Okay, I had intended this story to be a one shot but some people have been asking for more so here is another chapter

Okay, I had intended this story to be a one shot but some people have been asking for more so here is another chapter. I wasn't sure where to take the story so this new chapter is quite short and repetitive but enjoy and let me know what you think

Zane walked into the Juicenet, scanning the room for someone he could sit with. He had just managed to escape from the house after a huge argument with his father about his phone, again.

There was of course one particular person who he was hoping to see. Where was she? He looked over to the back corner at the booths; of course, with the two sidekicks.

Rikki glanced over at him for a moment, a bored look on her face. Instantly Zane's eyes lit up and he smirked across at her, trying to silently ask her to come over at sit with him.

The curly blonde smiled back but something was off; it wasn't the same smile she had had last night as they'd sat on the swing together. It didn't reach her eyes and seemed forced, sad even.

Zane thought quickly back to last night's events. They had sat on the swing for a good hour, talking about school and friends, the different groups and such. He had enjoyed himself and when she had said goodnight and left, it seemed like she had had a good time with him.

As he looked back over at her his smile quickly vanished; she had turned back to the other girls and joined in their conversation.

He had thought something had changed last night. When she had reached over and grabbed his hand, something had just clicked and he wanted to be her guy. The guy who took her out to parties or came and looked after her when she was sick or would comfort her when she had a fight with her friends.

He sat down at an empty table, ordering a juice with one of the waitresses and waited. He wasn't just going to give up; Rikki had some explaining to do.


"See you at school Rikki," Cleo yelled to her as she headed off in a different direction.

The other two girls were going to Emma's to look at some new outfits but Rikki wasn't interested. She headed off towards the beach, hoping that a swim might do her some good; help her clear her head and take a breather.

"Rikki," a voice called from behind her.

She turned to face the somebody who was jogging to catch up with her, an annoyed look crossing her face. Who wanted something now? Hadn't she just spent her whole morning listening to problems.

Her eyes widened in surprise as Zane caught up to her, almost running into her even. She backed up into a tree, leaning against the bark as Zane caught his breath. What was he doing? Yes, they had talked last night and shared some thoughts but normally he wouldn't give her the time of day, not in public anyway. Even now some customers at the café were giving them some funny looks.

She looked back up at Zane and he surprised her again at how close he was standing next to her; the bark behind her only reminded her that she was cornered. Zane had swooped in on her and knowing him, was about to attack his prey.

"So, what was up with ignoring me in there?" he asked, breaking the silence between them. "You barely acknowledged me."

Rikki sighed. "Zane," she started. "I don't know what you're thinking. Before yesterday, you barely ever said a word to me unless it was some sort of insult. Why would I suddenly start being all friendly with you now?"

Why did he look so shocked? She knew that he understood what she had said and it was the truth. She wasn't about to start letting her guard down. Everyone saw how Zane treated his women; to put it shortly, badly. She might be the flavour of the day but next week, who knew? Zane wasn't going to use Rikki Chadwick.

"I thought that... last night," he said quietly, a confused look still showing on his face.

This only angered the blonde girl more; he didn't seriously think she would become his new Miriam did he? She knew that no one would ever be good enough for Zane and while he may let some follow him around, he never seriously thought that any of them were up to his standard.

She looked at him angrily, feeling trapped.

"Let me go Zane. I know that I might look good on your side for a while but I'm not stupid enough to believe that you would ever want anything between us to last," she spat out.

Zane looked down at her softly but she only glared back, waiting for him to back off.


He looked down at the furious girl before him, wanting to keep her happy but enjoying the closeness between them too much.

No, this wasn't over. He needed to straighten this out because he wasn't about to let her slip through his fingers. Couldn't she see that she was different? He didn't want her to be like Miriam or any of the other girls at school. He wanted her as she was, minus the really angry at him part.

"Rikki," he said cautiously. "I care about you. I don't know but last night, I feel like we... connected; like we got to know each other a little more. But I want to know you more; I want to know everything about you."

Her gaze softened for a moment. "You can't," she said.

Oh come on, couldn't she see he was trying here? That for one of the first times in his life, something wasn't about him. All he wanted now was her.

He grabbed her hand, reminding him of how she had done the same to him the night before. With his fingers he spread out her hand, their palms pressed together, enjoying the feeling of her skin against his.

"We can try can't we?" he asked, lacing his fingers through hers.


Rikki could feel herself calming down, just listening to Zane. She has never seen him this vulnerable before. Even last night he hadn't out himself out on the line like he was now, opening himself up so freely to rejection.

Maybe last night hadn't been a show, an act, an image he was trying to portray. That was every other day when he was with his friends. Last night had been the real deal, Zane unfiltered and pure in entirety. Maybe this could work; if this was the beginning of the real Zane showing himself, she was prepared to give it a shot.

"Okay," she said quietly and smiled back up at him.

They stared at each other for a moment, Zane massaging the side of her hand with his thumb and getting even closer to the girl.

Of course the moment couldn't last and Zane's phone burst into song, the latest Ballet Imperial tune playing loudly from the small device.

He pulled himself away from her gaze, bringing the phone to his ear.

Rikki listened as his tone became frustrated; he clearly wasn't happy with whoever was on the other end of the line. He dragged his hand away from hers and stepped away, pacing as he talked angrily into the phone.

After a moment he hung up and walked back over to her.

"I have to go," he said.

"Your dad?" Rikki asked, remembering what Zane had said last night about his father.

Zane nodded. "Look, promise me I'll see you tomorrow, somewhere we don't need to worry about other people like now."

"And why is that?" she asked.

He smirked at her before answering. "I want you all to myself."

She smiled and nodded, watching as he took off at a jog towards the road. He looked back at her and smiled again as watched him go. She thought about tomorrow and their date, could she call it that?

Quickly she took off in the direction of Emma's house. Maybe she wasn't too late; she needed something to wear tomorrow!

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