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I dream of Conrad

Yuuri looked at his wristwatch and tapped his foot impatiently. Conrad had promised to meet him at the training grounds at precisely 8 o'clock and it was now way past 10. The young boy wondered what could be holding back his godfather for so long and momentarily thought of leaving the yard for the cool shade of the outer castle. At the same moment, Conrad appeared from within the castle and hurriedly made his way to the Maou, one hand high above his head in a sweeping movement.

"Conrad!" Exclaimed Yuuri as he met the older man halfway.

"Heika, please forgive my tardiness. I was in a meeting with Gwendal and Günter and I couldn't get away before now." Replied the soldier with an apologetic look.

The young boy shook his head from side to side in a negative response. "It's okay Conrad, I was just wondering if you had stood me up of something!"

Conrad looked back at Yuuri with a small shock settled on his face, which disappeared before the Maou could notice. He smiled wisely at the boy who stood before him and tilted his head sideways. "I wouldn't do that, Heika."

Yuuri grinned from ear to ear and grabbed his godfather by the hand, pulling him towards the clearing in front of the castle. "Come on! You said you'd show me some new moves! Even Morgif has been looking forward to it!"

"Yes, Heika." Replied the man to the overly enthusiastic boy.

"Conrad! How many times must I tell you? It's Yuuri ! Y-U-U-R-I, not Heika!" answered the exasperated boy over his shoulder.

Conrad laughed gently and winked at the Maou. "All right, Yuuri."

Yuuri, content with himself, led Conrad to the training area, where both he and the soldier pulled out their swords. Morgif was already pumped up to face off against the 'non-living' sword of Yuuri's current opponent and was making odd combat sounds, or so Yuuri figured. Conrad plastered his most serious face and pointed his sword at the Maou who, in turn, stood wide-legged with his own sword firmly positioned in his hands.

Yuuri blinked and Conrad was already crossing irons with him. The trained soldier pressed hard against Yuuri's sword, which moaned loudly, and continued his assault by stepping onto the teenager's territory.

"Yuuri, keep your legs widely apart and give more power to your arms. Hold your back strait, look at your opponent, not the floor!" Commanded Conrad to his current sparring partner.

Yuuri furrowed his eyebrows in concentration and decided to move in. With an impressive manoeuvre, the Maou managed to push Conrad off him and block the next hit.

"Good Yuuri! Keep doing that!" Replied the soldier with a friendly smile.

The teenager took that as a gunshot to fully attack his opponent, and knock out the sword from Conrad's hands. Conrad stood there, sword less, and stared in awe at his student. Yuuri breathed heavily and lowered his sword, a bright smile on his face.

"I won? I actually won!" said the excited boy.

"Nearly Yuuri, you only managed to disarm me." Replied Conrad, a knowing look in his eyes..

"Eh? But, that's all I need to do!" replied the confused Maou.

At that moment, Conrad moved with mind-blowing precision and caught Yuuri in his iron grip. He crushed the smaller boy to his chest, his strong arms around the black-haired teenager's waist. Conrad bent his head and nestled his face in Yuuri's neck, his mouth slightly agape.

"And what if your enemy does this to you?" Breathed the soldier in Yuuri's ear.

"I-I doubt my opponent would do that C-Conrad ..." Stuttered Yuuri.

"Oh? And what makes you so sure of that, Heika?" slyly responded Conrad.

"I-I've never seen anyone on the battlefield act l-like t-this" slurred out the flushed Maou.

"Well now, there's a first for everything, right?"

Yuuri's mind went blank, a tingling sensation where Conrad's mouth lingered. Said man tightened his hold on Yuuri, forcing him to tiptoe to meet his height. He glided one of his hands upwards and gently cupped the back of Yuuri's head. Forcing Yuuri to raise his chin slightly, he bore his powerful gaze into the Maou's boyish face.

"And what if your enemy does this, Yuuri?" questioned Conrad as he lowered his face to Yuuri's.

Morgif fell to the ground with a loud clatter, as Yuuri's body lost all will to fight against Conrad's lips. The Maou let his senses slip and soon ended up being supported by Conrad. The daring soldier pulled back slightly, resting his forehead against the Maou's.

"Yuuri, haven't I taught you to never lower your guards? Even when you think the battle is won, you might be in for a surprise comeback on behalf of your enemy." Whispered Conrad into Yuuri's face.

"T-this is want you wanted to teach me?" answered the black-haired boy to his friend.

"That, among other things." Replied Conrad with a smouldering look.

The King stared blankly at his most trusted retainer and felt his eyes flutter to a close when Conrad moved in for the second time. Thoughts and confusion ran through Yuuri's mind as he tried to figure out what was happening. Conrad had always been there for him, through thick and thin, and now ... the soldier had an entirely other appearance to the Maou's eyes than just being a 'godfather' or loyal 'follower'. He felt his legs give in and soon enough, his consciousness had slipped, sending him into a dark oblivion.

"Yuuri?" Questioned the soldier to the limp body between his arms.

Conrad smiled and picked up the Maou in his arms. Yuuri remained limp, his eyes tightly shut, a gentle rosy hue spread across his cheeks. Conrad looked at the boy in his arms and thought for the first time that Wolfram was right in calling the young King a 'wimp'. The soldier strutted off towards the castle; Yuuri was in need of rest after this trying day.

They would probably have to resume practice tomorrow ...

The End! Go to the next dream ...

Author's Note:

Alright ! So, here's the second 'Dream' -- Conrad !! Well, I have to say, it was a lot harder for me to write about ConYuu ... for the simple reason that it's not really one of my ships ; Anyway, I tried to keep the 'gentle' Conrad & the 'innocent' Yuuri all at once (did it work?) I hope all the ConYuu fans are happy with this outcome .. once again, I apoligize for the 'soft' fluff XD However, I'm getting better ! I think this chapter was alot more 'fluffy' that the previous one (I'm improving !! Maybe the next chapters will also increase in fluffyness ? ;) )

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