Scarlet Savior




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Scarlet Savior


Five year old Naruto yawned as he crawled into bed. He was tired from running away from the mobs of villagers with their pitchforks and torches. He knew why they had been chasing him. He had known since he was three years old. He was definitely not a dope like everyone thought he was. He had an IQ of two hundred twenty his IQ was way higher then the supposed sleeping genius Shikamaru (1). He had pretended to have a low IQ of a dope for the attention of the villagers and peers. He had done this so that he would receive attention so that people wouldn't think someone as dumb as him was the genius of The Nine Tailed Fox.

Naruto had always wondered why people chase him away with hateful words and gestures when he was small. Naruto had thought that no one would ever care for him but he had three people that did care for him. He had the Third Hokage, Sarutobi, Kyuubi whom he had nicked named Mama Kyu, and last but not least his Guardian, Itachi Uchiha.

At First Itachi had become his Guardian and had ignored him. Then soon after it was him who told the blonde haired boy about the Fox. Then he came out and siad,

"Naruto Uzumaki Is Naruto Uzumaki. Kyuubi no Kitsune is Kyuubi no Kitsune. I believe you are diffrent and thats all that matters".

Naruto smiled as he remembered what Itachi had said. Him and Itachi had gotten along very well after that. Naruto felt safe around the nine year old Itachi. He saw the older boy as a Big Brother at least thats what he thought these feelings were. He wasn't shure so he stuck with the brother idea.

Naruto soon drifted from the track his train of thought was on and began to drift twoards his dream land where people didn't think of him as the fox. Do not be quick to judge though Naruto indeed liked the Fox. That's why He got the nickname Mama Kyu. He just didn't like being confused as a murderous, bloody being with nine tails.

He Liked What Itachi had said. He was himself and The Fox was Himself they were just two seperate inteties sharing one body. Neither asked for what they got and Naruto was shure The Kyuubi had his reasons for attacking the disgraceful village and that the big fluffy ball of fur would eventually tell him those reasons. But until then he was thankful that some people could see him as different. But unlike the others Itachi had come out and said it to his Face. For This Itachi was Naruto's pesonal savior.

Scarlet Savior

Chapter 1


Naruto awoke to bright lights along the ceiling above him. He quickly shot up not reconizeing the unconfertable white sheets on his cot-like bed. For a slight moment he thought he was dead. Everything was white in this room. There was a couple books on the ground with colors but mostly it was colorless. Naruto soon became scarred and began to shake to show it. All the fright was going to his head, all the possobilites of what was going on.

' I've been kidnapped! There going to kill me!! Murder in Cold Blood!!' He screeched in his head.

Kyuubi hearing the child's mental crys of distress pulled him into his subcounciousness. On the outside any passer by would think he was just starring blankly out into space. Inside Narutos head in a large room in witch was Kyuubi's domaine, Naruto was being wrapped in two big fluffy Fox tails. The Kyuubi pulled the distressed boy through the bars on his cage and close to his chest.

"Shh,Shh Kit It will be ok". Said the Kyuubi his usually darkish monotone voice now gone replaced ny a sweet calmish voice of a careing parent.

"Mama Kyu"...


"Where are we"? Naruto cried tears trickling down the small boy's whiskered cheeks.

"We are in a Mental Rehabilitation center". He said calmly to the mentally exhausted boy. Naruto nodded still crying but he soon dozed off to sleep. Kyuubi pulled Naruto closer to himself and began to hum a small quiet lullaby. The Fox respected the small furless bundle of a boy in his arms. He decided After he had seen all the Pain and torture the Child had gone through, and how he had to endure it all without friends and of course family, That he would becom those things, He would become the parents and a friend. He exspecially wanted to be the parents of the child because he had been the one to take his parents life from him in the first palce.

Soon after he had taken the job of comforting the child. Naruto being the little rascal he was had given him the nickname 'Mama Kyu'.


Naruto was running around the dark decrepit room in his mind where Kyuubi no Kitsune's cage was located. Kyuubi had been takeing care of him for about three and a half months now. Naruto had been shocked at what Kyuubi had come out and said. He had said that 'he wnated to take the place of what he took away'. Naruto had noticed that the fox was quite more motherly than Fatherly like the tough fox should have been.

"Hey Kyu"! Called Naruto to the big sleeping Furball.

"Hmm"? He asked wondering.

"Can I nickname you"? The little blonde asked. Kyuubi nodded and swushed his tails around. Naruto happaily plopped down on the floor and began to think. After about an Half an Hour of thinking to himself he made a decision.

"MAMA KYU"!! He exclaimed happily towards the cage. The Kyuubi had immediately shot up.


"MAMA KYU"!!Naruto repeated just as happily as before. Kyuubi looked astriken.

"WHA WHY"!! The fox bellowed beginning to rant.

"Cause your like a mother to me". Naruto said quietly. The fox stopped his ranting and looked down at the boy.

"OK then ...Mama Kyu it is." Naruto jumped up in the air stepping away from his stuppor.

At first Naruto had chosen the name for the Fox just to annoy the guy which it did for a while. Naruto was going to stop calling the Kyuubi that at first but the name just stuck.

Flashback end.

Kyuubi half heartedly laughed at that memory. That day was also the day when Naruto told Him that when he was free that he needed to go out and have Kits Other than him. Truth be told though Kyuubi was happy just carring for Naruto as a Kit, He would always protect the boy. He would have already to a massivly bloody end to the villagers that taunted him if the Boy hadn't gotten some friends such as The Uchiha Heir and Sarutobi.

Kyuubi was soon pushed from his musings and memories when the White metal door to the room unlached and Sarutobi stepped in. Noticeing this he pushed the small bundle in his arms to counciousness, where he immediatly awoke to see him. Naruto whined when he noticed the confy tails were gone but then he saw the Hokage and bounded excitedly off the bed and twoards the man.

