The World Begins With Neku

This story is rated teen for all of the language used in TWEWY. All characters are not created by me but belong to the geniuses at Square Enix. This story will probably span more than 40 chapters, each named parts, to not get mixed up with each "Chapter" in the Game. When I write sentences 'Like this.' its what the character is thinking. You may already know this, but if you don't, you will most likely get incredibly confused. I haven't collected all the secret reports in the game so I don't know the secret ending… so those of you who do this many parts of the story may not be accurate. PLZ don't read till you've bought, played, and beat the game. Or else you won't know what everyone's talking about because they talk about the Game a LOT. You could even say Neku relives it…

Part One

Chapter 5: End (chapter four is Another Day remember…)

Day 1:

Neku was asleep in his bed when his headphones exploded with sound, because "Someday" was on. "No!" He yelled, and a girl shrieked. "Who's there?" He sat up and asked. "Oh yah…Shiki." "You said I could stay here until my parents stopped fighting, remember?" She explained, wondering if he woke up screaming every morning. " 'I wonder what I dreamed about.' Sorry, takes me a couple seconds for the real world to come back to me when I wake up… Wait, am I late for school?" "Um…you dropped out of school to…" "Oh yah, sorry." Neku interrupted. 'I left my school to transfer to Beat, Shiki, and Rhymes school.' "So, Neku, when are they going to let you in?" She asked, slight anger in her voice because Neku was a little forgetful. 'good thing he's only like this in the mornings.' "Their going to think about it and look at my record, they said they'll get back to me next week. 'Good thing I don't have anything bad on my record, except for fighting that snobby little silver haired brat in the second grade, and that one time I came to school with seven packs of gum, and handed them out to everyone…too bad they couldn't hide it and had a gum wad fight…I had gum in my hair forever!' " He explained and thought to himself. "That's great Neku! Soon we can be together all the time! 'Did I just say that?!' " She thought, blushing slightly. "Uh…yah…" He replied, blushing a little too, scratching his neck. "Shiki, remind me again why your parents are fighting?" He asked, changing the subject. "Oh, the usual." "Yah…'No I don't, I don't remember my parents. Or siblings If I had any.' Shiki could see Neku didn't understand, and remembered she had never talked to him about it. Only about Eri, she realized.

So she explained. "Oh I haven't told you have I? My parents are divorced, and they're arguing over who I get to stay with this summer." "Oh okay." He answered. "OMG Neku! It's 9:00! How can you sleep in so late?" Shiki exclaimed. 'I don't have to go to school, its called a vacation.' Neku thought. "I'm meeting Eri at 12 at 104! I have to get ready! I don't think I have enough time! This is all your fault!" She yelled. "Right…how is it my fault you didn't wake up earlier? And if you wanted me up earlier…you could have woke me up. ' Why the hell do you need to get ready? You look great! I mean, fine.' " Shiki thought about it, and apologized. "So do you want to come with me?" "Um…" "Oh come on Neku, It'll be fun!" 'How is shopping for clothes fun?' "We can go to the arcade or the skate park or the movies or bowling…oh I know! We can grab some snacks and hang out at your favorite place…Udagawa! I know how you love CAT!" "I…I guess there's nothing better to do. 'Plus, I guess it'll count as expanding my world. Plus, don't want to stay here forever and end up going emo.' "Alright Neku get dressed so we can leave." she said. " "I am dressed…" "Well, then take a shower!" "With you here? Are you crazy? 'This reminds me of the time she fixed my button…' " "Neku, you can't go out without taking a shower! You have two bathrooms you know." " Alright fine." 'Just shut up already! And why am I embarrassed?' " Neku said and walked into one of the two bathrooms. "Just don't go through my stuff!" "Oh look, it's teddy bear under your bedspread!" "I told you not to go through my stuff!" "I was kidding, wait, there is one under here! It's a cat in a cute little red sweater! (sound familiar? Yah, CAT started making video games, clothes, and yes… stuffed bears. Don't forget toothpaste! Of course, those didn't sell for long, no one wanted to buy cat food flavored paste. Come to think about it, Mr. H's café's way more popular than it used to be.) And all of the pins I gave you!" She said, surprised. "Why me?" He murmured. So after she was done looking through his stuff, went into a bathroom and did who knows what girls do in there until he he got out of the shower and yelled at her for going through his private stuff, and getting things everywhere in the bathroom (he didn't even know he had) ,they headed out. Read and review please.