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Rukia had a little secret. Ironically enough, she hated it when others kept secrets from her but this secret was one that no one could know. It was after all, sort of illegal. She could get her wings ripped off if she was ever caught, and that would really suck for the little succubus. Still, she liked her secret and she wasn't hurting anyone, and she figured, she was so small no one would ever see her. With this in mind, Rukia kept her plans close. She would play the part so that no one would know what was in her little head.

"Rukia come and help me will you?" asked Matsumoto, adjusting her witch hat with one hand and holding a plate of ghost food in the other.

"What do you need?" asked Rukia adjusting herself into her larger self, though compared to Matsumoto, that wasn't much to brag about.

"No, change back. I need you to take this up to Inoue, she won't come down and Ishida is getting worried." Looking up at the orange ghost floating around the mansion ceiling, circling and singing to herself.

"You've tried talking to her?" asked the pink succubus with raven black hair.

"Me and Renji both, she keeps singing to herself but you know how she is." Said Matsumoto, shifting from one foot to the other.

Rukia took the food with an understanding nod; she shifted herself until she was small enough to use her wings, because even with her small size her wings were too small to carry her unless she had her trident to help, but being as how she was at the mansion she had no reason to carry it around.

Thankfully ghost food was light and so the small succubus flew up to her orange ghost friend,

"Inoue come eat, its your favorite," said Rukia trying to get her friend to stop for a moment. When she realized that Inoue couldn't hear her, she stopped and looked down at Matsumoto, they shared a glance and Rukia tried another tactic.

"If you don't want it, I'll take it to Ichigo. I'm sure he will like your food, should I tell him you made it for him?" asked Rukia, all the while knowing her friend liked the zombie but was too shy to say anything; this got the ghost girl's attention.

With a gasp Inoue turned to Rukia, "Oh Rukia-chan! W-what? Ighigo? N-no I want it," she stopped her circling and took the food Rukia offered and when Matsumoto finally returned with her broom and flew up to meet her friends, the two watched Inoue eat her food.

"So you've finally decided to eat huh?" jested the witch,

"Mmm, sorry."

"What been on your mind Inoue?" asked the small succubus,

"Well….I just, I've been really bored lately." Confessed the female ghost, her eyes cast down and a bit of ghost food dripping from the corner of her mouth. Matsumoto reached over and wiped the rest off with her finger before she got an idea,

"Why don't you come with me to the witches party tonight! It's in the next town over, you'll love it!"

"Uh well…"

"Go on Inoue, it'll be fun!" Rukia flew up into her friend's face and pet her on the head when Inoue asked,

"You won't be coming Rukia-chan?"

"You come too Rukia, it'll be great!"

Rukia had to think fast, tonight was the only night to implement her plan. She couldn't afford to miss this chance!

"I can't I'm going to go see my nii-san tonight," she lied. Smiling at her two friends, Rukia felt her heart beat just a tad bit faster when they shared a look and then at her before Inoue frowned and Matsumoto nodded.

"Alright, see you later then Rukia," the witch waved and Rukia did the same before flying off.

"Bye Rukia-chan! Have fun!"

"Bye Inoue, Matsumoto!"

Giving some time to watch the two women leave, Rukia let out a sigh before turning the other way and heading out of the castle herself. At the speed at which she was flying there was no way she could see the white blob that was laid haphazardly by the wall. She had no time to waste, it was already so late and it would begin soon.

Rukia flew out of the castle and beyond the woods that protected the monster castle from hunters and outside forces. She flew past the lake and down the valleys and when she had flown for almost two hours at speeds that would make her normally stoic big brother proud, she had finally arrived.

This was her little secret. This could get her into so much trouble, but each time, each year she came back. She came back to these creatures, these humans, who dressed like monsters but Rukia knew they weren't really.

They were so curious. Why did they dress like this? Why only this night, for every year she has come to spy on them?

A few dozen years ago Rukia was playing around, flying as high into the sky as she could without losing her breath, when one day she spotted it; a pillar of smoke. Curious was she that she flew towards the smoke and found a village filled with humans! She had never seen one before but Ishida had spoken about them so much that it took her by surprise to see that they weren't so bad. They looked interesting in a weird and ugly way, and day after day Rukia came back to watch the humans go about their little village until one night things changed. She saw the same people, for she had come to recognize their faces, and saw that they were dressed like her friends!

Many were dressed like Ishida and Matsumoto, and white and really ugly versions of Inoue, some were like Ichigo and some like Renji. Others were deformed versions of her friends and some were creatures she knew for a fact that didn't exist in the human world. They passed out these little things that the children would go around eating, there would be music and dancing and lots and lots of people all night long.

It was like a drug. Rukia couldn't get enough, so each year she came back but this year, she wanted more. She wanted to go and join in on the fun. The warning bells in her head went off, for obvious reason, humans, as far as she had always known, were evil. They hunted and killed her kind, she was different and so she was persecuted.

Still, they looked like they were having such fun and Rukia had watched them for years, watched as this village became a town, and from that, a city! She watched these people grow up. She knew, she wouldn't come to harm. She was going to enjoy tonight!

And so, Rukia with her abilities changed herself into her normal size and instead of gliding down, she climbed down. She entered the city and she looked just like everyone else.

"Hey nice costume, sexy~"

"I love your boots!"

"Great dress, but a bit small don't you think?"

"Aren't you cold? Love the wings by the way!"

Back and forth people spoke to her. 'They don't suspect a thing!' thought Rukia, smiling to herself she walked down the streets of the city watching the children run around in their 'costumes' and adults talking and laughing with each other. Rukia passed the places that have big windows, the ones that are always decorated with ribbons and shiny things. The little succubus is so enthralled by them that she doesn't notice the group of kids running towards her, and it all happens too quickly.