"Old Man"! Maruto cried thinking the third had come to rescue him.


"You came to save me again right, Old Man"?!

Sarutobi shook his head and looked down at the now sad Naruto before him.

"Naruto I'm shure you know where we are correct"? Asked Sarutobi to small sad boy. Naruto nodded his head and spoke,

"A mental Rehabilitation center right"? "Kyuubi told me". He added as a after thought. Sarutobi was allready used to the boy saying he heard this and that from Kyuubi only the first time had he been shocked.

"I put you in this Mental Rehab Center so that you won't become mentally unstable". Sarutobi said planely.

"But I'm not Mentally Unstable"! Naruto said arguing he didn't like this place and he didn't want to stay.

"I'm just afraid you will harm yourself or worse, commit suicide". Naruto looked sad at what the third had said he wasn't unstable and he would never commite suicide. Would He?

"Will I be able to see Itachi-nii"? He asked referring to the his Guardian as his brother. Sarutobi nodded and smiled at the boy before him he then turned and left the room. Naruto thought for a moment after the Hokage had left the room,

'I might mabye just might like this'.

Oh how wrong could he have been?

He had gone a month with no visits from his Guardian or the Hokage for that matter. Nurses would try to give him poisoned IV's. They also poisoned his food so he hadn't eaten in a week at the most. They had began to try to kill him in his sleep. So he no longer slept. The thing that was currently toping it all off was the Head Nurse who's name he couldn't remember.

The Nurse had come in to give him a 'monthly shot that would put him to sleep' as she so chose to say. Naruto had refused knowing it would kill him and began to run from the lady. The Nurse caught him and he began to freek out. He then with all his might Kicked the lady off of him with a chakra impowered kick witch he learnt from Itachi when he was Four. He ended up sending her into the wall closest to the white door.

She hung there for a moment about ten feet above the ground. Her head was slumped over and her blackk hair fell so you couldn't see her face. He arms dangled at her sides unmoving in any way. She then slid down the wall to the foor where she slumped over to her left. On the wall was a Crimson colored trail of liquid blood.

At first Naruto was unshure of what to do in this Supposed Horrific situation. He wasn't shure of how to react to killing a women who had tryed to kill him first. But when his reaction did come he was surprised at what he did.

He laughed.

He soon wanted to see the blood of the villagers paint the walls of the shops and homes in Kohona. He then wanted to bathe in the blood himself.

Naruto stopped laughing when the meatal door unlatched and opened revealing Itachi. The stoic nine year old waltsed in and looked at the bloody pile of a Nurse on the floor. He looked at the nurse for some time then turned twoards the small smileing boy.

"...Did you do this" He asked his monotone voice calm and unwavering. Naruto nodded he could never lie to his Itachi-nii. Not even if the Goddess herself told him to lie to Itachi-nii he would never do it. Itachi walked forward his shoes making an echoing 'click clack'. As he reached the blonde boy whom called him brother, he stopped and his calm aura of no emotion became slightly happier.

"Good job Naruto". Itachi said. Naruto looked agast had Itachi just said 'Good Job Naruto'?

"Whaa..." Naruto began but was abruptly cut off.

"I'm glad you were not frightened by your first kill". "I'm proud". Itachi smiled. It was a small smile hardly visible on the usually emotionless preteen. Naruto immediately beemed up at the red eyed man excited that his brother was proud of him. But then he immediately sadened.

"Are you going to tell the Old Man"? Naruto asked his head hanging low.

"Hmm...yes but if you truly did it to defend yourself than there is no problem". Naruto's head lingered downward still as Itachi made his way twoards the remains of the Nurses body, desposed of it and the blood and made his way twoards the door. By now Naruto was sitting on his cot like bed starring at the spot where the blood had been.

"You Know Itachi-nii"? He asked as the nine year old turned around from his place at the door and looked at him.

"...hmm"? Itachi asked looking at the blonde boy with distant eyes.

"It felt nice, no scratch that, wounderful to see that beautiful red color on these plain white tiled walls". Naruto then looked up at the preteen catching his attention. He then coked his head cutely and asked, "Is it wrong and or wierd that I want to see it again"? His eyes were void and emotionless making him unreadable.

Itachi shook his head,

"No Naruto it's not wrong cause me and you are the same in this since because I feel the same way, I want to see that color again as well." Itachi turned and and walked out of the room of no colors. He could feel the Happiness and Joy radiate of his blonde charge in waves.

"It is definitely ok to want to see that gorgeous color again".


A week later After the incident he was being treated to a large banquet with as much food as his stomache could hold. Sarutobi had been out of the village creating treaties with other Kage's when the incedent had taken place. Itachi was unable to tell the Man until he returened a week later which was why Sarutobi was treating Naruto to a very large dinner.

Sarutobi had been disgusted by what the Nurses had done to Naruto. So much so that he fired all the Nurses and sent them to jail for life. After getting rid of the troubling headaches known as the nurses he had set up the banquet in Naruto's room at the Rehab Center. He had known that the boy hadn't eaten so he waited as the blonde gobbeled down his food before he spoke.

"Naruto since all your nurses", Naruto Winced "Have been permanently dispatched..." Sarutobi continued "You will need some new people to take care of you". He coughed slitely as the two Jonin by the door opened it and three people walked in.

"Naruto these are your new Guardians, Kakashi Hatake, Anko, and Itachi Uchiha". Naruto beamed at the fact that his Itachi-nii was still going to be around him. He knew that his Life would shurly shatter and fall to pieces without his Itachi-nii and his conforting Mama Kyu.



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(1) Shikamaru's actual IQ is about an average of 195.