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Oh, and don't know if Road can levitate people, but I was told that she has telepathic powers outside of her dream so in this fic she can.


Allen spun on the spot, blowing up Akuma with his gun, the sounds of his friends fighting sounding in the distance. He had to finish up here quick and go help them.

Suddenly, just as he destroyed the last Akuma in the area, he heard some maniacal giggling behind him, and turned around in time for Road Kamelot to plough several candle stakes into his body. He screamed in pain and sunk to his knees, shaking.

'Hi Allen!' Road smiled sweetly, approaching him. She bent down to look at his pained face, staring curiously at his cursed eye.

'Road…' He hissed, trying to grab her with his hand. She laughed and moved out of the way. Tykki appeared next to her.

'Tykki, go tell the other exorcists we have Allen, ok?'

'Ok, whatever…'

Tykki shrugged casually and walked out of the clearing of trees towards the sounds of fighting. Allen looked up, cursing his inability to move.

'Are-aren't you going to kill me?'

'Nope! I just wanna show you a really cool Akuma! It just evolved, you see, and we've been waiting for it since Master Millennium made the first Akuma.'

'You want m-me to see the very first Akuma?'

'Yup, thought you'd like to see how powerful it could get. Anyway, come on.'

The girl raised her hand and Allen felt his bloody, sore body being lift into the air. The Noah's door appeared in front of them and Allen felt himself being pushed in. There was a quick flash of light, and they were in the dream…No, this wasn't a dream, this was a different place. It was black, with swirling purple lights, and it seemed to go on forever. The stakes pulled themselves out of his body and he screamed in pain again as blood exploded out of him. Road flicked her finger behind him, placing him upright. He crumpled to the ground, clutching the worst of his wounds.

'Look,' Road said, a sadistic awe in her voice.

Allen pushed himself off the ground into sitting position and looked up at where Road was. In the middle of a floor was a heap of rusted metal with a mask on top.

Allen's eye suddenly activated, and Allen felt his entire head burn. He screamed loudly, reaching for his eye, but Road grabbed the back of his head and his hands and kept his eyes on the Akuma. The soul next to it…It was tormented, it was yelling and screaming and gasping for freedom, it was tearing itself apart, it was broken. The sharp pain in Allen's head worsened, spreading to his limbs. He tried to close his eyes, but the curse wouldn't let him.

'That is the first Akuma,' Road said as Allen struggled to free himself from her surprisingly strong grasp, 'It is Level one hundred. When it get's to this level, there isn't enough soul left in it to make it work, and it just collapses. We were gonna self destruct it, but I wanted you to see it.'

Allen's eyes widened as he realized what she was going to do. He activated his arm and threw her off and turned back towards the Akuma to destroy it, but looking at it….His head spinning, he felt his stomach churn. He fell onto his hands and knees and vomited onto the ground. He couldn't move, he felt cold all over. Behind him, he felt Road painfully grab his hair and forced him to look at it. He retched into his hands, though his stomach was empty.

'Look at it,' She instructed harshly, 'Look at it and see it blow itself apart! Akuma, self destruct!'

The Akuma blew itself apart. Allen felt his eye explode in a sickening burst of agony, and screamed in sync with what was left of the soul as it disappeared into darkness.

'Help me…' It whispered.

But Allen couldn't. He couldn't move, he couldn't do anything.


Lavi and Kanda stood in front of Tykki, Kanda tapping his foot impatiently. The deal was they would hand over the innocence for Allen, once Road had finished with him. They didn't know what that meant, but they didn't like it.

Suddenly, a door appeared next to the Noah, and Road came out, Allen floating behind her. His uniform was ripped and covered in blood, and his hair was stained red.

'Ok, hand over the innocence,' Tykki instructed.

Kanda grudgingly reached into his pocket and tossed them the glowing cube, and at the same time Road flicked her finger and sent Allen flying towards them. Lavi ran forward and caught the boy before he hit the ground as Tykki caught the innocence and crushed it in his fist.

'Well it's been fun,' Road smiled as she and her older comrade walked back towards the door, 'But we have to go. See ya.'

The door shut, and there was silence. Kanda huffed angrily.

'Stupid bean sprout, getting himself caught, we just lost innocence because of him, the useless idiot...'

Lavi wasn't listening. He was checking Allen's injuries. He appeared to have been stabbed several times in various places on his body, but they should heal, and he had had worse injuries then this. The red head looked at Allen's face, and his eyes widened. Allen was not unconscious like they thought. His grey eyes were wide and staring, a look of utter horror on his face. His Akuma eye was activated though there were no Akuma around, and blood was flowing freely from behind the cogwheel, staining his cheek. Tears poured from his normal eye.


'I'm cold….' Allen shivered, his voice a quiet quaver.

'Well, we'll get you back to the order, ok? It's warm there. Are you in a lot of pain?'

'I'm hurting all over….'

'Well just hold on till we get home. Kanda! Get me some bandages from you pack!'

Kanda nodded and ran over to where they had dumped their supplies. Allen's eyes closed, exhausted. Lavi sighed, looking at the sleeping boy in his arms. Something wasn't right.


And so ends chapter one. Tell me what you think, ok?