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Scarlet Savior

Chapter 5

Chunin Exams part 2: PRELIMINARIES!

Naruto stood staring at an old gray haired man whom was facing them giving a speech on 'How they made it there and what not'. Said man was the Third Hokage, the leader of Kohona. They had all been gathered by Anko earlier that morning and brought to this chamber of the tower. The only prominent features of this place was, The large floor, the side railing, witch seemed like a viewing area, and a pair of large hands at the front of the room making a hand sign.

As The Third finished his speech he handed it over to a sickly looking man with brown hair and eyes. He smiled at the group and coughed saying,

"Hello…cough…my name…cough…is Hayate…cough…and I will be your…cough…proctor for the preliminary…cough…part of the exams." As the man had said this much murmuring came up as everyone began to complain about the preliminaries. Noticing this Hayate soothed the crowd by saying,

"We weren't expecting to…cough…have this many people…cough…pass the second…cough…part of this test, But since we…cough…did have many…cough…people pass that means…cough…we have to have a preliminary…cough…round before the…cough…final exam." Everybody stared at the coughing man, Naruto thinking that he shouldn't be a ninja with that cough, while others thinking that it was all his fault the preliminaries were going to happen.

But none the less no one voiced there cruel thoughts and followed there sensies up the stairs to the balcony areas while a High tech board appeared on the wall scanning names for the first match.

Shikamaru vs. Kin

Shikamaru groaned as he walked back down to the arena why did he even walk up the stairs in the first place? He just sighed and mumbled about troublesome fights and stood across form a Sound Kunoichi. The girl had long black hair and a gray camouflage outfit. She seemed To smirk triumphantly as if she had already won this fact was proven when she said,

"Your going to lose leafy boy". She smiled as the proctor cried for the fight to begin. She took out two senbon. One with a bell and one without. Shikamaru sighed and said,

"This is troublesome why do I have to always fight the women"? Shikamaru eyed the girl lazily while studying the senbon. "Let me guess", He said still eyeing the senbon, "You'll throw one senbon with bells the other without bells and Ill become confused by that and lose." The Kunoichi smiled at him with the same triumphant smile and threw the bells.

"Not quite". She taunted as they hit the wall behind Shikamaru. Almost immediately he was put under a genjutsu that made multiple copies of Kin. Shikamaru just sighed and began to do hand signs for a jutsu.

"W-what? I- I can't move"! Kin yelled arms totally frozen. Shikamaru smirked saying,

"Cause that's what shadow possession dose." Shikamaru smirked as he threw shurikin at the girl making her throw her own at him. In the end they both leaned backwards Kin hitting her head on the wall.

The proctor called the match and the screen began to scan the names for the next match. As this was happening, Naruto stood up in the stands mouth hanging open and brain running twenty four miles per minute his mouth was moving as if he was trying to say something all that came out was,

"Damn these people SUCK" In a high squeaky voice that was only heard by himself and his teammates. "There no where near my level of power, well….Maybe Gaara but that's all I'm sure!!" Naruto then fell into a large rant. He smacked his head as soon as the new names appeared on the board.

Sakura vs. Ino

Naruto face faulted his head smacking hard against the cement. As his teammates helped him up, He thought in a Sad voice as tears pooled down his face from boredom,

'I've seen Ino in action and I know, THIS IS GONNA SUCK!!!'

As he thought this Sakura was making a large speech on how she had been pushed around by Ino all her life and how it wasn't gonna be that way anymore. At the end of her speech both her and Ino tied their headbands around their foreheads signifying a full out battle brawl.

As the two rushed towards each other delivering blows at random area's, Naruto sat in a corner and cried mumbling how 'It wasn't fair that he had such weak no fun opponents'.

After awhile of the hit miss game, Ino seemed to finally crack and chopped off her hair throwing it at Sakura. Sakura just stared at Ino dumbfounded by what she had just done. While Ino tied Sakura down with her own hair and used Mind Transfer jutsu to try and make Sakura surrender. In the end something went wrong and Ino retreated back to her own body.

Both Ninja's glared at one another and then rushed at each other delivering a blow to the head knocking both out. The battle was a tie.

"THE FUCK!? THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!!" Naruto yelled from the sidelines as Asuma and Kakashi went to go pickup their fallen Students. I BET IF I SEE ANOUTHER ONE LIKE THAT I'LL DIE OF BOREDOM!!!!" He screamed and then sunk back into a boredom depression.

