Title: Black

Author: Tread Softly

Rated: M (sexuality)

Disclaimer: I don't own/have anything to do with Final Fantasy VII.

Archiving: Usually anywhere, just ask first.

Author's Note: This is a Cloud x Kadaj drabble, and quite an awful one.


He's mumbling words, disjointed and sudden, the last remnant of madness he clings onto. This intimacy is the only time his restraint is weakened just enough and so it falls from his lips in a silken multitude of insecurity.

Cloud would normally not respond to it, hold the younger one closer, stifle the senseless musings with his own mouth.

But sometimes Kadaj still gets the best of him, thrums against that insatiable curiosity like battering a raw, exposed nerve.

"Black?" he murmurs back, words lust-laden and hoarse.

"Black like my heart. Black heart," the silver-haired boy whispers, eyelids fluttering, and the whisper turns into a breathy gasp against the other man's ear as Cloud suddenly presses in deeper.

"Your heart's not black," Cloud moans, biting the words out between coils of heat, white and flashing over his eyes.

"Then what is it?" the younger is at a loss, thighs quaking, fair skin alit with moisture amidst his moment of clarity.