The children run into Rukia, she is so shocked her body naturally reacts to danger and she has shrunk back into her pixie form. Before the eyes of the children who scream and run and point, they're yelling,


"Freak! You freak!"

"Help us! She's a monster!"

There are people now, running towards the children and Rukia is flying away getting chased by the adults and they're shouting at her but she can't hear them over the roar in her ears. Her eyes are blurry and she can't figure out why, but she's bumping into things and suddenly her wings feel too heavy and she falls from the sky. The ground has scraped her hands and knees and she can hear them behind her and she's so scared she can't do anything beside hear Ishida telling her to never trust a human, they kill us because we are different. They are not our friends.

She closes her eyes and hopes that it is a swift death, when she feels something tight grab her around her waist and she can't move but she doesn't resist. She waits for the pain, the finishing blow, but all see feels is warm and cold at the same time.

Suddenly it's quiet. There is no more yelling and no more screaming. Only silence, and the warmth of something that is breathing on her; the tightness on her waist is gone and she falls to the ground.

"Get up, they're gone now." She hears a voice, a male one. Rukia opens her eyes because she swears that she knows this voice, she looks up into the eyes of Wolfman Hitsugaya.

"W-What? Histugaya? What are you?"

"I should be asking you that, Kuchiki. What were you thinking back there!? Prancing around the humans like- like some human! Have you gone insane!?" to say that the silver haired wolf was angry was an understatement. The wolfman was vivid, his green eyes dark with the change that took him just seconds ago. Rukia was thankful to Wolfman Hitsugaya, he was a friend of sorts, more like an associate really but occasionally they would exchange friendly laughs with each other. Today though, was not one of those days; today Rukia felt grateful to be saved but more than that she was angry. Angry at getting caught, angry at herself, and angry because Hitsugaya was yelling at her like she were a pup!

"I was having fun,"

"Fun? That was fun to you?"

"It was before you came into the picture," growling at the wolfman, her body grown into its normal size and her arms on her hips,

"If it hadn't been for me, you'd have been captured by the humans and then who knows what. Tortured? Maimed? Muted? Blinded?"

"That-" she began, but her fellow monster stopped her with a hand and a very swift whip of his tail.

"Could have happened and you know that, you knew what could have happened and you still went in." He glared at her with anger and confusion in his eyes, "why?"

"I was curious, that's why." She really was but even that sounded like a lie to her. Clearly Hitsugaya thought so too because the level in his glare didn't change.

"Look thanks for saving me, but I'm fine. I'm not hurt so you don't need to—"

Once again she is cut off by Wolfman Hitsugaya.

"And why shouldn't I? Ishida made the rules so that we would follow them. Clearly you didn't get the memo." His arms are crossed and Rukia is starting to get very annoyed with this whole thing.

Where does he get off in telling her what to do? He isn't her brother; hell he isn't even her friend! They've shared maybe two or three sentences with each other during their entire time at the mansion they all moved into three hundred years ago. Why now all of a sudden does Wolfman Histugaya care?

The glare he gives her suddenly changes and she thinks she may have just said that out loud. When he speaks, his tone is somber and calm. It's unnerving.

"I care because I don't want to see another one of my kind hurt again," murmurs the white haired wolf man. It takes Rukia a while to figure out what he means but suddenly she remembers.

It happened some ninety years ago, one night out of nowhere a pack of hunters had somehow found the castle. They thought they could get in and steal some things of value, that's what Renji thought anyway, being an old pirate and all, when the hunters found not material goods but real life monsters were in the castle well….

They brought back others and before they knew it, Rukia and her friends were outnumbered and were forced to fight for their lives. Being a succubus has its advantages over men, and being able to shrink is even better; that night she got away with very little harm to herself but others were not so lucky. Others like the cat woman Hinamori; her leg got caught in a trap and by the time anyone could help, the leg was so damaged that even healing it with witch magic couldn't completely heal the wound. She now walks with a limp and being Hitsugaya's best friend; no doubt he blames himself.

Suddenly Rukia feels foolish at being angry at the other monster and apologizes for her bad mouth,

"It's fine, let's just go home." He turns and begins walking, taking the time to make sure she is following, the trek back home is filled with silence neither party want or know how to break. Yet by the time they return to their sanctuary, they have reached a mutual something between them, without the use of words, there is the potential of friendship between them.

"Wolfman Hitsugaya, I have a question." It's been bothering her for a while and now seems like the best time to ask, he turns to look at his slightly taller companion, his green eyes shining in the moonlight.

"How did you know I was in the human city?" as far as she knew, she was careful that she wasn't being followed. She flew faster than she ever had just to be sure.

"I followed your scent, you were flying too fast to start with for me to catch up but I followed your smell to the humans."

"My smell?" she raised her arm and sniffed, not being able to catch anything off she heard the most peculiar sound seconds later. She looked over to see it was her white haired acquaintance-turned-friend, he was laughing.

"When you flew by me in the castle, you left behind a trail of adrenaline and fear. I got suspicious and I followed you,"

"Suspicious? I wasn't going to betray everyone!"

"I didn't know, so I followed. I was protecting the pack," suddenly the air is charged with whatever they had in the woods, and Rukia really doesn't want to get into another fight with the guy so she just lets out a sigh,

"Fine, I understand," she gave him a nod, goodnight and thanks, and pushed open the doors into the castle and by walking in front of him she didn't see the smallest smile on his handsome face. Nor did she hear his whisper on the wind.

"I was also curious about you."

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