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A raven haired shinigami walked blissfully down Soul Society as a smile was plastered her snow white skin, her bright purple eyes gleamed in the sun as she made her way towards a certain person. All the eyes that watched her ether smiled at her fortune or frown at the fact that is was her and not them. After all news travels fast in a world filled with souls.

Kuchiki Rukia was dating Hitsugaya Toushiro. For nether of the two ice wielders would stop smiling! it was also plain as day that the raven haired girl would visit him daily, and for the white haired captain to be VERY possessive of his girl.

"Oi! Rukia!" a male voice came from ahead as Rukia looked to see her childhood friend running up to her with a smile on. She raised her hand and waved,

"Yo! Renji! what's up?"

"Nothing much you?"

"I'm going to see Hitsugaya taichou" Rukia smiled, even though they were going out she still didn't like calling him with out his title, at least not in public. However she would call him nothing but his first name when with the white haired man.

"Hmm so how are things with you two?" the tall man asked when Rukia only smiled

"Sorry Renji but whatever happens between me and Hitsugaya taichou stays between us"

"Aw man your no fun!" the red head grinned, knowing that was the best he was going to get reached up and rested his palm on the small girl's head and ruffled her raven locks. When he opened his eyes and noticed something was wrong. VERY wrong.

"Hey Rukia do you feel that it suddenly got really cold?" his brown eyes widened when he could see his breath,

"Abarai what do you think your doing?" a stern and pissed off voice came from behind the tall man as he turned to see pulsing ice blue reiatsu radiating from a white haired captain.

"HISugayA TAichoU!" Renji's voice creaked in an unmanly manner. The small captain before him looked REALLY pissed off and he had an inkling as to what is was about.

"Get your hand off of Rukia, Abarai"

"Yes sir!" his hand swept off the petite shinigami's head and to his side, as he bowed and excused him self, but not before sneaking a peak at his friend and ran off; not wanting to deal with the wrath of this captain.

"Honesty Toushiro, all Renji was doing was playing we weren't doing anything" Rukia sighed sounding as if he disappointed her, her smile showed otherwise. The captain stepped forward until he could feel her heat radiate from her body, and he wrapped his left arm around her waist

"I don't care what he was doing, no one is allowed to touch you but me!" he looked so determined that he failed to see a smile form on his girlfriends face, as she leaned down to whisper into his ear.

"Would that also mean in the bedroom?" feverishly hot flush covered the ice captains face as Rukia blew into his ear, his breath hitched and he could feel his heart race.


"What? I was only asking" she looked into his mint green eyes with her soft purple eyes, looking completely innocent. In the two months of them dating Rukia found that the most innocent things she did made the ice captain blush red, whether it was the way she looked at him, the way she spoke, to the way she moved, she loved making him blush.

Of course they never did it before and they decided they wouldn't anytime soon, they were too young and it just wouldn't be right until they got married. No matter how much Toushiro loved Rukia or she him, they held back for the right moment, only then would it be all the sweeter.

Hitsugaya cleared his throat and continued

"What is it that you wanted to speak with me anyway Rukia?" she had asked to meet with him a few hours ago but when she didn't show up he got worried and decided to look for her.

"I wanted to ask you if you would take me to the Winter festival tonight" Rukia looked at her boyfriend with innocent bunny eyes, the same eyes that he found he couldn't say no to. It proved to be true so many times.

"Fine, I'll pick you up around dark, so wait for me at your house"

"Roger!" she smiled and saluted her lover and sweetly kissed his left cheek, causing his blush to return.


"Don't make me wait long Toushiro!" and she ran off to her division, leaving her ice prince to sigh.

Later that night

Toushiro found that Rukia had a wild and very 'fluffy' side. Especially after when he proclaimed his love for her, she would constantly tease him, play him, and make him blush, she would look at him with her big innocent purple eyes and he would feel his cool heart melt and allow her to get away with EVERYTHING.

This was how he ended up as he stood at her front steps outside the Kuchiki mansion, dressed in a light blue winter kimono, with three stark white strips running across the bottom. Waiting with his arms crossed over his chest, for his snow princess; when the gates opened to reveal a very stunning Rukia. She was dressed in a soft pastel purple kimono, with icicle prints along the bottom of her sleeves and across her legs. Her midnight hair that contrasted him so well, was tied up into a bun with crystal ornaments and a light purple eye shadow that made her already, gorgeous amethyst eyes glow all the more.

Toushiro's breath was taken from him in that moment, as his girlfriend stood before him; blushing

"You can stare at me later Toushiro, now let's get to the festival!" Rukia exclaimed as she pulled her boyfriend by the arm and ran, trying to cool her flushed face and calm her racing heart. As the two ice wielder made it to the gathering, both eyes widened in silenced shock, every lantern hanging high above them looked as if they were the every icicles on Rukia's kimono. Light blues, soft purples, pure whites and gentle gray were the only colors that surrounded them, however bright reds, vibrant oranges, loud greens, even some mysterious black kimonos were worn to the occasion.

But that didn't distract the two as Rukia pulled her prince, towards a few games

"Awww Toushiro! look!" she pointed towards a bunny that looked a lot like chappy with a green ribbon around its neck.

"Please! could you...?" she pleaded the usually stoic captain as he sighed, once again he couldn't refuse those eyes. In an instant the boy had won the bunny and was being kissed all over by Rukia.

"Thank you so much! Toushiro!"

"'s fine Rukia!" the white haired boy blushed deep red for even though they had been dating for two months he still wasn't used to the attention the girl gave him.

"Let's go" Hitsugaya said as he pulled Rukia from her hugging spree of the white bunny. For the longest time that night, they visited practically all the games, stations, and other venders from all over Soul Society, when they finally decided to rest on the top of a hill over looking the lively festival below, sitting close together at the base of a large tree.

"Did you enjoy yourself Rukia?" the boy's chest vibrated against Rukia's head as she leaned on him, she nodded

"We had lots of fun!" she held up her bunny, shoving it into the tanned captain's face acting as if it were the one talking and Rukia was sleeping,

"I'm glad" he whispered as he leaned forward and aimed at Rukia's forehead when she tilted her head back a tiny bit and their lips met.

Hitsugaya could swear that whenever his lips tasted the raven haired girls lips he could feel a part of his once ice cold frozen heart melt into the pit of his stomach, where it turned to hunger and lust. He forced his hot tongue into the girls mouth as he sucked and licked, Rukia moaned against his growing smile; pressing in harder he wanted at least one thing that he could have, that she didn't make him do because she wanted it.

She had only meant for a soft and gentle kiss, not to tongue wrestle with his much stronger tongue. However that didn't mean she didn't like it. Rarely would they kiss like this yet when they did Toushiro's tongue pounded against hers all the time, she would TRY to win against his but he was always the one to force his into her mouth,

'One day! Toushiro! I'll get you!' Rukia thought with promise as she smiled under him, finally breaking away for air she twisted to look her prince in the eyes as both their faced flushed with deep red.

"I hate it when you do that" her eyes and face telling otherwise,

"Really? I would have never guessed" he smirked at her as he gathered his princess into his lap looking up into the starry night sky.

"Yeah right," sarcasm thick in her voice as she leaned on the youngest captain's hard chest, feeling his heart beat in his rib cage. Rukia smiled

"One day I'll get you, my dear ice prince"

"That will be the day, my lovely snow princess." And together the two watched the fireworks that exploded before them, illuminating their eyes.

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