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It was Christmas in the Hurinada household, Christmas morning to be exact. Three people, all male, were sitting around the tree.

Sora, the tiniest one, was clapping his hands as he looked over the gifts he had opened. He hadn't been given much that year, but he got excited so easily just over cards. This year was his fifth year in life, so his fathers- yes, fathers- decided to give him something special.

The young boy's first gift was a tuggable bunny. It was made to handle rough treatment, but how rough could one tiny five year old get? Along with it, he received a bag of softened jelly beans, and his first ever five dollar bill. Both being business men, they wanted to teach their child responsibility with money early.

"Thank you daddies! I wuv them!" Sora cooed, hugging the bunny tight. It didn't seem to feel right as a hugging instrument... But what else could it be for then?

"You're very welcome Sora." Ruru, the younger of the boy's fathers, said as he kneeled down next to his lovable son. They looked alike in every way, with the same beauty and large blue eyes. The only difference was their hair- as Sora's was wild and untamed, and Ruru's was styled into submission.

"... You aren't disappointed with anything?" He asked in his naturally soft voice.

Sora shook his head excitedly, then blinked.

"Wait... where's daddy? He was here jus' here a secon' ago..." Sora pouted from his older father's absence, deciding to stand up. He walked over to Ruru, then immediately plopped down against him- right on his lap with the bunny still in his arms. "Ha!" He said triumphantly, grinning wide up at his birth father, revealing a few missing teeth.

Ruru chuckled, putting his arms around Sora and giving him a little kiss on the forehead. "Oh... that's right... daddy has one more gift for you."

Sora squealed, adjusting himself in his seat so he could face his elder properly.

"He does?"

"That's right, son." Came Seth's mature voice, a handle in one hand and a pipe in the other. Unlike his husband and son, Seth had platinum blond hair- silver, really. A pair of horn-rimmed glasses, muscular, and his eyes always seemed to squint, so the color was hard to see. "But I'm not sure if I should give it to you..."

Sora got up with a jump, nearly toppling Ruru over, then running over and latching onto Seth's leg as the older male set a large pet carrier on the ground. A sea-green eye was looking through one of the side holes. The front of the carrier had wrapping paper over the bars, bright green, so whatever was inside couldn't be seen right away.

However, it did wiggle a lot. And bark.

Sora began to bounce happily, gripping his second father's leg with all the strength he could muster into a bear hug, attempting to shake him.

"Can I open it? Huh, huh, huh?"

Seth chuckled, pretending as if he didn't notice Sora. "Are we sure we want to, Ruru? I mean, Sora already has so many gifts..."

The little brunet thing began to whine loudly... which caused the box to whine.

"Oh, Seth, don't tease him." Ruru giggled. "Open it darling. You don't want to keep your new furry friend waiting."

Seth laughed again, kneeling down next to Sora and showing the brunet how to open the cage. Once Sora was able to, and it took him a moment since it was a bit hard for his little hands, the brunet attempted to climb inside before whatever it was could come out.

'Whatever' was in there couldn't stop wagging its bushy tail. The cage was shaking like an earth quake. It went straight for Sora's face, licking the boy for all he was worth. Inside the shadows of the carrier, it was hard to see... But as the dog came into the light, it appeared to be a large puppy. Just a baby, despite being Sora's size...

Long-haired, fluffy, and snow white- with green-blue eyes and a snout with barely visible speckles of tan. A natural grin was plastered on his face.

Sora giggled, falling back out of the cage as his face was attacked and hugged the creature's neck to try and calm him down a bit. No luck.

"Puppy!" He declared with glee. "You got me a pup- He licked in my mouth!" Sora made a gross face, but still seemed happy

Seth pat the dog's back, forcing the fluffy thing off of Sora before it suffocated him by pulling it back by its scruff. Gently, of course.

"Okay, okay... Calm down." The dog already had a collar, but no license. He chuckled at how much the dog struggled to get back to Sora, whining sadly. It didn't even care there were other things to explore and other people to ravish with its long tongue, it just wanted the boy.

Sora moved to sit up scratching around the dog's head to keep him happy. The dog finally settled on its haunches, panting up at the child- occasionally sniffing and licking his hands. He looked up at his dad.

"What's his name?"


Riku barked once at the sound of his name. He was still wagging his tail a mile a minute.

"He's a big baby dog." Ruru said. "You have to teach him to be a big boy, okay, Sora?"

Sora nodded, pushing his dad's hands away gently and hugging Riku's neck again.