'He must really like bloodshed'. Some people around him thought as they watched him pull a 3 inch pink bear out of his pocket and say,

"What do you think Cherry"? Naruto asked the bear as if no one was watching "Oh I agree." he replied after some time. Everyone face faulted as the new names appeared on the screen.

Chouji vs. Dosu

Chouji hoped down from his spot after being tempted by his sensei that if he won he would be treated to dinner. Dosu was already waiting for him on the stage below. As the battle began It didn't last long as Chouji made himself into a Human boulder and tried to run over Dosu. Dosu easily dodged the attack returning one of his own with his sound arm making Chouji pass out.

As Dosu was declared the winner of the match Naruto screamed shocking everyone. Immediately the Proctor and all others in the stadium looked up at him, only to see him clutch his chest as if he was in pain and fall to floor bringing out a flower and laying it on his chest. Naruto had died of Gay Fighting Syndrome. Also commonly known as 'Boredom'.

When Naruto came back from his grave, He looked over to the stadium where he saw the two Hyuugas. The older male one was being held back by a large amount of the sensei's and the Proctor. The younger female one was being quickly cared to by the Medical Ninja.

"What all did I miss"? Naruto asked his dark clone, Arashi. Arashi whispered in his ear all that happened. As Naruto listened to how the older Hyuuga had been so relentless against the younger just for his past. Naruto had become furious wishing to fight him just so he could 'Fix' him up. At that moment though it didn't matter, so he continued watching the board for the next pair of names.

Shino vs. Void

Naruto smirked knowing that his Kyuubi clone would make this quite an interesting battle. He already understood that the clone would lose. That was the clones purpose. But a few wounds to the other party would still be nice. Void wasn't moving from his spot so Naruto pushed him off the railing, and Void, much like a cat, landed on his feet. The Proctor coughed beginning the battle and again Void just stood still as if assessing Shino.

"Your name is Void"? Shino asked "That can't possibly be your name. I want to know the real name you posses". Shino said standing still as well.

"…I am void of all things. Emotions, life, being, heart, lungs, and all other things, I am without them. I am Void." Void replied taking a stance. "So,…lets begin shall we"? At that moment Void rushed at Shino throwing a punch squarely in his jaw. Shino went flying backwards smashing into a wall. The fight seemed to be over but Shino's body formed into many bugs and the real Shino revealed himself from under ground.

Shino then attacked Void with his bugs distracting him while he cam in with a kick to his head. Void Went flying to the other side of the arena crashing into a pair of large hands. As Void stood his chakra lifted to life in a swirl of dark crimson red. Void lifted his head and his normally dead eyes seemed to be filled with life. He then rushed at Shino and said in voice that was different than before,

"Lets dance bug boy"! Naruto stared hard at Void his eyes wide as if he recognized something. He did. That voice that he just heard, That deep morbid but still happy and free voice it was Kyuubi's!

'This new possession of my clone…It is my Mama!! It's Mama-Kyuubi!! It has to be!!' Naruto thought his hands griping the railing hard.

"Keep dancing buggy"! Void yelled as he attacked Shino with an onslaught of random Jutsu. At one point Void became distracted by what looked o be Naruto crying by the railing. During this time when he was distracted, by pure accident Shino's fist went hurdling through his chest, going through one side and out the other, leaving a gapping hole.

Voids eyes went lifeless again and he rose up from his slouched position on Shino's arm. "I told you", Void said coughing. "I'm void of a heart". As Shino pulled his fist out of the hole in Void's chest, Void's legs collapsed and he fell to the floor. His body slowly turned to dust as he perished. As the dust picked up in the wind and drifted away, The Proctor called the match. The Preliminary's continued.

Naruto watched glaring madly at Shino. The thought that his Mama was back and Shino took him away again filled his rage largely. He was going to make that bug boys life miserable. The Screen then flickered to the next pair of names.

Scarlet vs. Kiba

Naruto had noticed earlier how Kiba was a teammate of Shino's. So his plan had begun. This would be the first thing he did to ruin that boy's life.

Naruto jumped off the railing his anger controlled again. Kiba came waltzing down the stairs confidant in his abilities. As Naruto restrained himself from punching the guy's face in he noticed there was dog on the boys head. Naruto didn't ask but figured that the dog was a Ninja pooch. Naruto and Kiba both waited patiently, If patient meant Kiba yelling about how the match was going to end in under a few minutes, Then yes they waited patiently. As the match began Naruto immediately cast a Jutsu,

"Frozen Mind no jutsu"! As he did this his body became stiff and hard signifying that Naruto had frozen himself. Kiba smirked and took charge of the situation and transformed with his dog Akamaru. He began rushing at Naruto's frozen form his fist pulled back in a punch. As he neared the ice form it cracked and Naruto arose from the ice grabbing Kiba's collar and spinning circularly throwing him into a wall.

