City of Runes

Sharp, Intense and Hazel

;;A city of Bones & City of Ashes fanfiction. This fanfiction is following the events of the second book, City of Ashes, My own storyline is going to be put into action. The characters, things, places, and anything in the books of Cassandra Clare are NOT mine. The made up name, storyline, and original characters are owned by me but otherwise everything else is not. I do not claim to be Cassandra Clare, I am me, Danielle.. My own person.;;

"Yes" Madeleine said. "I mean I can show you how to wake your mother up" – Cassandra Clare, (Last Page of City of Ashes, just so that you know where we are).

Clary stared with wide eyes at Madeleine, Did she just say that? It couldn't be, my mother would never do anything of the sort to herself. No… "You mean…you can wake my mother up?" Clary said with a bit of urgency clouding her voice. iShe can be woken up…my mother….

Madeleine smiled gently at Clary and nodded her head, her silver hair shook gently with her head. "I can help, yes.. A ritual must be performed" Madeleine said. The woman brought her hand up and brushed Clary's cheek softly, "You look just like your mother" She spoke gently with her smile widening.

Clary shuddered at her touch as she wasn't ready for it, the woman had an odd aura around her. If she says she can…then maybe its true…She might be able to wake her up… Clary looked at her with thoughtful eyes and nodded, "I…believe that you are telling the truth…Made-Madeleine" Clary said, testing out her name.

Madeleine frowned just a little bit, "Why would you think I am lying Clarissa? Do you not trust me?" Madeleine questioned.

Clary bit her lip and shook her head, "Its not that…its just that, this world has not been too kind to me lately…or to anyone I know" Clary said, looking up at Madeleine with a sad look. "I do hope you understand" She spoke gently. Clary allowed her fingers to mess with her mother's stele, it was something that now brought comfort to her.

First chapter of my fanfic...How is it? If you think I should continue I will...I think its terrible.