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Hey, I wrote a story that uses the plot of this story as a movie. Its kind of cool idea. If you liked this story or just curious about the other one, check it out. Its a lot less darker than this one and more romantic (a relationship actually develops between Edward and Bella). The summary is below this author's note. Check it out and review. :)

Summary: All the Pretty Corpses is a popular novel written by the infamous Daddy's Little Cannibal (I promise that I will not be mentioned anywhere in this story). Twisted Films studio has decided to make ATPC into a movie using, for the first time ever, real vampires. Edward Cullen, who ironically has the same name as the character in the book, plays the leading role as the vegetarian vampire who has fallen for the singer Isabella "Bella" Swan, who is played by new comer- Isabella Swan. Its attraction at first sight as the two actors must deal with the lifestyle of being an extremely controversial movie as well as the complications of being star crossed lovers.