A friend and I are writing this together. Hope you guys enjoy!:D

Chapter 1

Cuddy couldn't believe she was doing this. She was standing at the door of House's office, watching him bounce a ball of the wall, subconsciously straightening her blouse as if she cared what she looked like in front of him. She caught sight of herself adjusting her appearance in her reflection in the glass walls, and was instantly angry with herself. Since when did she care how she looked in front of Greg House? Never. She admonished herself.

Without bothering to knock, she opened the door a crack and soundlessly slipped in.

"House?" she said, trying to sound casual, "About those tickets..."

House catched the over sized ball and looked up curiously. He noted her rather hesitant demeanor and smiled slightly to himself. He continued to bounce the ball against the wall, letting Cuddy gather her thoughts. He had a fairly vague idea of what Cuddy wanted to ask him. But it was in his nature for him to make things obnoxiously hard before agreeing to it. Of course, agreeing to it, if it was in his favor, of course.

Cuddy took a breath and straightened her jacket. Suddenly she was painfully aware of just how low-cut her red shirt was. Hopefully House wouldn't make a crack about it today.

"Well, I thought I'd take a friend from another department, but it turns out they have plans, so I wondered if--"

Bah, she should just spit it out already.

"If you would come with me instead?"

Oh, hell. She could feel herself blush slightly as she saw House's eyes appraise her. She painfully stood, trying to look casual, trying to act as if this were a normal thing to do.

House stopped bouncing the ball against the wall as a very small, but quite victorious smirk spread across his lips.

House tilted his head at Cuddy, analyzing her.

"Is this...a date, Cuddy?"

Cuddy blinked at House, his disbelief easily matching her own. Had she been any other woman, she would've looked away, blushing and stammering, but as it were, she was Lisa bloody Cuddy, and she would never allow House to make her nervous.

"What? No. Not at all. It's not. We're friends. At least, I assume we are."

She shook her head firmly. A small voice in her head questioned whether she was saying that to reassure herself, or House. Or both. God damn it.

House was in a playful mood. And one of his favorite past times was bothering Cuddy. He completely ignored her statement and continued with his own train of thoughts.

"Usually Cuddy, when a woman asks a man to go somewhere with them, that means they're interested. So..." He stated. "You're interested?"

Hey. He had full dibs on this one. They DID have that fling back in college. He had all the rights in the world to take a jab at this. And plus, it was rather entertaining, watching Cuddy struggle to come up for a professional sounding answer.

She was very tempted to answer, "hell no," but was determined to keep in workplace protocol, even at a time like this.

"Noooo," she said slowly, drawing the word out and fixing House with a look that suggested he was a dimwitted kindergartener and she was his very patient teacher. "It means I had no one else to ask."

Inwardly she cringed, realizing the statement meant she had...well, no other friends besides House. Which was really very sad.

Though in all honesty, she had Wilson, but Wilson had infuriatingly refused to go with her, and had suggested she go with House instead. So here she was.