Rage. It was all T-bone felt anymore. He had been so full of hatred and anger since the disappearance of Razor. He had come to find his own reputation as the only remaining Swat Kat and it was not quite as flattering as it had once been. He was seen by everyone now as Feral had always seen him. A reckless, danger to society. This fact burned him up inside but he could not deny the truth. He did not have the eagle eyes of his former partner so his aim was sometimes a little off. It sometimes caused civilian casualties but to onlookers T-bone didn't seem to care. As long as he killed the enemy nothing else mattered. There were no more prisoners. Only corpses.

As he finished off another adversary he swooped over the commander who was shaking his fist at him as usual. T-bone gave him a glare as he shot past and headed for the garage. He landed and hopped out of the dinged jet. It no longer shone in the light as he protected an appreciative city. It was grimy and and heavy with battle wounds from both enemy and ally enforcers. Just as he himself had come to be. He tossed his helmet behind him and ground his teeth as he changed back into his civilian clothes. His eyes refused to land on the locker next to his own. Refused to trail over the letters to Jake's codename etched into the steel.

He returned to the living area and sat on the edge of the couch, wringing his paws with a growl in the back of his throat. The TV stared back at him through the gaping hole in the monitor. The news, he remembered, could not stop showing the footage. The news couldn't stop asking what had happened to their saviors. They went on and on as he himself tried to answer their questions until he could take it no longer. He hadn't bothered to replace it but he didn't need to be entertained by childish cartoons anymore. He had to use every waking second to think. It played through his mind over and over again. Every morning, every night and even in his dreams. He had to find some ray of hope or clue. If he kept going back to it he knew he would find something that indicated who was really deserving of all this rage.

They had been chasing someone new. Someone neither T-bone nor Razor had ever encountered before or so they had thought at the time. Now he knew it had to be someone out to destroy them as a team. After going over it so many times there were no longer any doubts in his mind. They had executed the attack so expertly, splitting them up and leaving them vulnerable. Leaving Razor vulnerable. T-bone had stayed above with the jet to give Razor a bird's eye view as he searched out the enemy on his cyclotron. But as he disappeared into a tunnel T-bone lost sight of his partner. It would be the last he'd see of Razor. His suspicions still laid with Dark Kat but he had no proof. Then again, Dark Kat was still the only Omega that escaped his razor sharp vengeance at every turn.

The Metallikats had been the first to go. T-bone ripped them to pieces and crushed their heads in his still fresh rage. This brutal slaughter of the mechanized kats had not come as much of a shock to the citizens of MegaKat City because the two were not considered to be living. He had never suspected the Metallikats of course but he had to take his frustrations out on someone. They just happened to be the first to get in his way. The next to go down had been Viper who T-bone had truly suspected for some time. However, as he was torturing him for the truth he'd come to find that the mutated Kat had no idea what he was babbling about. So he let him die. This had been the first act of murder to tarnish his record. It would not be the last.

He turned his eyes on the Pastmaster but the undead creature escaped into the past at the sight of his fangs and claws. The little gnome was smart enough to know when to retreat. Turmoil wasn't so lucky. When she escaped from prison T-bone surprised her with his cruelty. She even begged for her life when she saw she had no chance of escape. T-bone tried to convince himself that this incident was simple self-defense. She had attacked him first. He continued to remind himself of this but no one else would buy it. He had murdered her. Just as he would murder every other criminal he went after. Their crime did not matter. Every villain received the same punishment. Death.

But Dark Kat kept getting away. Somehow the cowardly old Kat kept getting away. It drove him insane and the more the bastard evaded him the more he came to believe that he was the one who had killed Razor. He was the one who had buried his best friend beneath stone and metal, crushing the breath from his lungs. He was the one who had forced Chance to remove Jake's corpse from the wreckage under the watchful eye of the media. That cowardly Kat was the one who had forced Jake into an unmarked grave behind the garage! Chance slammed his fist down on the coffee table and it shattered beneath the force. He placed his paws on his head and squeezed as he tried not to cry. He could feel his claws piercing his skin and lowered his head to his knees.

"I'll kill 'em." Chance growled. "I swear, Jake, I'll kill 'em all!"

His right hand left his head and smashed into the lamp on the table beside him. It hit the wall and exploded in a shower of glass and sparks. Chance's arms lowered slowly and his head hung limply. He stared at the floor as he went through it in his mind one more time. He watched the explosion fill the tunnel one more time. He watched as the walls fell inward just one more time. Chance felt something cold slide down his cheek, finding it's way through his fur. He fell to his side and curled up on the couch as the night fell around him. He stared into the darkness and watched him smile just one more time. Chance closed his eyes as the anger left him for the moment but could not smile at the memory, knowing the rage would return in the morning.