Chapter 1: Intro

Chapter 1: Intro

Bella POV

"Alice!" I screamed.

"Yes Bella?"

"Why'd you get me that shirt? You know we can't bear children!"


"Then why'd you get me a maternity shirt?"

"That was long ago, 50 years Bells."

"Don't call me that!! You know Jake used to call me that!"

"Sorry! Geez, don't throw a hissy-fit!"

"Sorry? I—never mind."


"You don't see me tearing you apart right now?"


"Oh. Want to see if Ang can come and go hunting with us?"

"Sure, why not?"

In case you're wondering, I'm Bella Cullen. Alice is my sis-in-law. I married her "brother," Edward. We're all vampires. "We" is the Cullens and the-well, I don't know their last name-: Angela & Ben (something); Edward (My husband); Alice (Sister in law); Esme (Mom in law); Carlisle (Dad in law); Emmett (Brother in law); Rosalie (Sister in law); and Jasper (Brother in law). Couples:

Alice & Jasper, Ang & Ben, Carlisle & Esme, Emmett & Rosalie (or Rose), and of course, Edward and I. I found out that Ang and Ben were vampires right before Edward and My wedding. Ben was born ½, and Ang doesn't know how she was made. Same with Alice, she doesn't know who she was made by. To really understand our family, you have to go back with me to the day of Edward's official proposal.