Wow, I can't actually believe I'm going to try and write fanfiction again. It's been four, very long years. So, I hope you all understand that I will be very nervous and very rusty. Though, considering the quality of my old work, how much worse could I get?

This is also my first LoSH piece. It's still a fairly new fandom to me, but dammit, Brainy is just to cute to overlook! I am mostly inspired, and helped by the wonderful PriestessOfNox. Go read her fiction, I command it!

Feel free to give constructive criticism. I know I'm probably going to need it. Also, I would find it very helpful if you find a certain character is acting very OOC, as I'm trying to keep them as loyal to the series as possible. This is also set, pre-season two, mainly for the reason I liked the look of Brainy more in season one, he was too adorable. Not that the ending of two didn't damn well kick ass

Saying that, this will be a slash fiction. You heard me. MalexMale action, specifically, SupermanxBrainy. No like then please no read.

...FINE! I do not own Legion of Superheroes, these characters belong to Marvel/WB and I am just a fan who manipultes for fun

Now, enough with this nonsense, lets bring it on!

Chapter 1

Six months, twenty-seven days, three hours, fifty-two minutes and ten seconds since Superman had returned to his own time period. Brainy's internal clock slowly ticked down further seconds as he listlessly checked supervillan status on COMPUTO. At first, he had not even been aware he had been counting since the time Superman had left. He only discovered this when Lightning Lad had commented on how much easier it would have been to recapture the Fatal Five with Superman's help.

He had tried to stop himself, doing everything short of ripping his own head open to see if there was a way to remove this function. He had briefly considered this in a moment of madness, reasoning that his body and head had survived separate from each other before. However, he relented, knowing, that while he was part robot, his humanoid parts would most defiantly react to such treatment.

He learned to accept, that to some degree, his thoughts would always be on Superman. He also came to accept what the quickened heart rate, heat to his race and queasy feeling in his stomach meant, when he thought too much on Superman. He had been exceedingly careful in his diagnosis, repeatedly reentering the information into COMPUTO, but only getting one clear answer.


He, Brainiac Five, was in love, with his fellow legionnaire, friend, and legendary icon and the 21st century, Superman.

He did not need his twelfth level intelligence to tell him that this could not be good.

When COMPUTO had pulled up the files on love, many had been from the 20th and 21st century, in form of cheesy romance novels and films, though there were some more scientific documents, on why the body reacted the way it did. As Brainy had been specific enough to include the gender of whom bought the reactions on, articles on views of homosexuality from the period had also came up.

Brainy rationalised that he knew Superman, and trusted him, he was a friend now, as well as the beloved hero. He felt he could trust Clark not to take the more extreme end of the view of being completely disgusted by Brainy's affection for him. Yet, data rarely misguided Brainy, and he was able to complete that many people from the century held some element of homophobia to them.

While the phobia did still exist in the 31st century, only a view expressed it. Contact with other planets, with different customs and races than their own, had forced Earth to become more accepting.

Brainy massaged his temples with his fingers, a habit he picked up from the constantly exasperated Cosmic Boy. His head was beginning to hurt with the constant swirl of thoughts, the only constant thought being What am I going to do?

He had considered going to Saturn Girl. He felt he would be able to depend on her judgement the most, as the others would most likely tease him above everything else. The urge to talk to someone was getting stronger as his feelings also increased.

His thought pattern was shattered when COMPUTO's alarm sounded. He reacts quickly, fingers flying across the keyboard as he searches out the cause of disturbance. Eyes narrow slightly as he makes his way to the main room.

"Whose causing the trouble?" questioned Lightning Lad, seeming a bit over-eager at the prospect of a fight. It had been slow the past few days, with only common problems such as fires and robberies to deal with.

"Scavengers" replied Brainy. "They've just started a minor crime spree, breaking into every hardware and weapons shop they pass. We should be able to catch them easily if we split into groups."

Bouncing Boy gave a quick nod. "Lightning Lad, Triplicate Girl and myself will hit the area just north of here. Phantom Girl and Timber Wolf should hit south, while Brainy and Saturn Girl take the east. Keep in contact, the first to find them should not proceed until the others show, got it?"

A quick nod from each member, to show they understood, and they broke into groups, leaving headquarters in search of the Scavengers.

Brainy pushed all his thoughts of Superman to the back of his mind. For now, the Scavengers would provide adequate distraction. Instead he allowed his mind to fill with basic strategies for the fight and pulling up statistics on the Scavengers and possibilities for what they could be planning to do with the stolen material.

Still preoccupied, he failed to react in time, to the explosion, sending him crashing into Saturn Girl.