Summary: Sam's finally had it with Freddie, as Freddie's finally had it with Sam

Summary: Sam's finally had it with Freddie, as Freddie's finally had it with Sam. She starts her own webshow and ends up in detention. Find out how. A Seddie Fanfiction.

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Chapter Ten

As Carly watched her friends leave the school, the elevator dinged, and a crazed woman ran out.

"Carly!" the woman screeched. Carly screamed and her popcorn flew out of her hands and over her head. Frank signed off of the web chat (smart guy). "Have you seen my Freddie?! He's been missing since last night!"

Carly stood up, picking popcorn out of her hair and looking annoyed. "Mrs. Benson, he's –"

"I checked your apartment five times! – excuse me for picking the lock – I checked the Puckett's home, but Sam's mother was fast asleep on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy reruns with her cat! And I called –"

"Mrs. Benson…"

"– Fredward's second grade teacher, and the police department! No sign of him! And I was wondering if you could call in your father; he's in the military, right?! So just –"

"Freddie's at the school!" Carly yelled over her rant. "He made this bet with Sam and –" Slam. The door to the iCarly studio slammed shut. She was already gone.

"Well, this can't end well." Carly said to herself with a shrug.

"…So you said all that stuff to make me jealous?" Freddie laughed.

"It's not funny!" Sam defended, but she was smiling. Freddie was sitting outside their school against a fence, while Sam was lying down in his lap. It took the two of them a few minutes after their somewhat confession in the school to realize they still had no way home. So they would just wait outside; they were stuck with each other.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, neither of them minded.

"Are you kidding? It's hilarious!" Freddie laughed, looking down at her, and then he frowned. "Come to think of it, it might've worked…but still!"

"At least I didn't set up a whole bet just to convince you to not like someone, you stupid geek!" Sam said with a laugh.

"Not cool!" Freddie argued. "Ludicrous, but I thought you'd stop insulting me after all this."

Sam rolled her eyes. "Fredward, you just used the word ludicrous…self-explanatory?"

"So I'm a nerd because I have an extensive vocabulary?!"

"Yes, that couldn't have been clearer! Yeesh…" Sam shot back. Freddie sighed. She'd won, but he was used to it.

He could now truthfully say that he had only won one bet between him and Sam. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

They had spent the last hour talking about the last few days, lifting off weight after weight.

"So Sam," he said, with his signature Freddie smile.

"So dork," Sam repeated with a smirk.

"We've got a spot we've still yet to fill on iCarly…" he continued. "You know... if you wanted to fill it. 'Cause we really couldn't – "

"FREDWARD BENSON!" Freddie stopped, and his eyes widened as he saw his mother racing toward them, carrying a first aid kit bigger than four heads. Sam sat up, startled. "Do you know how worried I've been?! Are you hurt?! Are you sick?! Did a rabid hyena attack you, because I heard on the news the other day –?"

"I'm fine, mom." Freddie insisted, as Sam laughed silently to herself. "Sam and I just got stuck in the school last night. All the doors were locked. Some crazy janitor came and opened –"

"Did the janitor have rabies?!"


"Are you two cold?" his mother asked randomly. It was about eighty degrees out. "I bet you are! I've got first aid jackets in here!" She pulled two out.

"That's okay." Sam said awkwardly.

"I insist!"

"But –"

"Just do it." Freddie whispered. "She's not gonna give in." He put on a jacket, and then helped Sam put on hers.

"Now, let's get you both home safe." She walked ahead and waved for them to follow.

Sam and Freddie turned to each other and smiled. Both thinking the same thing…

Craziest, best bet ever.

"In 5…4…3…2…" Freddie stopped his countdown and pointed at the two girls and smiled at Sam.

"She's Carly, and enjoys teriyaki chicken!" Sam said enthusiastically, thumbing Carly.

"And she's Sam and dating Freddie!" Carly said, laughing. Sam blushed, as Freddie shook his head from behind the camera. She'd been teasing them since they'd gotten together last week.

"Shut-up, Carly…" she said with a smile.

"Will do, Sam." Carly said happily. "But seriously guys, they are!"


"Fine, ruin my fun." She grumbled. "Okay, so guys, we've got an insane show today!"

"How insane?" Sam asked.

"Insanely insane!" Carly laughed. "But first, let's all welcome back my favorite co-host, Sam! Who we already introduced, but, let's do it again!"

Carly took the remote from Sam and clicked applause.

Freddie watched from behind the camera as his friend and now, strangely enough, his girlfriend, went through their usual insane antics.

Everything's finally the way it should be. He thought. No more iSam…just Sam and I.

He smiled at his joke, even though it was grammatically incorrect, and changed the view on his camera.

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