Hi, everyone

Hi, everyone! I'm really sorry I haven't been writing for a while, but I'm still alive! I'll hopefully be writing more in the summer. I have a poll about my Harry Potter story that you can vote on. I'd really appreciate if you did! Anyways, this is a poem that I wrote for English, so please R&R! Hopefully it's still good!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own King Kong...or any of the actors (sigh).

His wings that he spreads and flies away with

Are now folded up inside a small cage,

Great plays that contain many truths and myths

Forced into shadows for many an age.

At first sight, she seems uncaring, unkind,

She's nothing to him, no one to dream of,

But soon, an idea creeps into his mind –

Now, he's living the play: a play of love.

His ideas come with more frequency now,

His world is brighter: to colour from grey,

She's grown closer than he meant to allow,

But the feeling illuminates his day.

When he talks to her about how he feels,

He'll take his new play and make it real.

It's not my best...but I decided to put it on anyway!