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"I guess I'd better start cleaning this up" Collins told Mark "You wanna help or you wanna clean the kitchen?"

"I'll clean the kitchen" Mark told him "Anything special you want me to keep?"

"Just throw out whatever you want" Collins told him "I'm getting new stuff anyway"

"Alright" Mark told him as he left Collins clean the bedroom up

"So lets see..."Mark said when he got into the kitchen "These cups are still good I guess I should keep them"

"Wrong sugar" Angel told him "They don't go with my set toss them out"

"They are perfectly good cups Angel" Mark told her "I'm keeping them"

"Sugar" Angel told him "This is my apartment and I don't want them here as I also want Jason away from Collins"

"Angel" Mark asked her "Are you like even aware that your dead? You don't live here anymore"

"Oh well Collins is still my boyfriend" Angel told him "And I need you to help me keep Jason away"

"I can't" Mark told her "Collins is my friend and I wanna see him happy"

"I'm your friend too Mark" Angel reminded him "And I'm not happy..."

"Well he's my LIVING friend" Mark corrected her

"Fine I guess I'll have to do this myself..."Angel told him "And about the cups..."


"You might wanna throw them out" Angel told him as she blew him a kiss


"Collins!" Mark yelled "DOOR!"

"Alright Mark" Collins told him as he answered "Oh Hi Jason what are you doing here?"

"Well I came to help you guys clean up" Jason told him "I'm not trying to be creepy about it for anything it's just that my shift ended and you guys seemed to need some help"

"Oh no Not creepy at all" Collins told him "Come in"

"Well I guess I'm helping Collins clean out the bedroom" Mark added in "Wanna help us?"

"Yeah sure" Jason told him

"Great the bedroom's this way" Collins told Jason as they followed him

"So What was Angel Like?" Jason asked looking through her stuff

"Angel was Amazing" Collins told him "She always made life better for people as she is in heaven now"

"Or Not" Mark added looking at Angel who was just watching them

"That her?" Jason asked pointing to the broken picture on the floor

"Yeah that's Angel" Mark told him "I believe it was last Christmas" Angel nodded at Mark

"She's beautiful" Jason told Collins "I love her Santa suit"

"Want it?" Collins asked "Take it I'm gonna throw it out anyway"

"Sure" Jason said "Thanks"

"WHAT!" Angel yelled "That's mine! I don't want that monster wearing MY outfits!"

"You do Drag Jason?" Mark asked "Just wondering why you wanted the santa jacket"

"Oh yeah sometimes I do" Jason told them "Not often but I like to feel pretty...Who dosent?"

"Oh I'll give you pretty Jason" Angel told him even though he couldent really hear her

"Can't argue with that" Collins told him "So I was thinking I know it's been only a few hours but..."

"You don't need to say anymore" Jason told him "I feel like I've known you forever and it's the first time I've felt like myself in awhile"

"So you thinking we should?" Collins asked "Hook up?"

"That's exactly what I'm thinking" Jason Agreed "But I think we should take it slow"

"What the fuck!" Angel yelled "You've only known him a few hours baby!"

"So Tomorrow I say we go to the Life Cafe" Collins suggested "Wait until you meet Mimi You'll love her same thing with Maureen"

"Sounds fun" Jason agreed "You coming Mark?"

"Oh yeah sounds fun" Mark agreed

"Idiots!" Angel yelled as she kicked Mark and Collins "You stupid idiots! how the fuck can you replace me!"

"Ouch!" Mark yelled "What the fuck?"

"Mark did something just hit you really hard?" Collins asked "Because I felt something hit me"

"Yeah I think something did" Mark told him

"Stupid Stupid Jason!" Angel yelled as she took a swing at his balls

"Ouch!" Jason yelled "My Balls...They fucking hurt!"

"Yeah they better!" Angel yelled "Stay away from my man!"

"Jason you ok?" Collins asked

"Yeah I think I'll be fine" Jason told him "I think your apartment is haunted Collins"

"You only think?" Angel asked him "We'll I think I'll verify that"

Swish Swwooosshhhh BANG BANG BOOM!

"What the hell?" Collins asked as he saw Jason being lifted into the air and tossed onto the bed again and again

"Oh god Collins! Mark! Help!" Jason yelled

"Stop it!" Mark yelled "This is foolish! Angel cut the shit and put him down!"

"Wait What?" Collins asked "Angel?"

"Yes Angel" Mark told Collins "Tell her to stop"

"Angel" Collins asked her "Please put him down!"


"What the fuck?" Jason asked "Hello! Human with flesh here! you can seriously hurt someone by tossing them like that!"

"That's the whole point sugar" Angel told him

"Mark" Collins told him "This is weird you better start talking right now"