due to the shooting that I can't say or it'll give the whole story away. I hope you guys enjoyed the story and will continue to read stories I've written. Thanks for all the reviews.