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Chapter 1

Creedy stood frozen to the spot as the burning flames came rushing towards him. Glancing back he saw the the door slam shut in Quinn's face as he tried in vain to keep it from closing. The castle rocked under the wrath of the angry dragon as he rained fire down the corridor. Creedy wondered how long it would take for him to die under the fire. Would it be quick and painless, or would there be an agonizing pain as he burned to a crisp. The answer came soon enough as the flames licked at the his back and legs almost in slow motion. Pain shot though him as the darkness engulfed his senses.

The dragon shot barrage after barrage of flames all over the castle, not satisfied until it was a living torch. Pure instinct driving its need for revenge. "Attack. Kill. Hunger. Man." The dragon smelled a man down corridor. Rage taking over, it shot white hot flame down the passageway. But just as it had begun, the dragon stopped as another creature slammed into it, forcing the bull dragon to extinguish it's flame. Another dragon. Female. He'd punish the female for interfering. But wait, why did this one have to four legs as well as wings? The bull's hesitation gave the smaller female the necessary opportunity to strike. This time with flames and claws. The bull shook off his hesitation after the female gouged his back while shooting flames in his face. Taking to the sky he gave chase. The battle lasted but a few minutes since the bull was wounded first. Flames from female sped after him as he fled the scene, returning to his coven to rest and heal.

The she dragon, however triumphant this time, did not win unscathed. Several wounds marked her back, shoulders and legs, courtesy of the bull's talons and teeth. Nothing too serious in dragon terms but only if she gave them the proper time to heal. The battle had also greatly exhausted her, more than she had anticipated. Preparing to fly back to her cave, she smelled something down one of the corridors. Burnt human. What intrigued her was that it did not smell dead. Folding her wings back in, she silently crept down the hallway, barely fitting through some places. Reaching a stairway, she stuck her neck down around the corner to see what lay at the bottom. More black walls and a steel door stuck shut with all the ash piled in front of it. Where was that smell? Carefully she listened to hear if anybody was on the other side. There were. Many people, a lot of them children. All sleeping though some sounded like they had cried themselves to sleep. A name was faintly whispered. Creedy. Who was this Creedy?

Satisfied that they would not hear her, she started nosing around in the ash, trying to find that smell that was beginning to drive her insane with curiosity. She found nothing near the door. Frustrated, she backed up and nosed around the bottom of the stairs, slowly working her way up. Near the first landing she finally found something. Tired of getting her snout dirty, she brushed the ash off the form lying on the stair with her front foreleg. It was a man. She sniffed. He wasn't dead but he was badly burned. Looking around, the female knew the humans had no way of treating his injuries. Making a decision then, she quickly picked up the wounded man and backed out of the burned out passage way. Moving fast now to an open area, she spread her wings and took to the skies.

The sky slowly began to pale as the dragoness landed in front of her cave. The flight had been uneventful, something for which she was thankful. It would not have been pleasant having to fight one of the bull's females on top of fighting him in the same day. The only thing that did bother her was the condition of the human. Inside, she dragged out some blankets and laid them on her bed coins and jewels, forming a pallet big enough for human. Lying him on his stomach, she set to work removing the burned clothing from his legs and back. It was very tedious work and as careful as she was, the poor man whimpered a few times in his sleep. Once that was done, the she dragon applied a salve to the burns to prevent the heat from doing anymore damage. It would take months to heal everything but the dragoness was willing to try. Bringing out another blanket, she covered the unconscious human, spread her wing over him and went into her own regenerative sleep to heal the wounds she has sustained.

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