"Rock, I'm back!"

Netto was smiling, his eyes closed as he closed the door and walked in. The smile quickly disappeared when his eyes opened to the horror that was waiting.

Rock was laid out on the floor in a careless manner. There was a large pool of blood beneath him, inflicted by six gun shots. It looked as though he had struggled to escape from his attacker and was maimed and beaten. One arm and one leg were broken, as the arm was broken backwards and the leg was broken forward.

Netto collapsed to his knees and scooped the limp body into his arms.

"Rock! Rock, wake up!"

Rock opened his eyes slowly and groaned in agony. Netto saw the light beginning to leave his eyes. Netto began to cry and hugged Rock closer.

"Don't you dare die on me!"


Rock used the last of his energy to pull up and kiss Netto. It was like no other. He was putting his very soul into this last act of passion. He wanted Netto to know how much he loved him in such a way that it could not be expressed anyway else.

Netto didn't want it to end. He couldn't allow it to end. Unfortunately, fate is inevitable. Rock fell back from a lack of strength and was gently placed on the floor. He smiled at Netto, who could do nothing to stop the tears that were flowing freely now. Netto bent down and softly cupped Rock's face.

"Rock, please don't leave me."

"Thank you…for everything."

"Rock! Don't go! I love you so much!"

Rock closed his eyes and breathed softly.

"I love you too, Netto-kun."

Netto's hands were shaking uncontrollably. He laid his head on Rock's still chest and put his arms around Rock's dead body. He barely noticed the footsteps approach from behind. The cold muzzle was put to the back of his head and the safety released.

"Rock…I love you."

Netto's blood pooled on the floor and trickled off of Rock's body. The suffering of the two lovers had been vanquished.

Enzan walked outside only to be trapped by six police vehicles that came to a halt on the front lawn. Twelve officers jumped out and took shelter behind their car doors with guns drawn.

"Drop the gun and get on your knees!"

Enzan growled and wildly shot at the officers. They took refuge behind the doors as glass shattered everywhere.

"He's not complying! Open fire!"

The officers peeked out and fired precision shots. The gun fell from his hands and Enzan dropped to the ground, dead.

An ambulance was called to clean up the mess. Several officers, along with Blues, entered the house to find Netto and Rock. Blues had completely overlooked Enzan.

"All of this bloodshed due to the laws of the land…horrible."

Blues was surprised by their sympathy.

"You feel bad for them?"

"Of course we do. We're abolitionists. We've hated this control factor since the beginning."

Blues looked at their bodies and concentrated on their smiles.

'They died like true lovers.'

…It was two o'clock on a Saturday, two weeks after the massacre in Densan City. There were thousands of owners and navis gathered at the front steps of the Prime Ministers mansion. He stood at a podium, looking out at the crowd.

"I'm sorry and displeased that such a turn of events could only occur by the hands of death. Unfortunately, time cannot be turned back. But thanks to these two heroes, life can once again return to normal." He took a minute to reflect and raised his hands skywards. "As of today, the ownership of navis in Japan has been permanently abolished!"

There was a roar of applause and cheers as the navis shook off their shackles of oppression. There had never been a grander moment than that jubilation.

Blues smiled happily and raised his head to the heavens.

"We can only hope that, one day, the world will be free. Right Rock, Netto?"

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