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Sakumi Kinoyuuki (c) 2008


Many hot boys roam freely in Shin Makoku ... it's no wonder Yuuri, who happens to be an earthling, is uber attractive to these guys ... because he's so different! Unbeknownst to little Yuu-chan, all the other boys have major fantasies about him ... and his double-black feature hence, these odd dream sequences who will follow after this introduction. Of course, we can't leave out all the girls either! So, we'll be seeing, through various imaginated plots, how Yuuri always manages to end up in someone's arms ...

Upcoming Dreams:

1st Dream: I Dream of Murata

2nd Dream: I Dream of Conrad

3rd Dream: I Dream of Cecilie

4th Dream: I Dream of Gwendal

5th Dream: I Dream of Anissina

6th Dream: I Dream of Günter

7th Dream: I Dream of Saralegi

8th Dream: I Dream of Wolfram

9th Dream: I Dream of Yuuri

Each of the 'Dreams' are only in the specified character's mind. In fact, the last dream 'I dream of Yuuri' is the only chapter that is 'real' instead of being imagined by the character.

I hope you will enjoy this new fanfiction of mine ! Please go on to the next page to read 'I Dream of Murata'

Sakumi Kinoyuuki