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1500 Years in the Future II

(A.K.A. Sakura Goes to Camelot)

Chapter Three

530 AD

"OW!" Sakura cried as she rubbed her head. She looked around. She, Yukito, Touya, Kero, and Eriol were all in a woodland clearing. To her surprise, Eriol was the only one standing. Everyone else, including her, was laying on the ground like they had fallen down. She also wasn't the only one with a sore head. Then Sakura noticed something wrong.

"Wait a minute!" Sakura cried, "Where's Syaoran?"

"I don't know," Yukito said.

"Maybe he was transported to the time when the dinosaurs were still alive," Kero fantasized, "And maybe he was eaten by a T-rex!"

"Wouldn't that be wonderful," Touya agreed, dreamily.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm up here!" a voice from the trees called. Everyone looked up. There, tangled in the tree branches, sat Syaoran.

"So he wasn't eaten by a T-rex," Kero shrugged, "But he still looks stupid up there! HA HA!" Kero laughed. Touya joined in.

"Why you stuffed animal!" Syaoran snarled. He quickly summoned up his sword and cut himself free. Landing on the ground on his two feet, Syaoran was as graceful as a cat. Kero, however, didn't notice Syaoran had broken free until…

"Syaoran! Stop strangling Kero!!!" Sakura shrieked. Kero was in Syaoran's hands, gasping for air. It took awhile, but with the help of Touya, Yukito, and Eriol, Sakura was able to pry Syaoran off her Guardian.

"BRAT!!!" Kero yelled when he was free. The Sun Guardian was a second away from changing into his true form, and roasting Syaoran. Syaoran was also ready to do battle with his sword and ward papers.

"Hoe!" Sakura sighed, "Will you two please stop?"

"Not until I eat him!" Kero yelled.

"Not until his head is mounted on my wall!" Syaoran yelled. (* The phrase that Syaoran is using is from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". It was used by the evil dude, Gaston. Don't worry, I'm not saying that Syaoran is evil or anything, I just thought that phrase was cool.*)

"If you two won't stop," Sakura threatened, "I'll use the Change Card on you two again!"

"AHHHHH!!!" Syaoran and Kero yelped, "Not the Change Card!!!"

"Now you two better apologize to each other on the count of ten, or else! One!"

"SORRY!!!" Kero and Syaoran blurted out quickly.

"That's much better!" Sakura said happily.

"Oh my, Sakura! You're learning some of my evil ways of manipulating people! I'm so proud of you!" Eriol said fondly, pretending to wipe away a tear.

"Evil magician," Syaoran muttered.

"What does the Change Card do?" Touya whispered to Yukito.

"Yue says that the Change Card can switch people's bodies," Yukito answered, "That's why Cerberus and Li-san dislike it so much."

"Oh," Touya said, nodding sagely.

"Eriol-kun?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, Sakura-san?" Eriol answered.

"Where are we exactly?" Sakura asked.

"Well, I told the time crystal to bring us somewhere close to where Arthur-san is. Of course, since this is a new brand of time crystal I'm using, it may be a bit inaccurate," Eriol said.

"How inaccurate?" Syaoran asked.

"Around a one through one hundred mile radius or so," Eriol answered with a smile.

"Do you mean that we have to walk one hundred miles to reach Arthur-san?!" Touya yelled.

"Give or take a few miles," Eriol said, still smiling.

"Why you idiotic evil magician!!!!" Syaoran, Touya, and Kero shrieked at the same time. All three jumped on Eriol, each wanting to rip out his throat first.

"Hoe!" Sakura sighed, "Well, I'm going to start walking. So you better stop fighting or Yukito-san and I will leave you four all alone!"

"Wait, Sakura!!!" all four cried, as they stood up to follow her.

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