Summary: "Yeah

Summary: Sam's finally had it with Freddie, as Freddie's finally had it with Sam. She starts her own webshow and ends up in detention. Find out how. A Seddie Fanfiction.

A/N: Yippe, a Sam-centric iCarly story!


Chapter 1

This is some crazy stuff.

Okay, so I'm sitting here in detention. Nothing unusual. I'm always in detention; even a monkey would know that. Miss Briggs sent me here; also typical. So what's this crazy stuff I'm talking about, you're thinking? Here's a thought, make your thoughts shut up so I can tell you.

I was talkin' to Mr. Franklin about what I did to get here, and, instead of giving me more detention, like, a bunch of weeks and stuff, he tells me that he wants me to write about how I got detention. I've gotta stay in Miss Briggs' room 'til I finish this dang explanation. Once I'm done, I'm free. But it's Friday. Miss Briggs, you are wasting my weekend away.

Now, normal people who actually like writing would be all, "Yippee, writing, learning, PENCILS UNITE!" Me? I'd much rather crumble up this paper and chuck it at Miss Briggs' head. Heh, that'd be awesome. But then I'd have to start over, and that'd suck eggs. So we can cancel out that plan, ladies and gentleman.

I'm pretty annoyed, because the reason I'm sitting here in detention is a loooong story. So, for all I know, I could be sitting here 'til I'm eight five, white-haired, and hitting people with my cane.

Huh, where to start, where to start? Man, I'm hungry…I think I have a ham sandwich in my backpack…hang on…

Aw, man! Briggs is glaring, she's on to me!

"Don't try any shenanigans, Samantha!" she just snapped at me.

"I just wanted a ham sandwich." I told her, and guess what she says?

"Too bad. I hate ham, especially in sandwiches."

Now I hope you see, Mr. Franklin, why I misbehave in her class. She practically asks me to!

Oh, right, how I got here. I guess it all started last Friday. Carly (my best friend), Fredward (I think that name speaks for itself. It screams DORKY MCDORK!), and I were rehearsing for iCarly…

"So, for our third thing to do…" Carly started talking. She was sitting on her beanbag chair while Freddie was at his laptop. Sam was sitting on the floor, plotting ways she could get away with kicking Freddie in the face. "Chocolate filled balloons, eggplant fight, or mess with Lewbert by putting dolls all over his lobby?"

"The Lewbert thing sounds funny." Freddie shrugged.

Carly nodded and thought about it. "I like the balloons, but – "

"Me too!" he said, a little too quickly.

"Ooh, shock, shock, nerdy boy agreed with his true love…" Sam mocked, frowning a using a baby voice at the words true love.

"Are you implying that she's not?" Freddie asked.

"Nope, just statin' the facts here." Sam smirked. She knew all along that Carly would never date him. It just wasn't going to happen.

"You know, you could help us."

"And you could be not ugly." she told him. "But, we all know that's not going to happen."

"Yeah, just as I suspected…" he rolled his eyes. Sam narrowed her eyes, curious as to what he meant.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she snapped.

"You never help us." He explained angrily. "You just sit around and eat while Carly and I do the work."

"Oh really now?" Sam yelled. That set her off. Who did he think he was to say that? "Well guess what? Turns out I help Carly way more than you do."

"You guys, knock it off!" Carly cut in. "You both help me the same amount, just in different ways!"

"No way, I do!" Ha, okay then, Freddo. How 'bout no?

"How?" Sam rolled her eyes. "By standing there holding a camera laughing your guts out every show? Yeah, that's real helpful."

"iCarly'd suffer without me, and you know it." He pointed out. "But all you do is stand there as Carly's sidekick and press that stupid remote!"

Sam knew he didn't mean it, but somewhere inside me after that, she just totally exploded. She wouldn't ever admit it, but what Freddie thought of her deeply affected her. She had this need to be superior to him, so he would never look down on her. "Fine then!" She glared and walked toward the door.

"Sam…where are you going?" Carly asked slowly.

She turned back around and glared at Freddie harder. He looked pretty confused; Sam wasn't one to walk away from an argument, especially with him. "If I'm so useless to the show like this little geekburger says, then guess what? I quit. I'll just make my own web show! How do ya like that?"

"Oh, come on Sam." Carly laughed. "Can't we settle this in a mature way? I'll go get some ham, bacon, and chicken wings, and we'll sit down and talk about this rationally!"

"I don't think everyone in this room wants to do that." Sam said angrily, and turned to Freddie. "Well?" Freddie stood there and crossed his arms, not able to find words. She rolled her eyes for the millionth time that night. "See, told ya. Have fun with iCarly, but I'm done."

Then, she left.

Did I really just do that? Sam pondered, as she walked into her bedroom, slammed her door and flopped onto her bed. Did it really make sense? Carly didn't do anything. Carly was her best friend. Why should she suffer on the dork's account? Maybe I should reconsider this…she thought. Maybe I'll just ignore Freddie or something. He's hard to ignore, I mean, his forehead practically says MAKE FUN OF ME…but it can be done…Okay, I'll email Carly now from the site…

Sam lifted her laptop from off the ground next to her bed, opened it, and typed in iCarly dot com. The home page loaded, and Sam was about to log in to her iCarly email address when she noticed an iBlog update from Freddie. She noticed it was updated in between the time she left Carly's and the time she got home.

Letting her insane curiosity get the best of her, she clicked on the update and his blog clicked on to the screen.

Hey there viewers. I'd just like to take this moment to celebrate the day; SAM LEFT ICARLY.

No more people to make fun of me, annoy me, and call me a dork. FREDWARD BENSON WILL NO LONGER BE CALLED A DORK.

I know this probably sounds mean, but hey, Sam quit. No one fired her. But whatever. We don't need her.

(Sam, just for the record, I don't agree with any of this…please come back! –Carly.)

Carly, when did you edit that in?

Anyway, expect some awesome iCarly's, now that I'll have no one to annoy me while I prepare and such.

Sam stared at the screen, open-mouthed a wide-eyed. She had so mant adjectives to describe what she thought of Freddie at that moment, but decided one would be fitting: no longer a friend.

Tears threatened to fall, but she wouldn't let them. Sam didn't cry. Ever. Instead, she blinked then back, narrowed her eyes angrily, and opened a blog page. The idiot forgot to remove my blog…ha.

Hey guys, it's Sam. Yeah, it's true, I'm no longer on iCarly. And it's allll Freddie's fault, so feel free to go on over to his house with pitchforks and catapults filled with eggs (he hates eggs). Let's just see how long this lasts without me. After I post this, I'm gonna disable the blog so I can't write anything else. After all, it's not my webshow anymore.

She thought a moment, remembering something she'd said to Freddie earlier.

"I'll just make my own webshow! How do ya like that?"

She smirked for a moment and crossed her arms. She hadn't really meant that, but…now that she thought about it…

She did have webshow fans. Loads of them. They all loved her.

So what if she did make her own webshow? She could find a sidekick and another tech geek easily. She'd have a contest or something. And she had loada of ideas and jokes.

Let's do it then, she thought excitedly. That'll show him.

But cry not. I've decided that I'm making my own webshow, Nothing against Carly, she'll always be my best friend, but creative differences with a certain geek (um, FREDDIE) just drew me off the show. Sorry, Carls.

Anyway, I need a co-host for my show, and a techy, so if you like to be on or behind the camera, email me, in a few days, at…

She thought a moment, then smirked.

iSam dot com.

Tata for now,


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