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Everyone was hanging out in the loft just doing there thing. It's been Almost 2 years since Angel died...Scratch that...Exactly 2 years it was the anniversary of her death. Benny divorced Alison about 5 months ago and got excepted back into the group of friends. Maureen and Joanne were still together as were Mimi and Roger. Collin's is happy again...Well at least as happy as he can be with out Angel and no he has not hooked up with anyone ever since she died...His Angel. Mark is just trying to get by each day just like always and still filming stuff.

"POOKIE! I just don't understand why you wouldent let me go with him!" Maureen yelled

"Beacause Maureen" Joanne told her "Angel was his lover not yours! Collin's wanted to go to the grave ALONE!"

"Guys..." Mimi told them "Not today please"

"I just...I just..."Maureen started to say "I just can't believe it's been 2 years! I miss her!"

"Maureen" Roger told her "We all Miss her! And you'll get your chance later Collin's wanted to go first and alone"

"Alright fine" Maureen said as she sat next to Mimi

"What's wrong Mark?" Mimi asked "Your awfully queit today"

"Nothing Just thinking" Mark told them

"Hey Guys!" Collin's said as he came back in "I'm back"

"That's good Collin's" Benny told him "So How you holding up today?"

"It's a hard day" Collin's told him "But I'm doing alright"

"We'll guys I'm going to go...Out for awhile" Mark told them

"Great I'll come too!" Maureen suggested "We can hang out and get some food"

"Maureen" Joanne told her "Mark wants to go alone!"

"Yeah Maureen" Mark agreed "Theres something I have to do and you wouldent want to go"

"Well how do you know?" Maureen asked "I might wanna go where ever your going!"

"Trust me Maureen" Mark told her "You wouldent"


Mark Arrived at Angel's Grave about 20 minutes later

"Hey Angel..." Mark said "How are you? It's been awhile since I've been down here and I wanted to come down by myself and apologize...For well not coming around as much as I should"

"I know...You can't really hear me...But I wish you could still come around and talk to me" Mark said with a laugh "I miss your voice...I miss hanging out with you...That's why I havent been here in almost a month because well when I get here It's like your not even really here"

"In case your Wondering Angel..." Mark said "Collin's is still not dating anyone ever since...Well you passed on...I figured you would be happy to know that even though I'm sure he told you when he came by earlier..."

"Well Angel" Mark told her "I have to go now I wouldent tell Maureen were I was going so I promised her some Mcdonalds...You know Maureen...Well I'll talk to you later Angel"

And with That Mark Cohen Went back to the loft.


It was around 11:30pm and Roger was out with Mimi and everyone else went home around 10pm so it was just Mark who was very tired so he went to lay down and attempt to sleep.

"Hey Marky!" Angel yelled in his ear "You said we would talk later earlier today! Bet ya dident expect it to be this soon!" she said as she sat on his dresser