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1500 Years in the Future II

(AKA Sakura goes to Camelot)

(Chapter 1)


"Do you see them?" Syaoran whispered to Sakura.

"Nope. Not an Onii-chan or Kero-chan in sight," Sakura whispered back. The two were on a date at the park, but they were a little worried about Sakura's big brother and Sun Guardian. Those two had a bad habit of interrupting dates. Sakura and Syaoran came out from behind the trees, and tiptoed towards the park bench. Double-checking to make sure no one was around, they sat on the bench. Then Syaoran put his arm around Sakura.

"GET OFF MY SISTER, BRAT!!!" a voice yelled.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" the couple screamed. From the trees above them, an annoyed Touya jumped down. An equally annoyed Guardian Beast of the Seal followed him.

"Die, brat!" Touya screamed. He had grabbed Syaoran, and had begun shaking him.

"Onii-chan!!!" Sakura cried, trying to get her angry brother off her boyfriend.

"Hey, Touya, save some for me!" Kero protested. Shoving the angry brother aside, the Guardian faced Syaoran.

"What are you going to do to me, stuffed animal?" Syaoran scoffed, "Bite me?"

"No, THIS!!!" Kero yelled as he changed into his true form. Syaoran was soon gasping for air as the giant lion sat on him.

"Get –off!" Syaoran gasped.

"Kero-chan, get off him now!" Sakura ordered. The winged lion got off, and changed back into a stuffed toy.

"Why I –" Syaoran snarled.

"All of you, stop right now!" Sakura cried. All three glared at each other, each making up a plan on how to kill the others. Sakura sighed, and hit all three on the head.

"OW!" the three guys cried together.

"Well, you all deserved it!" Sakura cried, "Can't I go on a date, without there being a fistfight?" All three males blushed slightly. Sakura smiled at them. "I know you mean well, but I can take care of myself."

"But, the brat!" Touya and Kero protested.

"I'm sorry, Syaoran," Sakura said, "It looks like our date is over. May we go home?"

"Alright, Sakura," Syaoran sighed, as he offered her his arm. She took it. Kero and Touya twitched at the sight. The four then headed back to the Kinomoto's house.


"Do you want to came in, Syaoran?" Sakura offered when they reached the house.

"NO!!!" Kero and Touya yelled.

"I wasn't asking you," Sakura said.

"Sure," Syaoran said with a smile. Then before Kero or Touya could move, Syaoran kissed Sakura! Then the couple quickly ran inside the house.

"BRAT!!! You are so dead!!!" Kero and Touya shrieked as they ran after the couple. They found Syaoran in the parlor with his sword drawn and his ward papers in his hand. Sakura was nowhere to be seen. Grinning evilly, Kero transformed into Cerberus, while Touya pulled out his own ward papers. All three were prepared for battle.

"Stop!" Sakura cried as she ran into the room. Yukito and Fujitaka were following her.

"I second that," Fujitaka agreed, "I just finished cleaning up the parlor!"

"Let me guess," Yukito began, "Li-san went out on a date with Sakura-chan."

"And he kissed her!" Touya cried, outraged. Fujitaka, Yukito, and Sakura sighed.

"Touya," Fujitaka said, "Wen are you going to accept the fact those two are in love? You too, Cerberus."

"When pigs fly!" Cerberus and Touya answered.

"That is possible, you know," Yukito said. The two glared at him.

"Shut up, Snow Bunny!!!" they shouted.

"You two are just so stubborn," a voice said. The three battlers turned towards the voice. Kero was so surprised, he changed back into his small form without noticing it. Touya's ward papers burst into flames, while Syaoran dropped his sword on his foot.

"It's the evil magician!!!!" Syaoran shrieked. There, leaning against the wall, was Eriol. As usual, he was smiling the smile that meant he was up to something.

"Eriol-san, Yukito-san, and I," Fujitaka began, "were talking about a trip you kids will be taking."

"Were are we going?" Touya asked.

"The better question would be when," Eriol said with a smile.


"We're going back in time to visit Arthur-san!" Yukito explained.

"What?!" Touya, Syaoran, And Kero cried.

"Really?!" Sakura asked, "That's great!"

"Are you nuts?!" Touya, Syaoran, and Kero yelled at Eriol.

"How are we supposed to get there in the first place, O evil sorcerer?" Syaoran asked.

"With this!" Eriol cried, as he pulled out a dark blue crystal.

"Is that what I think that is?!" Syaoran cried. Eriol smiled evilly.

"Yep! It's a time crystal!" Eriol said, "But this is a new type of time crystal. Unlike the old kind, this crystal can be used without having to pour chemicals over it. All that needs to be done is to say a few special words over it."

"You've been busy," Touya commented with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh! When are we going? I gotta pack!" Sakura cried, practically skipping. Eriol's smile got even wider as he looked at Fujitaka. The two halves of Clow Reed's reincarnation exchanged glances, and nodded. Syaoran began to feel uneasy. Both halves of Clow Reed had identical evil smiles. And whenever Fujitaka acted evil, that meant all hell was about to be let loose.

'What are they going to do?' Syaoran wondered.

"Well, everyone," Fujitaka said, "I have to go. Have fun on your trip. Ja ne!" Fujitaka waved as he walked out the door.

"What do you mean?" Sakura called, "After all, we're not going yet, are we?" She looked at Eriol, who was smiling evilly.

"Oh no!" Sakura cried as Eriol began to chant.

"But we're not ready yet!" several people shrieked. But before anyone could protest further, the room began to swim.

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