Chapter 8 – For Now

The drive home was silent. Teddy stayed asleep the entire way until we pulled back into the drive way. I shut off the motor and sat for a minute. Neither the Doctor or I moved to open the door.

"Oh, that bloody hurts," the voice came from the back seat and it sounded perfectly human. "Alice?" Teddy sat up and looked between myself and the Doctor.
"What do you remember?" I said.
"I came to see you – I was about to leave and then –" his now clear and innocent eyes looked at me thoroughly confused.

"You passed out right on the doorstep," I lied quickly, careful to avoid the Doctor's face. "We brought you in but you wouldn't wake up. We were just about to drive you to the hospital, actually."
"How do you feel?" the Doctor said.
"Foggy, but I think I'm alright," he said sluggishly.

We helped him out of the car and up to the house. "I didn't do that, did I?" Teddy said.
"It was a bit of an accident," the Doctor said as we passed the open door that hung askew, barely on its hinges.

The Doctor led Teddy to a couch and sat him down as I heard another car pull up and a door slam.
"Alice?" I heard a woman call from the front garden.
"It's Kat!" I stared at the Doctor. "She can't see you. She'll think you've taken me hostage or something," I turned him around and pushed him in the direction of the cellar steps. He only appeared mildly puzzled but did as I asked.

Teddy curled up on the couch as I called to Kat who stumbled into the room. "Where have you been? And what happened to your door? I've been trying to phone you for hours. They said you went home sick from work."
"I'm much better," I said, which was very true. "Look, I think I should have a rest. Could you do me a favor?"


The long brown coat was draped over my arm as I walked down the cellar steps. I was amazed at how afraid I'd been of it and now, I didn't want to let it go straight away. The door to his ship was closed and I supposed, with a sinking feeling in my chest, he was preparing to leave. I was about to lay his coat over the railing of the stairs for him when the door squeaked open.

"Is it safe to come out now?" he joked.
"Yes, thanks. Kat's taken Teddy home. She would have gone berserk if she'd seen you. She was the girl I was with the first day I saw you."
The Doctor nodded his understanding.

"You nearly forgot this," I walked to him and returned the coat.
He took it from me looking slightly confused, "What do you mean?"
"You're leaving, aren't you?" I said, a spark of false hope glimmering in the back of my mind.
"Oh yes, that's true."
The spark died a painful and humiliating death.

"But, I don't know," he said casually with a shrug.
"You don't know what?"
"If you'd fancy going to see the very first Star Wars film at its original release in 1977." He said with a sly smile.

I shouldn't have been shocked by the offer. I knew somewhere in those memories of his that he may ask me to go with him. He was happier when he was with someone. Most people are, Time Lord or not.
I so wanted to go.

"I can't," I said in a small voice.
"You've seen some of the dangers already –"
"No, it's not that, Doctor. I trust you. With all that I am, I want to say yes, I really do. But," I took a breath and blinked away the tickling in my eyes. "You can't promise me that you won't disappear and leave me alone. I don't expect you to promise that either. It's ridiculous but that's why I don't think I should go with you. I can't go through that again."

"Everything has it's time," the Doctor said.
"I know. We both know that more than most."
He smiled a sad smile, "Another thing you should be too young to realize." He stepped out of the TARDIS doorway a little, with his hands in his pockets. "It's alright. I only thought you might want to because of what you said earlier – to know me better. It reminded me of someone."

"You were supposed to be unconscious," I said suspiciously.
He winked and grinned. "Well, I'll be off then." But instead of going back into the TARDIS he walked to me and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. "Thank you," he said.
"You too," I replied.
He pulled away after a moment or two and turned back to his ship.

"Doctor," I said just before he closed the door. "You can make me one promise."
"Just the one?"
"If you can't decide where to go one day and if you're in the neighborhood, come and visit me. Just when you've got a minute and think on it, you know." I bit my lip waiting for his reply but he never did.
He smiled his playful smile with a small glimmer in his eye before pulling his head back inside the blue box and shutting the door.

A breeze came up around me and I heard the sound of the TARDIS for the first time – the sound of time and space all wrapped up neatly in a blue wooden box with a glowing light on top. It faded, becoming more and more transparent until there was nothing in the space anymore, leaving me alone in the silent cellar.


Author's Note:
First of all, thanks to those who took time to read this first episode and give me your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
I've had a few episodes already written. So those of you who wanted to see more will definitely be able to do so. I'm basically going to continue writing these until I run out of ideas or until I'm discovered by Russell T. Davies/Stephen Moffat (guffaw!).
So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for episode #2 True Colors with a new alien species, the return of a character we all know and love, and of course, as much funny as I could stuff in.