Before you read this chapter…just to let you know, I'm not copying the entire first chapter…just the first paragraph.

The World Begins With Neku

Part 7:

Chapter 1: Shiki (not a typo)

Day 1:

Dun dun dun dun…the little tune that played every time Neku woke up, on the concrete, in the middle of Scramble Crossing. He woke and stood up, wondering where he was. He felt something round in his hand. It was a pin with a black skull. Where did he get it? He flipped it. Suddenly voices forced their way into his head. "What the…I can hear voices in my head! 'What just happened? And where'd this pin come from?' Hmm… 'Wonder if there's a connection…' " He flipped the pin again. 'Voices! Definitely voices! But why? Am I hearing peoples thoughts? What the hell IS this pin?' "Huh? Whose phone? Mine? 'Reach 104. You have 60 minutes. Fail, and face Erasure. --The Reapers.' Oh that's cute. See ya spam, deleted. Huh? Still there. It's like junk mail from hell! Ow, my hand!" He said as the timer was placed on it.

His phone rung again. It was another txt. It read "Neku, do you like games? P.S. If you want to know why you're here, press the send key twice." "Well…I've got nothing to lose…unless this is some bomb." He pressed the key as instructed, and all of his memories came back to him. "No way! What the hell am I doing back in the game?" The cell rang again. This txt read "Stop the madman, save Shibuya. You're the only one who can." Before he had any time to think, he was attacked by none other than the froggies of death. "Got to run to Hackiko, and meet Shiki…like last time. When he got there…he watched the Noise kill all of those bystanders. "Found one!" a female voice said. "You! Forge a pact with me!" Shiki yelled as she ran up to Neku. "I accept!" Neku yelled as a white light completely engulfed them and their souls were united. "Here! Use this pin!" She practically screamed and handed him the red pin. "No need!" Neku shouted and just destroyed them with psycho kinesis. "Whoa! You can do that? You must be really good at psychs! Guess I found the right partner, huh?" She was really happy. Or so she acted, because she was just trying to act like Eri. "Shiki, do you remember anything?" He asked. "WHOA WHOA WHOA! How do you know my name! You some kind of stalker or something?" She freaked. " I'll take that as a no. 'I wonder if Mr. H planned this…after all, he did give me a memory restorer…better use it." He pulled out his phone, pressed the memory button, and pointed it at her." "Neku? What's happening? What are we doing back in the game? Did time reverse itself?" "I…I don't know. But at least I don't have to go through it alone."