Disclaimer- I don't own any characters

Disclaimer- I don't own any characters. They belong to Ryo Takamisaki and Capcom.

"Oi, Enzan! What's going on here? I've never seen so many people downtown."

A young man by the name of Netto, walked up to his friend as hundreds of people rushed around him in confusion and excitement. Netto was a world renowned scientist working at Scilab. Enzan was a prominent business man in the region. He had become the president of the billion-dollar industry, IPC.

"You don't know? Today's the auction of the undesirables."

"What're the undesirables?"

Enzan laughed and pointed towards an open cell by the entrance of town hall. A large group of men and women were gathered by the cell so it was hard to see the beings inside.

"Those are the undesirables. They're actually called netnavis, but no one really seems to care what they're called."

Netto watched the mass of undesirables shift uncomfortably. He could see that many had been beaten and abused. They were scared and obviously knew what was happening. It was a sad sight for some, but many people wouldn't give caring a chance.

"Netto, this is your first auction, correct?"

"Yeah, though I don't see what the point is of buying them; they look so harmless."

Enzan glared at Netto with confusion. He shook his head and watched on as the auction began.

"Just shut up and watch."

Five navis were brought to a platform for display. Those attending the auction went up and examined the navis as if they were aliens or something of another world. Each navi was priced and those with the highest bitter were dragged off by their new masters. Nettos heart broke at the look of their faces. It was so disturbing and painful.

Almost two years ago, the cyber world, a world parallel to the humans, converged during a cataclysmic event that sent thousands of navis to the human world. From the moment they arrived, the navis were misunderstood and feared. They shared the same streets and cities, but weren't looked in the eye. Rumors spread that doing so would cause you to die within that year. This all continued until one day someone scientist in the United States thought that navis could be used for hard labor. They were captured, stripped of freedom and all rights, and auctioned off at mass gatherings. It was now nothing more than a tradition and part of today's culture to purchase a navi and treat them like crap. The average life span of navis had declined by nearly five years.

Not too soon after the first group disappeared did ten more appear. They too were bought and sold. The last group came out, this being a small auction, and proved to be very special. Upon looking at the navis, one had caught Nettos eye and stunned him.

This navi was male and the scrawniest of the lot. He was covered in dirt, most likely from being thrown to the ground numerous times. He was wearing what the navis called a cyber suit, much like the others, and had midnight blue hair that was matted to the top of his head. Netto found himself inexplicably caught in the frightened, emerald gaze of the navi. He had never been drawn to someone as much as to this navi.

"I don't see one worthy creature out of-!" Enzan stopped short as Netto raised his hand, representing that he wanted to buy the navi. The navi stared at him and shifted slightly. With no one else showing signs of interest, the navi was now his. A man guided the navi towards Netto and undid the ropes that tightly bound his wrists. Enzan could only laugh.

"This was your first auction, and you bought a navi; and not to mention the most pathetic. You never fail to surprise me. Even when we were kids, I never understood the way you thought."

Enzan turned to leave, but stopped to say one last word.

"Netto, you can't be nice to them. If you are, they'll take control of you. If you need any help taming him, call me. I was able to tame Blues easily. I could certainly break him in."

Enzan left to return to work. Netto didn't like Enzan's approach to things. He would be the first person to abuse a navi.

Netto turned to his navi and was disappointed to see him trembling. He was paralyzed in fear. Netto took the navis hand and pulled him forward.

"C'mon, we're going home."

Not wanting to be hit, the navi complied and followed his superior through the streets of Densan City. He saw many navis being abused. Their masters were horrible people. Just by looking at them, he could tell they were evil. Though, when he looked at his new master, he saw a good spirit. He saw many differences between them. The abusive masters had sharp glares, a tendency for hitting their navis, and even going to the extremes of leashing the navi. His own master had a soft stare, had yet to hit him, and lead him around by a gentle hand grip.

"Do you speak or understand me?" Even his voice was gentle.


"That makes things easier doesn't it? What's your name?"

"Are you asking for my original name or the name they gave me?"

"Your real name. I couldn't care less about the crap they call you."

The navi hesitated, afraid that his master wouldn't like the name.



Rockman was ready to be struck. He held his arms up in defense. He was surprised when he didn't feel anything.

"What're you doing?"

"You didn't hit me."

"Hit you!? Why would I hit you? I don't believe that hurting someone proves a purpose. Now, about your name. It seems too proper to call you Rockman. Do you like the name Rock? It's the same, just shorter. I think it suits you."

Never in his life did Rockman think he'd meet someone so nice. He was almost happy to be sold.

"RockÔÇŽI like it."

"Cool. I'm Netto, by the way. You don't have to add any suffixes and, please, don't think of me as your master. A friend sounds better."

Rock had never been so overjoyed in his life. This Netto was the greatest person to come along in decades. It was simply amazing.

The two stopped in front of a two-story house. It was definitely the most interesting in the neighborhood, consisting of white, orange, and blue paint.

"Welcome home, Rock."

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