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Lenalee yawned and sat up straight. Dawn was peeking in through the curtains, meaning it had been almost three days since Allen/ The crowned clown had been hooked up to the machines. Occasionally he would wake, staring around with pale green eyes, not particularly interested in anything, but for the most part, the innocence remained asleep, too weak to stay up for more then an hour at a time.

The Chinese girl got up from her chair and walked over to the figure lying in the bed, tubes protruding from his arms. His face was pale and unrestful, and there was hair in his face.

As she reached forward to brush the lock away, his eyes opened a little. She jumped a little, surprised he had woken so early.


Lenalee blinked in surprise. The crowned clown wasn't talking with that cold, stoic tone of voice anymore. Looking closer, she found his eyes had turned back to grey.

'Allen!' She couldn't stop herself from crying out joyfully, 'Is that really you?'

'Uh huh...' Allen nodded slowly. Then, before he could say anything further, his eyes slid shut again. Worried, the girl tried calling out to him again, but he had fallen back to sleep. She sighed, then went to tell Komui, all the while wondering how Allen would react to his appearance when he woke up for real.


The first thing Allen was aware of was his entire body felt weak, and oddly light. He tried to open his eyes but they felt like lead, which he considered strange. He'd see Lenalee a little while ago; He'd woken up, but before he could ask what had happened he'd fallen back into unconsciousness. He hoped he was starting to wake for real now, in case he'd scared the girl in anyway.

He got the feeling that he'd gone away somewhere for a long time, like a mission, only... He was pretty sure if he had gone out on a mission he would have remembered it. The last thing he could remember was his arm hurting, and then walking with Lenalee, then-


Allen's eyes shot open as he shouted out the girls' name, an image of her trapped in his clown belt bursting into his mind. He sat in the hospital bed, panting, clutching his heart, staring around wildly. He had a bunch of tubes coming out of his arms, which alarmed him.


Allen looked up as Komui came in through the door.

'Komui! Is Lenalee-'

'Lie down,' Komui instructed, as he pushed him back onto the pillow. He reached for a stethoscope, unbuttoned the top of Allen's pyjamas and listened to his heart. Allen watched curiously, wondering what on earth could have happened to him.

'Your heart rate is normal,' Komui sighed in relief, standing up straight, 'Good, everything's working so far. Good thing you woke up, everyone was getting nervous for you, particularly Lenalee.'

'Lenalee!' Allen tried to sit up again only to be stopped by Komui's hand, 'Is she ok? What happened?'

'She's fine,' Komui assured him with a smile, 'She just left to get something to eat. Do you want me to go find her?'

'Yes please...' Allen nodded sheepishly.

Komui nodded and left. Allen propped himself up in the pillows, trying to breathe calmly. He couldn't remember anything past trapping Lenalee, feeling the need to kill her. Although he didn't know why he'd done such a thing, He hoped desperately that she didn't hate him now.

The door swung open, and Allen again looked up to see Lenalee rush in, a joyous smile on her face.

'Allen!' She cried, gripping the railings of the hospital bed, 'You're awake! Thank goodness!'

Allen was speechless. Now that she was here, he didn't know what he wanted to say. She didn't seem to hate him... But then why didn't she hug him? Whenever he'd got knocked out and woke up she was always there to hug him... Unless he was injured... Which brought the question back to why he was in a hospital bed.

'Allen?' Lenalee looked concerned, 'Are you alright?'

'Yes, but what about you? I tried to kill you!'

'You didn't, that was your Innocence.'

Allen blinked, confused.

'My... Innocence? You mean the crowned clown?'

'Yes, when you stopped hunting Akuma it caused your curse to infect your innocence and take control of your body.'

'I see...' Allen sighed sadly, 'So it really was my fault I almost killed you...'

'Not true!' Lenalee looked determined, 'This is all Road's fault and no one else's! Don't blame yourself Allen!'

Lenalee then leaned forward and hugged him, and Allen felt his heart warm. Though, she wasn't hugging him as tightly as she usually would.

'Lenalee...' He looked up at her when she pulled away, 'Am I injured or sick?'

'Well...' Lenalee sighed, 'Allen, to give control back to you we had to take all the innocence out of your body, and it's going to leave you a bit frail for a while.'

Allen's eyes widened in shock, and he glanced at his left arm. His hand was hidden beneath the sleeve, so he pulled the sleeve up to his shoulder, and almost fainted.

Instead of the weird blackish colour being on his skin, it was of a normal colour, like his other arm.

'I-i...' He stuttered, unable to stop looking at his arm, 'I'm n-not an exorcist anymore?'

'Well, not at the moment...' Lenalee said slowly, rubbing his right shoulder in comfort, 'And theres still Innocence in your heart that needs to be removed, but Komui's come up with a safe way to do that... And another thing...'

'Hmm...?' Allen was unsure how much he could take.

'Um... Your curse is gone.'


Lenalee nodded, a little shaken, and reached into the bedside draw and pulled out a small hand mirror. He took in his now human left hand and looked at reflection. A clear face stared back at him, gray eyes startled not to find a red mark down one side of his face. His hair had turned from white to brown.


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