As Kiba arose from the rubble he yelled over to Naruto, "What the hell was that Jutsu".

"Frozen Mind no jutsu". Naruto announced doing hand seals. "It allows the user to calm his or her mind as well as focus their chakra into needed areas. It's perfect for someone who angers quickly." At that moment Naruto cast another jutsu blowing on the ground creating an ice bridge. He then used the ice bridge to gain more speed until he reached his opponent then began to pummel him and his dog.

As Naruto ceased his beating he hopped up to the highest point on the pair of large hands and the ice bridge melted into a sea of blue. Kiba, floating in the water began one of his special moves calling out in loud voice,

"Fang over fang!" Him and his dog both came at him in two large spiraling tornado like drills. Naruto dodged the attack falling into the water himself and popped back out of it Jumping up at Kiba and literally throwing him into the water again.

"Stay put mutt!!" Naruto yelled at Kiba doing another jutsu. "Ipod no jutsu"! As he said that a penguin with a boom box came and stood on the large pair of hands where Naruto landed next to it. Naruto pushed a button on the boom box and the penguin began to dance to the music that filtered through the boom box's speakers.

"What the hell"!! Kiba yelled from the top of the water at Naruto.

"Every moment has it's music. Red-sensei taught me that". Naruto replied holding out his right hand witch glowed blue and started shooting out water filling the stadium with water up to the viewers railing. As soon as the stadium was filled with water the penguin pushed a button and Jaws began to play. Naruto then jumped into the water swimming towards Kiba.

Kiba who was floating on the surface of the water with Akamaru began to feel something graze his legs. He looked around for whatever was there and then screamed being pulled underwater. Everyone watched in horror as the water drained away and Revealed the dismembered bodies of Kiba and Akamaru. Blood covered Naruto from head to toe. Splashed on the walls around him was more blood. Kiba's eyes were lifeless. He was dead.

"I win" Naruto said and snapped sending the penguin and the boom box away. The Proctor calmly called the match regretting not being able to stop it in the first place. Ino disowned her stomach and Shino did as well. Kurenai, Kiba's sensei picked up the tattered body of her student and carried it away tears littering the floor.

Naruto laughed menially and then fell to the floor in historical laughter. As Naruto looked through tear filled eyes up at the stadium he noticed two expressions from the crowd. Scared and excited. The scared portion was just about most of the stadium in general no one was uninfected. The one excited face was that of Gaara. The excitement the boy held came off him in waves directed at Naruto. When Naruto finished his laughter he took out a rag and began to clean himself of Kiba's blood. As he walked back into the stands to watch the next match he passed by Shino and whispered into his ear,

"You suffering yet?" Naruto smirked "Or do I have to take more away from you"? Shino stared at the masked figure and spat at him saying,

"What did I ever do to you"? Shino gritted his teeth calming. "Your just crazy and maniacal"! Naruto laughed again and replied,

"Humph well I guess I am". He paused "And I got to say, I have no problem with it what so ever". He then stretched his aching muscles and continued over to where Arashi stood. Arashi stared at Shino then smirked whispering in Naruto's ear witch Shino didn't catch. Both Arashi and Naruto laughed together and Naruto yawned pulling out a Granola bar witch Arashi took and ate. As Naruto yelled at his teammate, Names clashed on the screen and then landed on two names.

Gaara vs. Lee (I couldn't mess up this battle it was epic XD)

Gaara looked at the screen and smirked as he was already in the arena for his fight. As Gaara waited for his opponent who was having a moment of youth with his sensei.

"Youth will help you win Lee"!! A man with a bowl cut hair and green outfit cried.

"Gai-sensei"! a miniature of the man before yelled hugging the older.






"Oh my fuckin god!! Shut your lips before I saw them off for you!!!!" Naruto yelled at the pair. Both shut their mouths and Lee continued down to the arena. As he reached the arena the Proctor started the fight.

The battle began with Lee trying to hit Gaara with his Taijutsu, the sand Gaara was using blocking all attacks and attacking Lee all at the same time. This went on for awhile until the sand grabbed Lee and through him across the floor like a rag doll. When Lee got up he proceeded to hop onto the giant pair of hands that was in the room.

'Wow, everyone seems to love that statue'. Naruto thought at the moment of randomness.

