A small drabble for Sayo, a young girl who lived in a village where Kikyou stayed for a small time. Kikyou thought of her as a little sister, and said so, but Kikyou was forced to leave the village soon afterwards. Here are some of Sayo's thoughts a little while after Kikyou left the village. Read, review, and enjoy the fic.

Sayo sat on a rock at the lake's edge. She waved her legs to and fro, splashing the water into the air. After a moment, the young girl stopped splashing. She drew her legs up and hugged her knees to her chest. She watched the ripples she had created fade as the lake became calm once more, reflecting the moon in the darkening sky.

Kikyou-sama… she thought, her eyes on the moon's reflection.

Sayo still missed the priestess, even though she knew that Kikyou was not 'alive'. She had watched the priestess devour the souls of innocent girls and kill a man because of it, but still she wished that Kikyou had been able to stay.

Although Sayo had two younger brothers, she felt very lonely sometimes. When the wave of loneliness over came her, she would usually come to the lake, the place she had last seen the mysterious priestess.

Coming out of her daydream, she realised that the first star had appeared in the evening sky.

Quietly, Sayo prayed to whichever deity might be willing to lend an ear.

Please, let Kikyou-sama be safe and happy…