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Summary: AU (not a song fic) Bella Swan is a siren to the vampires. Vampires come far and wide to listen to her beautiful voice, Edward just happens to be one of those vampires, very dark. BXE I suck at summaries.

"All the pretty corpses they will sing to you in praise,
screaming out atrocities in keys that have no name."
-Schoolyard Heroes All the Pretty Corpses

All the Pretty Corpses

"We need to stop this atrocity!" One of the angry mothers screamed into the microphone on the television, her fist was high in the air. "Our children do not need to be corrupt with this filth," she held up a CD in the air, the camera moved in close to it, a girl was sitting in front of a coffin, her legs stretched before her, a stake was in her hand as blood dripped down the tip of it, she was smiling. "This…" The angry mother looked at the cover, "Bella Swan needs to be stopped before we lose more children to her violent and derange music."

The camera left the angry mother and switched to the news anchor, who continued to discuss the hot topic that was Bella Swan. I pulled myself off the couch, no longer interested in what she had to say about the 'atrocity' that has corrupted their children. Alice gave me a glance out of the corner of her eye as I walked out of the room. We were going to her concert, if you can call it that, tomorrow.

It would be a lie if I said I wasn't a little excited. I was a fan of Bella Swan. It wasn't her lyrics (which revolved around torturing vampires and raising the dead) but the voice behind the lyrics. Her voice was loud and strong, demanding the attention of all that could hear her. Nobody could explain why vampires flocked to her, but we did, even Carlisle, the vampire that blooded me, admitted that her voice made something spark in him. The vampire that founded her talent, James Tryant, has even admitted to becoming dazzled by her voice.

I frowned to myself as I walked into my room. I had wanted to come here to forget about Bella Swan, so the anticipation for her show would fade away but in the process I had actually made myself even more excited. I sighed to myself as I crawled across my bed; it was moments like this that I wished that I could sleep, so time would move unnotice.

I laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes. I could hear Bella's music come from the TV down the hall. It was a clip of her music video playing on the TV. I watched the music video through my family's mind eye, my mouth unintentionally mouthing all the words to her song. The bass grew louder as she screamed the chorus into her microphone. I wanted to tell them to turn it down, or watch something else, I did leave the room for a reason, but I bit back my tongue and continued to lay in silence on the bed, mouthing the violent lyrics to her song.


I laid my cheek across my knees as I wrote down the lyrics to my next song. My hand flew across the paper as I wrote down the words that had been bottled up inside of me for days. I tried to stop my wrist from moving, but I continued to write down the lyrics as I sang the song aloud in my head. I started to move my mouth, saying the words as I wrote them on paper.

It always came out like this; I would get an idea and would write it out on the nearest object I could reach. James, my manager, made me carry a pen and paper wherever I go incase moments like this happened. I finished the song, with an exclamation 

mark. My hand did a swift turn on the paper, creating a short line underneath the last word. I glanced down at the song, knowing very well what I wrote. I never forgot the songs I write, which makes me a great performer, well it would, if I wasn't terribly clumsy and get embarrassed so easily.

I pulled the paper out of the notepad and sat it on the night stand next to a picture of my parents. I smiled to myself as I reminded myself that I should call them tomorrow. It was pathetic how some people thought that I never spoke to my parents or I never got to see them, they weren't happy with the life style that I chose, but they were still supportive of me. I leaned over my bed and wrote the title of my new song: "All the Pretty Corpses."

I pulled out the first door to the night stand. I put the notepad and pen in it, saving it for another day. I yawned loudly and glanced at the night stand, it was eleven-seventeen. I pulled my arms over my head and fell back onto my bed. I had the hotel room all to myself. I smiled in triumph, as I rubbed my hands over my eyes. I had a concert tomorrow, the mothers of the city aren't too happy about it. They weren't happy about my violent lyrics and connections to vampires.

Everyone has always known about vampires, only recently (two decades ago) have vampires been able to be in the public eye. They're still many angry and prejudice people that publicly attack vampires, but they're usually arrested by police officers. Vampires, werewolves, and whatever else is out there, have the same rights as humans do and that is all thanks to one vampire, Carlisle Cullen.

He was the Martin Luther King for the vampires, proving to the world that a vampire can survive on animal blood oppose to human (though many vampires, my manager being one them, refuse to follow this lifestyle). He is well respected and looked up to by many vampires (and humans aspiring to be vampires), before James found my 'gift', I went to school with a girl that promised me that one day she was going to be one of Carlisle's vampires. When asked how she was going to do that, she swore up and down that the only single vampire in his clan, Edward, would be her mate.

I wasn't a fan of vampires, even the vegetarians. I never wanted this life that James had made for me. The lyrics I wrote were fueled by my growing hate for the vampire that kept me under a watchful eye. James had no shame, he would kill anyone that pissed him off or if he just got bored and decided to play the big bad wolf. I heard vampires refer to him as a tracker, which would explain how he always found me when I tried to run away. He enjoys reading my lyrics, aware that they're inspired by him. Some could say that he gets off on it.

I sighed and turned off the light, making the room go black. I wasn't going to think about James tonight, it would piss me off and I wouldn't be able to get to sleep. I rolled over and pulled the blankets to my chin as I thought about the lyrics to my new song. I mumbled the lyrics to myself, thinking about the bass chords I would have the band do. I could feel my eye lids pull down as I started to mouth the words to my new hit.

"All the pretty corpses, they will sing to you in praise…"

End Prologue.

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