Herro! Me again. Okay... what to write, what to write... Aha! A SasuNaru! It's so obvious! NOTE: The centered text is mine. I OWN IT.

SasuNaru: As Told by Hatake Kakashi

Naruto. Sasuke. Put 'them in a room. Whaddya get? TEH SHMEX--

OMG Kakashi! Be more child appropriate!

That's it. I'm taking away the storytelling privileges.

SasuNaru: As Told by Haruno Sakura

-has fainted-

-anime sweatdrops-

SasuNaru: As Told by Hyuuga Neji

Oh, hell no! I am SO not doing this! I have better things to do than discuss Naruto and Sasuke's sex life!

Grr... well? Who does want to tell the frickin' story?!

Tobi: I will, Cosmic Sheep-san!

-anime sweatdrops- Fine, Tobi.

SasuNaru: As Told by Tobi

Naruto was sitting in his normal spot, in the Konoha Forest under the tree that had UN + HH engraved on it. He saw Sasuke wandering around the forest. Naruto was surprised to see Sasuke here. Most of all, he was surprised to see him around here, of all the places in the entire forest. He called out to Sasuke. Sasuke turned and blushed, gasped and jumped at the same time. "Sasuke, what the HELL are you doing here?" Naruto had shouted.

"Naruto..." Attempting to obtain his image as the cool kid, Sasuke added, "... you baka."

Naruto frowned. "What are you doing here?" He repeated.

Sasuke blushed again. "I wanted to tell you something."

"What is it...?"

Sasuke screamed, "I R LUV U. SMEX ME PLOX!"

-sigh- Tobi + Yaoi NO.

I guess no one can tell the story of SasuNaru. Guh. I'm sure as hell not doing it. I'm more of a NaruHina person. xD

Short story yes! I care no!