"My dog! For meeeeee!" Sora began singing, attempting to pick Riku up... but failing. The dog was kind of heavy.

Riku panted happily, giving Sora more doggy kisses and nuzzling his wet nose to Sora's cheek.

Sora giggled, hanging onto Riku's neck. The dog was just a baby, but he was big enough to drag Sora around... Which he began to do. Riku was finally curious about what else was around, first sniffing around the carpet where his nose could reach around Sora's head. He began to walk forward curiously. Ruru held up Riku's bunny, which caught the dog's attention quickly- putting the brown thing into his mouth.

"Oh..." Sora said as he figured out what the bunny was meant for, putting a hand on one end of it and playfully tugging. Riku happily tugged back, excited again for play- all his attention on Sora once more.

Seth moved over to Ruru 'discretely', a neutral smile on his face as he blew smoke into the air from his pipe. They had plenty of air filters in the house, at least three for every room, so they rarely feared second smoking. It'd be easier if Seth quit, but the last time he tried- he had suffered from five consecutive stress attacks.

Plus, the more he was relaxed... the better a lover he could be.

Ruru giggled, noticing his husbands movements. He, himself, moved closer to close the gap between them. He kissed Seth's cheek. "So where's my gift..?"

The dog found it too hard to play while Sora clung to him, especially with how strangely gentle he was trying to be. Like he knew he could hurt his small master. So instead, Riku just laid down and chewed on the bunny.

Sora nuzzled with his new dog, giving Riku a kiss on the head. He let the toy go in favor of pushing Riku back so he could sit up properly.

"We're gonna be bestest friends for life!" He declared, moving in for another hug.

Riku barked in agreement, tapping his bushy tail and easily accepting his hugs with a big grin.

Seth gave a smirk. "Well, I'll give you a hint... You've been asking for it constantly for months."

Oh, FINALLY... Ruru put his arms around Seth's neck, offering up a seductive little smirk of his own and a pair of bedroom eyes that seemed to make his jewel irises sparkle with mischief. "Really... and you're going to give it to me now..?"

Seth leaned in close to whisper his words hotly, "I got warming touch and the whip you requested, along with the... package you've been eyeing in Papou Paradise."

Sora was yawning gently, which was cut short as Riku gave up the bunny, letting it fall to the floor in favor of licking inside the brunet's mouth again.

"Riku!" Sora giggled, turning his face away as Riku attempted to drown him in doggy love. "Halp!" He giggled, rolling them both over across the carpet.

Riku rolled with him, wriggling around furiously to turn back onto his legs once they were both on his back. He panted happily, looking over his shoulder as Sora snuggled him from behind.

Ruru licked his lips, nearly moaning at the mention of what was to be very, very good sex. "Mm... put Sora to bed then fuck like bunnies..?" He whispered, already moving to stand up.

Seth nodded. "I'll meet you in the bedroom, love." He kissed Ruru's cheek, standing up with his life partner. "Sora, Riku can sleep with you today... but you have to keep your door open." He mentioned as he moved to kneel down next to his son, bringing him into a tight hug and a big kiss... which turned into a sudden raspberry.

Sora squealed at his father like any kid would, laughing and wriggling away at once. Seth let him go before he accidentally kicked the dog, patting his head before leaving toward the bedroom hall. The brunet rubbed his cheek, sticking his tongue out at Seth left.

Ruru chuckled, hiding it behind a hand. "Okay... Time for bed, Sora."

Sora stood up, which caused Riku to get up- tapping around on his spot excitedly. "Aww... But it's still..." He yawned. "Early."

"No 'Aww', 'But', 'And', or 'Why's." Ruru replied, not sounding horribly stern. He was smiling, just a little too happy to be mean at all. "And you know how it goes... You get barely any sleep during the night, then you wake up so early that you need a nap during the day. How else will you make it when we visit relatives?"

Sora sighed, but then grinned wide. He had a puppy now! "Okay!" He looked back at the dog, who perked his ears up- tongue hanging out. "Come on, Riku! NAPS!" And down the hall Sora zoomed.

Riku barked, chasing after his new friend to their bedroom.

Ruru went in to tuck Sora in, kissing his son all over his face as a 'Good Nap' present, and giving Riku a pet or two as well, before finally joining his husband in their bedroom.

Sora fell asleep almost as soon as he got comfortable, hugging his new dog close. Riku settled in rather easily, which was weird for any dog- especially puppies...

It was strange how relaxing it was to hear the bed banging against the wall in the next room. Perhaps Sora was just used to it?

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