"Ok Lee take them off"!! Called Gai to his student. Naruto watched as Lee happily undid the two weights that were on his legs. Naruto laughed then turned to the nearest person who just happened to be Kakashi and asked,

"What the hell dose he expect to do"? He asked scoffing as Lee let the weights fall to floor making two large craters along with a large BOOM! "HOLY SHIT"!!! Naruto yelled as Lee rushed back at Gaara his speed extremely up from the loss of the weights.

Lee tried to hit Gaara numerous times. Gaara's sand tried to keep up but it seemed as if Lee was to quick for it. Lee landed a hit right in Gaara's face cracking his Sand shield.

Gaara became angry and shot his sand directly at Lee. Lee dodged and his foot came smacking into Gaara's face As Gaara went spiraling across the arena, Lee began to unlock some of the seven gates. As he unlocked his gates, Naruto stared at Lee in wonderment.

"This boy…he's…" Naruto trailed off thinking to himself. Naruto then activated his Kekkei genkai witch began to analyze Lee in tactical senses.

After Lee finished unlocking some gates he began to do a Lotus on Gaara. Lee's bandages on his arms rapped around Gaara holding him there. Lee then began to spin in mid air crashing Gaara head first into the ground. As the fight looked over in favor of Lee, Gaara's body began to crack to reveal that it was infract a sand shield clone.

Lee had thought he had won and began rejoicing. While he was cheering turned away from Gaara, Gaara wrapped his Sand around Lee's arm and Leg.

"Sand Coffin"! "Sand Burial"!! Gaara yelled. Sending blood flying, and Lee to the floor. Gai stopped Gaara from harming 'His precious student' anymore. Lee was taken away on stretchers to the hospital and Gaara just left back up to the stands.

Naruto stared mouth agape as Gai protected Lee. If those two were gay, and judging by their hair and clothes they very well could be, Those two were probably together like…together together….

"AH MY BRAIN"!!! Naruto screamed getting into fetal position and mumbling about disturbing images.

Temari vs. Tenten

This battle was virtually boring in Naruto's opinion. Well what he saw of it after recovering from the disturbing images was boring. It was mostly one sided giving the bun girl absolutely no chance.

The blonde had beaten the bun haired girl in record time leaving only 4 people left on the fighting list.

Sasuke, Itachi's little bother was one of them. A teammate of Gaara's Kankuro was also one of the others left. The boy on Sasuke's team was left and Arashi was the final one of the four. The sign on the wall clicked as everyone leaned in to see what the next match was going to be.

Sasuke vs. Wow not much of a shocker here…

Sasuke vs. Kankuro

Again a boring fight in Naruto's opinion. It was only a couple hits here a few smacks there all ending in Sasuke's victory. Now the next battle was one to look forward too!

Arashi vs. Radumon

Radumon was one of Sasuke's teammates. He seemed to be truly confidant in himself. Throwing lines like how he was going to win so he could meet Sasuke in the finals. Naruto looked at the boy up and down noting the boys blonde hair and tanish skin. He couldn't help but think to himself here,

'Hmm would I be like that if I had stayed in Kohona' He judged the boy one more time 'Naaah'.

Naruto knew who was going to win but it was still fun to watch the match. Arashi had summoned the grim reaper and almost taken the poor boys life.. Fun yes but instead of their being wonderful mass bloodshed like Naruto had wanted instead the boy freaked out blowing Arashi to bits with his Explosion jutsu.

When it was all over those who had won their matches once again stood in front of the third Hokage who gave a speech of 'you were great study blah blah blah'. Naruto tuned him out opting to pay attention to those who had won instead.

Shikamaru Nara, the shadow user. Has the ability to use shadows to bind opponent. Neji Hyuuga, The Byakugan owner. Has many jyuuken abilities. Shino Abarame, the bug user. Probably has many things up his sleeves. Gaara no Subaku, A sand user. Demon host for the 1 tails. Temari no Subaku Gaara's sister. Wind user can possibly make tornados. Sasuke Uchiha, Last known Sharingan user besides brother. Has a long range of jutsu. Radumon Orety, A explosion artist has an Electrical affinity. Dosu, a sound user. Can kill eardrums.

"This couldn't be even more simple than it already is". Naruto whispered As the Proctor read the final match ups.

1). Shikamaru vs. Neji

2). Shino vs. Scarlet

3). Gaara vs. Temari

4). Sasuke vs. Radumon

5). Dosu vs. Winner of match four.


End chapter 5


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